Can Binaural Beats Stimulate Lucid Dreaming?

Being a person that loves riding the dream world and the physical world, I needed a way to ride that line without much resistance. I really wanted to be guided into that process.

With the help of binaural beats, I was able to know the feeling and processes required before I successfully moved into Lucid Dreaming. I found this method on accident. This method as I mentioned before was binaural beats.

What Binaural Beats Works for Lucid Dreaming? The binaural beats which work the best for lucid dreaming are those that focus on Gamma brainwave. So how do you know if you are in a Gamma brainwave? When your brain stays in a frequency of 40 hertz.

To do this you must travel from beta frequency to Alpha, Theta on to the intended frequency, which is Gamma.

If you ride the line between both Alpha, Theta and move towards Gamma, you will have the most success. If you know how it feels, through the help of binaural beats you will be able to induce the state of lucidity more quickly and easier. 

If you read a little further you will find answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask. Even though the use of binaural beats has a way of helping induce lucid dreaming, there are other aspects of lucid dreaming that may be of interest to you. These aspects are understanding the benefits and perhaps dangers of lucid dreaming.

As well as comprehending the process and techniques you can use to get into a rapid lucid dreaming stage. Also, discovering triggers, possible hypnotic methods, as well as understanding meditation as a way to lucid dream or dream better. 

Can You Control Your Dreams? You can control your dreams any time you want. Doing so requires you to know how to enter into a lucid state of dreaming. You can enter into a dream as usual, but within that dream, you can consciously maneuver your way into areas or even hidden knowledge that is difficult to decipher during your waking moments.

Many famous inventors and scientists used the power of lucid dreaming to get their ideas and solve problems they were not able to decode during their hours of wakefulness.

Although relaxation is a key component to being in a drowsy state, lucid dreams allow you to release baggage and interact with the answers provided.

Can Binaural Beats give You Lucid Dreams? As I mentioned before, lucid dreaming can be induced with regular use of binaural beats and other brainwave entrainment tools. If you have a difficult time keeping track of the steps and techniques that go into lucid dreaming, binaural beats allow you to transition from a wakeful state into a lucid state.

All you have to do is use stereo headphones, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and be free from any responsibilities or stimulations. The frequencies that are generated by the binaural beats will help you maneuver into an Alpha, Theta and arrive at Gamma state. With regular practice, you will be able to move into these state on your own.

How Do You Trigger a Lucid Dream? If you are not using entrainment tools, you can constantly do reality checks. These checks are confirmations that you are not dreaming. Throughout the day ask yourself, “Am I Dreaming” and an action that could only be possible if you were not dreaming. For example, you can look at your hands immediately after asking the question “am I dreaming”.

Observe the details in your hand, try to poke one finger through the other side of your hand. If you are awake, obviously you will not be able to penetrate your hand with your finger, if you are asleep, you most likely will with intent.

Can I Lucid Dream Every Night? Lucid dreaming can be done every night, especially with brainwave entrainment audios. There is no limit to how many times you lucid dream if you develop the skill to do so. Even though you can get to the point where a lucid dream will happen with ease, especially if you use binaural beats, you might want to use lucid dream enough were you are not abusing your need to have moments of sound sleep.

When you are in a state where you are half awake and half asleep, you do not allow your body to fully move through its sleep cycles. You could walk up feeling tired and in need of more sleep. The ability to lucid dream every night is there.

You just have to ask yourself, can I maintain alertness with less sound sleep cycles throughout the day? Can I manage my life successfully lucid dreaming every night for hours at a time? If possible, don’t take my word for it, everyone is different.

Some people can lucid dream every night and have improvements in their lives as well as their sleep. Others can’t make it through the day on the sleep they were able to get in conjunction with their lucid dream practice. Test it out first before making a definite conclusion.

Maneuvering Down Path

Can You Get Stuck in a Lucid Dream? You can not get stuck in a lucid dream. Feeling like you will never be able to leave a horrible dream is not uncommon. I have had plenty of those. With lucid dreaming, you have a greater chance of ending a dream you do not want to continue then if you were in a dream you slipped into and did not know how to control.

