How Does Binaural Beat Help With Astral Projection

Binaural Beats has been known to assist individuals in obtaining and enhance different states of being which were normally out of their reach.

I have had many experiences with being in what I assumed was the galaxy. There is nothing as exciting as hearing other people’s stories, but in my experience, I felt a sense of wonder and love.

I felt as though I was cradled by a loving presence.

Now to answer the question, do binaural beats help Astral Projection? Yes, binaural beats help in astral projection. 

Brainwave entrainment technology itself will help you get into the state that is needed to achieve your Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE).

While knowing that binaural beats can help you get to the point where you are astral traveling, the binaural beats itself will not be the cause of your astral projection experience.

In order to have a successful experience in astral projection, you will need to know a few things.

If you are a beginner, I will give you some Astral projection techniques.  Explain what part do the third eye play if any?

As well as how music can assist in astral projection? 

You will also understand how brainwave entrainment helps with the astral project and what type of frequency and music is best to use.

I will also go over how dreams can get you closer to astral projecting?

Also, I will explain what is happening how you can accidentally astral project.

The dangers you might experience and what happened if getting out of your body is not working for you.

Astral Projection Techniques for Beginners

From my experience and the experience of others, astral projection can be done without having to think about it or do anything special.

Unfortunately, some of us have suppressed those natural abilities, consciously or unconsciously.

I know I started trying to suppress my uncontrollable out of body experience when I was younger because they were just too much for me to handle.

But if you are trying to start your new adventure in the astral planes here are a few things you can do to prepare for your astral travels.

1.Have good sleeping habits

2. Don’t eat huge meals right before attempting to astral project.

3. Have a designated place ready to astral project.

4. Before you start the process imagine a protective light around you.

5. Set your alarm to help you wake up to move to your designated obe place.

6. A few hours before your alarm goes off, listen to an astral projection or out of body brainwave entrainment session.

7. There may be times when you get out of your body effortlessly before you could bring yourself to doing it consciously, with astral projection meditations.

8. If you are still in your body, move to your designated area when your alarm goes off.

9. Start your relaxation process, this could be easily done by taken deep breaths holding it for five to ten seconds and breathing out and pausing for five to ten seconds before taking the next breath(box breathing).

10. Continue to still focus on your breathing.

11. You will soon be in a hypnotic state, which will allow you to be in between a sleep state and awake state.

12. Focus on your body and the placement of each individual body part. Do this while still being in a hypnotic or hypnagogic state.

13. A vibrator state will begin to take over your body, (most common experience).

14. Continue to focus on your breathing and remain relaxed despite the vibrations.

15. Start moving your astral body toward the door or predetermine OBE location.

16. You can glance at your laying physical body to make sure you were successful.

17. Start small in your exploration, by going to different parts of your home and observing details and objects.

18. The more you move away from your body the more courage you’ll have to explore more of the astral plane.

19. When you are ready to return, just think of your body and that will be enough to get you back safely.

Are There Any Other Helpful Astral Projection Techniques

The first technique besides the one I mentioned above is the rope technique.

Visualize and feel yourself pulling or climbing up on a rope trying to get out of your body.

Switch perspectives from looking at the rope and pulling yourself out of your body and seeing your body as if you successfully move away from your body.

You can have the rope in front of you on either on the side of you. Imagine you are tugging the rope as hard as you can to pull yourself out of your body.

Make sure you feel the texture and thickness of the rope. Do this as many times as you possibly can every day or night until you have succeeded.

The second technique is focusing on the flame of a white candle.

As you are focusing on the flame of a candle you should be relaxed and comfortable while listening to some isochronic tones (brainwave entrainment audio).

Focus more on the outside top of the flame. Have your full attention and focus locking your eyes on the flame for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Make sure that you are sitting up straight so that your chakras are fully aligned.

Close your eyes and see your focus point to where your third eye is at.

Follow your focus point as much as you can to navigate through mind space.

Do this every night to train your mind to be able to move away from your body.

If you fall asleep its alright. Just continue to do it every night until you start astral projecting.

