Why Do Binaural Beats Cause Me Headaches

The first time I starting using binaural beats I loved how fantastic it made me feel. But at the same time, I wondered why binaural beats were causing me headaches?
So why do binaural Beats cause headaches? Increased blood flow to the brain is usually the cause of these binaural beats headaches. It’s just like the soreness that happens when you workout for the first time. Your brain is not used to the extra blood flow that is now being stimulated to your brain.

Why Are Binaural Beats Headaches Not Bad or Harmful

Although it may be annoying or stressful to find relief for your headaches, it is part of the benefit. Obviously, having more blood circulating to the brain beats not having sufficient blood circulation to the brain. With insufficient blood circulating to the brain multiple symptoms may occur. These symptoms may include:

  • Insufficient Blood Circulation
  • Mental Function Concerns
  • Unhealthy Focus
  • Brain Fog
  • Mental Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Light-Headedness
  • Other Physical Ailments

Besides the headaches that may occur to first time users, binaural beats may have some other side effects, depending on your current health and history. The following side effects may be applicable to certain individuals.

  • Affects Vehicle and Machinery Operation
  • Affects those Needing to Be Alert
  • Affects Pregnant Women
  • Affects those Who’ve Experienced Epilepsy/Subject to Seizure
  • Affects those with Serious Mental Disorders/ Brain Injuries
  • Affects Those with a Pacemaker
  • Affects Those Under the Influence or Medication
  • Affects Those Eighteen Years or Younger

When Is It Recommended Not to Use Binaural Beats – Binaural Beats Dangers?

Binaural Beasts Affects Those Operating a Vehicle or Machinery

Binaural Beats guides you through different levels of brainwaves, which are not meant to be used when you need to be the most wak. When operating a vehicle or machinery, for the most part, you need to be in a Beta brainwave state. There may be arguments that some vehicle and machinery operators fall into an Alpha state, due to the repetitiveness of the job, but taking risk is not worth the benefits.

During the times you need to be alert, refrain from using binaural beats. Even if you do manage to be alert during entrainment sessions, you will end up training your mind to fight the positive affects binaural beats may have on you. You will end up defeating the purpose of why you decided to use binaural beats, to begin with.

Binaural Beasts Affects Those Needing to Be Alert

As I mentioned above, you are defeating the purposes of binaural beats when you use it during the time of your day when you need to be alert. When you are performing certain alert-oriented task you are using different brainwaves than if you were just using binaural beats.

Using binaural beats when you need to be alert contradicts the job binaural beats are supposed to do. You do not allow the progression of frequencies in an entrainment session to happen naturally. There are different brainwave stages that are not meant to be used in an active state.

It doesn’t matter if you are watching children that “can take care of themselves” or operating a vehicle you must be completely available for your entrainment sessions.

Binaural Beasts Affects Pregnant Women

There have not been any studies showing binaural beats to be safe for pregnant women. That is the only reason pregnant women are on the list of people that should not use binaural beats. Now on the contrary to this recommendation, I have been using binaural beats during both of my pregnancies.

I saw nothing but amazing results with how I felt. I am speaking for myself and this is not a recommendation, but binaural beats helped me, even more, during my pregnant years. During my last months (my hardest month) of carrying my two boys, binaural beats meditations where my haven.

Binaural Beasts Affects those who’ve Experienced Epilepsy/Subject to Seizure

Not all epilepsy and seizure are created equal. Which means, depending on what may be your triggers or how extensive your history of epilepsy or seizures, can trigger an episode. That is why it is a good idea to consult your doctor to see if your epilepsy or seizure is triggered by an auditory impulse.

If you would like to experience the benefits of binaural beats, your best bet is to consult your doctor to see if auditory stimulus will trigger future episodes. It is best to take any precaution to ensure the total success of binaural beats benefits.

Binaural Beasts Affects those with Serious Mental disorders/ Brain Injuries

Just like having a history of epilepsy and seizures, information is based on the type of brain injury or mental disorder you may have had or are currently experiencing. That is why it is important to consult a physician to make sure you are safe to try binaural beats. I can tell you from experience that binaural beats have helped me in the past with my numerous conditions.

I have had multiple concussions from the many years I participated in boxing. In another instance, I got hit so hard in the head, from playing soccer, that I was in the hospital for a weak and was not able to properly write my name and distinguish shapes (especially different sizes of circles) for months.

Even though I had success after my brain injuries with binaural beats, it does not mean that you will have the same results. I can also say that my entrainment sessions helped me enormously with my depression as well. But, as I mentioned before, make sure your medical provider sees no harm in supplementing with binaural beats.

Binaural Beasts Affects Those with Pacemaker

When it comes to pacemakers, it is believed that just like pregnant women, complete studies have not been made to verify how safe binaural beats are for recipients of pacemakers. Due to the uncertainty and the ease of lawsuits, companies must protect themselves from any claims. It is said that the impulses of the music can change the pace of the heartbeat and affect the rhythm or function of the pacemaker.

I can honestly agree that when you meditate without binaural beats, your heartbeat slows down significantly or sometimes it speeds up, depending on what you are working on during your meditation. If binaural beats mimic the brainwaves associated with meditation, perhaps their references come from the fact that you end up controlling your own heartbeat, not a pacemaker. Those are just my thoughts.

Binaural Beasts Affects Those Under the Influence or Medication

Using binaural beats under the influence or medication can be overwhelming. Although I do not promote using entrainment products under the influence or while taking medication, it has not made a negative impact on me. When you are under the influence and decide to use binaural beats, beware that you will feel like you are out of this world. This also has to do with the music that accompanies the beats, but the experience can sometimes be intense.

There may be times when you feel immense love or times when you feel like you have left this earth. If you are new to the manipulation of brainwaves this could cause anxiety. It may feel as though you are having a hallucination. I recommend if it is your first time, to use binaural beats in a sober state, at least for the first few months. Better yet, until you feel comfortable enough to experience a higher state of uncertainty.

Binaural Beasts Affects Those Eighteen Years or Younger

Binaural Beats alter different frequencies in the brain and put your brainwaves in states that are mostly experienced during sleep or deep meditation. Once again, all bases need to be cover in order for companies to not be persecuted by any loopholes in the law. I can honestly tell you that my sons use binaural beats since they were young.

I have seen nothing but positive results, but not everyone will get the same results. Your best bet is to consult your physician. Children’s brains are still developing, and perhaps binaural beats could obstruct their full development. It is also said that children may end having an epileptic seizure as well. It will never hurt to get a second opinion from their pediatrician.

Binaural Beats were discovered by science and the governments in the early 1900s. Although binaural beats have been acknowledged for a very long time, there are still so many things we do not know about the effects they have on us. I can only speak for myself, that they have been extremely instrumental in helping me move past my hurdles. Hurdles that have impacted me emotionally, mentally and physically.

I don’t think you should dive into something without doing your proper research, but I do know that everything in life has its Yin and Yen. I have had many amazing results on different things in my life that most others were hesitant to try. Especially in the age of the internet, misinformation runs ramped. Do your research and see if binaural beats are the answer to healing, your mind, body, and spirit.

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Does Binaural Beats Help Focus? Binaural beats have been known to help with focus. Binaural beats put you in a frequency that results in effortless focus. These brainwaves happen naturally in a state where you have laser focus but can be obtained easily with Binaural Beats.

Do Binaural Beats Work for Sleep? Binaural beats work for sleep. They assist your brain in advancing through its natural progression from Beta brainwaves to Alpha and in some binaural beats, all the way to Theta and Delta brainwaves.

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