As far as I know, I have never heard of anyone being stuck in a dream state unable to leave to back to the physical world. Once that given sleep cycle or even once your alarm starts going off, you are instantly back in the real world. If being stuck in a lucid dream was possible, imagine how many people would purposely go into a lucid dream, never to come back?

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? As I mentioned before in the previous paragraph, lucid dreaming is not different than dreaming without having control as to what direction you would want your dream to flow. With lucid dreaming, you can finger things out in a more playful and non-devastating manner.

Life can be hard at times. Facing your fears in an environment you know s the best way to find your answers, your peace and I’m sure perhaps your happiness. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes facing your fears is devastating and scary, but not dangerous. Perhaps I may be downplaying how scary at times it could be and over hyping lucid dream. But, to answer your question, lucid dreaming is not dangerous, it’s just a dream. You can do more harm to yourself in your waking moments than in the moments when you are asleep, dreams can’t cause you harm.

Is Lucid Dreaming Rare? Lucid dreaming is not rare. It is rare or not common to lucid dream on purpose. You either embrace your ability to naturally lucid dream, which allowed you to easily enter into that state, or lucid dreaming has become an act you mastered. We all have the ability to lucid dream, you must decide as a child if you will embrace it or reject it. If you grew up in a religious family, you might tend to reject it. This type of programing will only allow you to demonize this ability.

Are Lucid Dreamers Smarter? Lucid dreamers may be considered smarter because they allow insight to come in any manner possible. They also are better at solving puzzles, but I do believe those abilities were practiced in the dream state. They do not judge answers to problems based on what mode of access they received it. Many famous scientists, like Tesla, took time to solve their problems in the dream world. He used both worlds, the physical, as well as the dream world to allow insight to be delivered. If we all were open to these types of insights, we all would be considered smart or even genius. 

Does Meditation Make You Dream? Meditation does allow you to dream and better remember your dreams. It not only allows you to dream amazing scenarios, but it allows you to be in control of your dreams, lucid dream. You can meditate yourself into a lucid dream. This is my preferred way of lucid dreaming. I am usually so tired when I lay my head on the pillow that I immediately move to Theta state, of course, I transition, but the time I spend in Alpha is extremely short. When I meditate, with binaural beats and some time on my own without any assistance, I ride the waves of being in between both frequencies of the brain.

Lucid Dreaming and Meditation. Lucid dreaming and meditation do not go hand in hand. You must be comfortable exploring scenes in your mind. I have seen a scene that is playing in my mind and I have been able to interact with it. If you move into Theta and then into Gamma with a lot of energy and wakefulness, entering into lucidity without feeling tired is sometimes effortless.

What Brain Waves Cause Lucid Dreaming? The brain has to go through a transition of brainwaves. The brainwave that allows you to interact and manipulate your dreams is around 40 hertz. This brainwave as mentioned above is gamma. When you are in Gamma you can process information quickly and effortless. Maybe, come to think about it that is why, people that lucid dream often are consider smarter, or can solve problems easier. They have hours of practice moving in and out of Gamma state. It is much easier for them to access it because they know what it feels like to be in it and knowing what to do when they are in that state.

Can Music Make You Lucid Dream? Music can help you move into the state of lucid dreaming, but it may depend on your sensitivity to certain types of music. It also depends on the type of music you listen to. Your best bet is to find music that takes you to a relaxed almost drowsy state. Follow your preferred technique or method to allow you to move into a Gamma state or else you will probably fall into a Theta state and sink deeper into Delta, a lower frequency. I will be going over some techniques and triggers if you decide binaural beats is not for you.

woman listening to music

How to Use Hypnosis to Lucid Dream? To have a lucid dream with hypnosis you must already be in at least an Alpha state. It would be best to do it as you wake up in the morning. The time when you feel you can totally go back to sleep if you allow yourself to do so. Instead of waking up in preparations for the new day, either have pre-recorded affirmation or have it close to you so you won’t have to be fully awake. I found a website that has really great affirmations you can use to help you lucid dream. I will put them on this page as well as provide you the link to their website which will give you an option to buy it already made.

