How do Binaural Beats Damage Your Brain?

If you are wondering how damaged your brain can become with binaural beats, you have nothing to worry. I have been using binaural beats for over 20 years and I have benefited immensely with my entrainment sessions. 

Can binaural beats cause any type of damage to the brain? Binaural beats do not cause any damage to your brain, but it could cause damage to your hearing if you set the volume too high on your sessions.

Other than that, it can cause a negative reaction to people with a history of epilepsy, seizures, heart problems or have a pacemaker.

We have already made the point that binaural beats do not cause damage to the brain, but you will also know how safe binaural beats can be.

I’ll also go over how brainwave entrainment sessions can affect the user immediately as well as in the long run.

I will explain how binaural beats a tendency has to improve your health; in a way, you were not aware of.

You will also be amazed by how you can improve the way you study and learn.

How Safe is Binaural Beats Anyways?

Man scared to try Binaural Beats

I would like to speak about the personal benefits I have had with binaural beats. When I first found binaural beats 20 years ago, I was not very comfortable with myself.

In fact, I actually did not like myself. Within the first few sessions, I felt this great love, still not for myself but something I never knew was possible. I enjoyed every session and could not wait for the day to end so that I could enjoy, what I described as heaven.

I made it a habit to listen to my brainwave entrainment sessions every day sometimes three times a day. Binaural beats are not only safe (if obtained by a reputable source) it can change your life for the better.

If you had some type of mental disorder or brain injury, they recommend you not use binaural beats. I personally have used binaural beats right after my multiple concussions, due to actively participating in boxing and soccer.

I felt a greater recovery time when I used it than if I just slept all day. The healing that I received in both my emotional and physical traumas was litterly unbelievable.

I never thought anything could ever do what these frequencies were helping me do. Binaural beats are beyond being safe. It is not just facts that I have researched, it is different life-changing transformations I have received.

Another reason binaural beats are safe is that they are just sounds and frequencies. These sound and frequencies are in one way or another part of what we have been hearing most of our lives.

Most people may have experienced hearing all different ranges of frequencies. From jackhammers pounding the ground to the sound a hummingbird makes.

When people complain or write horrifying experiences about binaural beats, they either got binaural beats with negative messages on YouTube. Or, they could have been alarmed by the fact that they never consciously allowed themselves to reach advanced brainwave.

Because the feeling was so new to them, they immediately labeled it bad. Another reason for much negative response from people could be that they immediately started purging all of the negative and painful emotions they were suppressing.

How Brainwave Entrainment Sessions Can Affect You

As I mentioned before, binaural beats have many uses that can affect people in positive ways.

There are many categories that brainwave entrainment sessions affect and change the lives of its users. One of the categories is to stimulate and enhanced is creativity. When you listen to binaural beats, dopamine is released.

Having the participant relaxed to allow Alpha brainwaves to be the dominating brainwave, induced greater stimulation. It immerses the user in creative thoughts and actions.

In saying this, there is no one size fits all, when it comes to how binaural beats affect individuals. Most people will feel there mind more open to allowing their brain to create without judgment, which allowed them to put out more creative expression than normal.

In other individuals’ binaural beats affect the way they processed their depression. They did not have the same sad and anxious moods after finishing a session with brainwave entrainment.

They felt more at ease, rested and relaxed, which dissipated the feelings of depression. It has been known to help those with addictions, which found it difficult to feel at ease without using.

It lessened the anxiety levels of wanting to use and allowed them to ease into a less difficult recovery. It also helped individuals manage pain that would be associated with changing habits or addictions.

The quality of sleep that users have experienced have changed not only their lives but the lives of the people they love. Many people have been suffering for years from insomnia.

There are many of those suffering from insomnia that has tried different remedies to help them sleep. As you veer off to sleep, most people move from beta brainwaves to Alpha brainwave.

People with insomnia are not able to even transition or stay in the first brainwave stage of sleep. Binaural beats help insomniacs to move all the way to Delta brainwaves to allow them the natural sleep they need every night. Without the progressions of these brainwaves, some insomniacs end up developing mental and health issues.

Binaural Beats that Improve Your Health

Managing your health is sometimes a process that is difficult to maintain. Most people have never learned how to eat healthily or how to maintain a good exercise regimen. When you use binaural beats, you are guided into adopting good healthy habits.

If you decide to use binaural beats alongside subliminal messages, you will naturally start doing the things that now you believe are obvious. An example can be, finding salt in excess unattractive or sugar to only be tolerable in small quantities.

Exercise can start being an enjoyable habit that would have never been part of your lifestyle. Choosing water instead of a carbonated beverage all of the sudden appeals to you more. Binaural beats can help you reprogram areas of your life that you thought you would never be able to change.

Those things that seemed dreadful no longer have a negative definition. When it comes to doing the right thing or the wrong things, whatever definition or meaning you put on those actions will determine how you feel about them.

When you give something a negative definition, nothing in the world will make you continue doing that which you defined as negative. When you reprogram yourself to view the things that you need to do to be healthy as fun and rewarding, there is nothing that can stop you from doing them.

How do Binaural Beats Help You Study?

When you study, focus and staying in a flow state is what allows you to remember and analyze problems more effectively.

When you are in the flow state hours become minutes and all of the answers dance in front of you as if they were performing for you. Tedious and dreadful tasks become entertainments for you to enjoy. Binaural beats get you into that flow state, which is a combination of Alpha and Theta brainwave states.

Alpha is more passive flow state or the beginning to an intense and even mystical flow state. It may sometimes take months or years to achieve flow state with a given task. Binaural Beats helps you reach that state so that you can achieve the heightened awareness state to comprehend and process difficult information.

Binaural beats are not dangerous, it does not damage your brain or cause you harm. On the opposite, it allows you to have more freedom in your life. It helps you overcome difficult situations in your life that would have taken all of your time and willpower. It allows you access to brainwaves that were only accessible during sleep or deep meditation. It just makes your life easier.

Related Questions

What are Delta brain waves? Delta brain waves are associated with sleep. It is the slowest and loudest brainwave – .5 to 3 Hertz. It is associated with the sound of drums beating and is known as the empathy brainwave.

What are Theta brain wave benefits? Theta brainwaves connect you to the subconscious and unconscious mind. Helps heal the body and cause deep relaxation as well as boost your immunities. You have clearer access to your intuition and spiritual connections.


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