To have a better explanation of this technique, click on this video to get this creator’s detailed explanation.

Can Astral Projection Be Done Without Visualization

It requires using affirmations every day out loud and writing them in your journal. This technique is taught by William Buhlman.

There is a way I have used in the past that did not require visualization.

I bought his course in MP3 format and listened to it while I was at work.

My job often required me to take surveys, could become repetitive which I could compare it to commuting a certain route every day for work.

By the time I finished his course, I laid down one night not really thinking anything was going to happen.

As soon as I was falling asleep I felt a different sensation, which was a bit different than was described in the book, but I was actively coming out of my body without any effort.

William Buhlman has a meditation and a few affirmations for those individuals that find it extremely difficult to visualize the simplest things.

He goes through different methods you can use to get out of your body depending on what will work for you and what type of person you are.

I have provided a link that will lead you toHow to Have an Out-of-Body Experience or his new book “Out-of-Body Techniques“.  

Is There Such Thing as Guaranteed Astral Projection?

That is kind of a trick question because there has been one time or another that all of us have astral projected.

We may have discounted it as just a dream that felt so real. We may have, remembered every emotion and every detail of that astral projection that was described as a dream. 

So when you ask how can I astral travel easily, you must know, it is almost part of your being and you can relearn this skill again.

You just have to stop getting in your way. 

A lot of it has to do with setting the intention to no matter how many days or months it takes, to start having conscious out of body experiences you will still stay committed.

There are many steps you can take to get out of your body and astral travel, but it’s up to you to make the effort.

Brainwave entrainment tools can help you get out of your head, relax and embrace your spirit, but it is up to you to make it your mission to regain this skill to consciously move through the astral realm as freely as you possibly can. 

Astral Projection and the Third Eye’s Role

When you astral project you can not take your real eyes with you.

The third eye plays a big role in astral projection because you are able to see the spiritual realm.

You are able to move through the astral planes and know where you are going.

I don’t think I need to explain that any more than what I have attempted to explain.

The third eye plays a big part allowing us to see the different terrains available to experience in the astral realm.

Can I Listen to Music While Astral Projecting?

Listening to music while trying to astral project is perfectly fine as long as it does not disturb your visualization and concentration when moving away from your body.

If you are listening to a brainwave entrainment music, make sure that it does not have too many different fluctuating notes that make you want to adjust your hearing.

Not all brainwave entrainment audios are designed or instrumental to your success in getting out of your body and astral projecting.

Depending on what hertz are being used is how the binaural beats or isochronic tones will help you in your projection.

Before you listen to music make sure that it keeps you in a relaxed state and you are able to cope with its frequency while trying to astral project.

Best Brainwave Entrainment Frequency for Astral Projection

Brainwave entrainment tones and frequencies are amazing to get you in a relaxed, ready to begin your voyage. 

It could be used to entrain your brain to adapt and become stress-free when the vibrations begin to take you out of your body.

I had a binaural beat meditation audio that played affirmations in the background.

Although I was not listening to the binaural beats during my astral projection, earlier that day it entrained me to have an OBE later on that night.

The frequencies that are commonly related to getting to that state of astral projection are two different frequencies.

These two frequencies are Alpha frequency and Theta frequency.  The astral projection HZ that is associated with alpha and theta is a wide range. Alpha is around 7 to 14 Hz. 

Theta hertz frequency is around 4 to 7 Hertz.

Astral Projection and Dreams

Astral projection and dreams assist each other.  Some people believe that lucid dreaming and astral projection are the same.

Depending on how you believe that astral projection is not real, you can discredit astral travel, but I chose to believe in it. 

For those that believe dreams and astral projection are two different things can take advantage of an easier way of getting out of your body.

It takes some time and does not always work, but it is a smooth transition.

When you are dreaming you have to have a self-awareness that you are in a dream, once you become aware that you are dreaming you can gentle detach from your body.

You move first from a state of dreaming without control to lucid dreaming to allowing your spirit to move away from your body.