Present Tense

I am a lucid dreamer
– I am fully aware of when I am dreaming
– I always wake up within my dream
– I am in full control of my dreams
– My dream memory is perfect
– My dream consciousness is strong
– I am always lucid when dreaming
– I am awake inside my dreams
– I remember my dreams in high detail
– I always realize that I am dreaming

Future Tense

I will lucid dream tonight
– I will wake up within my dream
– Recognizing when I am dreaming is becoming effortless
– I am starting to remember my dreams every day
– I am becoming a lucid dreamer
– Controlling my dreams is becoming easy
– My dream awareness is growing stronger
– I will control my dreams
– I am transforming into someone who lucid dreams each and every night
– I will recognize when I am dreaming

Natural Tense

– I love lucid dreaming
– My dreams are always lucid
– Lucid dreaming comes naturally to me
– I can easily notice when I am dreaming
– Lucid dreaming is just a normal part of my life
– Remembering my dreams is easy
– I can control my dreams at will
– I can awaken within dreams whenever I want
– My mind is focused on lucid dreaming
– My mind is alert even when I am asleep”

Is Self Hypnosis Possible? Self-hypnosis is possible. When you constantly say negative things about yourself, like I am so clumsy or I never get anything right or I am so dumb, you are self hypnotizing yourself. You are self- hypnotizing yourself into believing and being those things you say about yourself. If you are trying to use them to change behaviors or allow yourself to lucid dream, for example, being in a relaxed state is best. 

How to Use Lucid Dreaming Techniques. Besides being in a relaxed state affirming or self hypnotizing yourself into a lucid dreaming state, writing your dreams helps your mind understand that dreaming is important. Once you start noticing your dreams as events that need to be recognized and given value, moving to being aware of times when you are dream will be easier to recognize.

How Do I Trigger a Lucid Dream? Some people hold on to objects while falling asleep. This allows the body to move into a sleep state but at the same time have the body be focused on the object not failing from their hands. Whatever helps you be more focused on being conscious during your sleep, will be not hurt the process of stepping into the dream state.

What is the Best Lucid Dreaming Technique? When it comes to recommending the best technique for lucid dreaming I am a bit bias. I still believe that knowing where something is at and experiencing unknown first, will give you a better chance of getting back to it.


Your body and mind starts noticing the serious of events before you get to lucid dreaming. I have noticed that I can maneuver back to that state without binaural beats when I have experienced that feeling and that brain state.

How Do You Wake Up From a Lucid Dream? Waking up from a lucid dream is no different than waking up from a dream you had no control over. If the dream is extremely horrible and you feel like you are being attacked or going through something terrifying, you can yell out two types of words. I have found saying love multiple times in my dreams works very well to wake me from a horrifying dream. If you have a belief in a god, you can call out their name and that has been known to work as well.

Lucid dreaming has so many benefits. It not only permits you to resolve the issue you may have. You can find refugee and a way to escape. You can make your own little world, where you enjoy life. You can also solve brain breaking problem, materialize new inventions or just have fun.

Whether you are in the dream state or a waking state, you will benefit from frequent exposure to Gamma brainwaves. Gramma brainwaves as previously mentioned will allow you to raise a few IQ points. Whether you want to lucid dream for fun or want an edge in the real world, you can’t get around the great benefits you will receive throughout your practice.

Sweet Lucid Dreams!


What Part of the Brain Controls Lucid Dreaming? Dreaming, in general, has multiple parts of the brain that are involved. The most involved in the dream process is the cortex part is the brain.

What is a Form of Self-Hypnosis? Self-hypnosis is just a way of suggesting empowering attributes you wish to create in the future. They are almost like affirmation being self-programmed in a state when you are most susceptible to the suggestions, usually in a drowsy alpha state.

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