This way you will not feel the vibrations that you normally feel when you are doing it in a wakeful state.

It is less terrifying and your transition is much more fluid. The difficult part is being aware while you are in a dream state.

I believe I learned about this technique in William Buhlman’s book on how to OBE.

Most people want to force out of body experience, but the successful individual acknowledges that you need to have plenty of determination and patience.

The method of detaching from your body through your awareness in a dream can be a less stressful transition.

Can Astral Projection on Accident Happen?

Many of us that are interested in astral projection have had many accidental astral projections.

The masses just haven’t figured out how to make it happen, where we are in complete control.

Most of these astral projections have happened earlier in our lives when we were just children.

Some of our experiences were pleasant and some terrifying.

I can remember as young as three years old my out of body experiences, even some of the astral projection experiences.

I do remember the horrifying ones more than I remember the amazing and spectacular ones.

Of course, that is human nature, we remember more of what scared us than what made us happy and made us laugh.

We have been accidentally astral traveling for many lifetimes, I believe it is an innate capability that many of us try to control and master on a conscious level.

So can we have accidental astral projections? Yes, more than you even realize.

Can Astral Projection be Dangerous?

Ok, this topic has many opinions. Some people say that it is dangerous because you could be attacked by demons but some say that you have the power to control what goes on.

Before I tell you who is right and who is wrong, let us talk about the law of attraction.

When you are in a funk and you feel like your day is not going to get any worse, because it is already the worst it could ever get, something happens that makes you regret saying that.

It said that whatever vibration you are in is where you might end up.

If you want to astral project because you hate the world and you see every person that you meet as demons on earth, that is exactly where you will be going in the astral plane.

Your attention is focused on negative things that are happening to you, therefore your intention unconsciously might take you to the same places that you dwell in on earth.

If you can manage your vibration well enough to have neutral experiences on earth. Therefore, it will not be difficult to have a neutral vibration in the astral plane.

Usually, people have nightmares when they suppress issues that they need to deal with.

From my experience, you tend to go to where your underlying vibration is in the astral plane.

To answer the question is astral projection dangerous, yes, it is as dangerous as it is carrying a low vibration on earth.

You attract negative people and circumstances into your life, that seems like you can not control.

What is the remedy for this?

Start a meditation practice. Notice your thoughts and see which ones keep on popping up.

Once you notice these thoughts, forgive yourself first, even if you feel it was not your fault.

A good method of doing this is using Ho’oponopono, you can find meditations on Youtube if you need help getting started.

If you release those demons that you carry on earth, you will not have to worry about “demons” or something dangerous happening to you in the astral plane.

Why is Astral Projection Not Working

Before I tell you why astral projection is not working for you, I would first like you to ask yourself this question, how long have you consistently been trying to astral project?

Sometimes, getting the hang of arriving at the point where you leave your body may take weeks or even months.

Not everyone is the same, everyone needs to be patient with the process. Instant gratification will not and does not apply to astral projection, you must be fully committed and continue the process until you have achieved the outcome.

Another reason is an unusual level of anxiety or fear of the unknown or maybe the scary stories are not allowing you to fully relax into being able to go through the process.

You might carry your previous failures on to new attempts to astral project. Or, maybe you are not truly convinced that astral projection is not real, therefore proving yourself right.

There are many reasons that can stop you from being successful with astral projection, but one of the reasons is not because it doesn’t work.

I have gone through an array of topics about astral projection.

From my experience, there are many methods to achieving out of body experience to astral project.

My favorite is listening to affirmations with my binaural beats. My method may benefit you or you might need to do additional steps to get there.

One thing is for sure, don’t give up, if you are really committed to astral projecting it will happen to you in one form or another. Wishing you a magical and safe journey.

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What Brainwaves Cause Lucid Dreaming? The brainwave that allows you to lucid dream is the Theta brainwave. Theta brainwave range from 4 to 7 Hertz.

What do theta waves do to the brain? Theta brainwave helps you get out of chronic stress and anxiety. Allowing you to be in a relaxed state throughout the majority of your waking state.

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