Do Binaural Beats Really Work for Beginner Users

I was looking for answers to help change my destructive behavior. Twenty-one years ago, I found the answer to my problems. I tried binaural beats have not stopped using them.

So, do binaural beats really work for beginner users? Binaural beats are perfect for beginner users. Binaural beats allow you to experience the benefits which were only bestowed to those who invested years on meditation. Those who’ve meditated for a while and experience managing their brainwaves can also use binaural beats.

Even though binaural beats are good for beginners, there are a few things you should know. Binaural beats take some time to fully enjoy. The reason for this statement is due to the brain needing to get used to the new demands binaural beat request from the brain.

In the following article, you will see what demands binaural beats require from the brain. What frequencies and experiences you might have during use? I will also go over the brainwaves that you have to achieve consistently to get the results you want.

What Does Binaural Beats Do to The Brain?

When you use binaural beats on a consistent basis you will have a positive change in your brain. Before binaural beats, these changes were only attainable by eastern practices like meditation and yoga. These practices took many hours of uncomfortable discipline. Binaural beats give you the benefits without having a strict disciplined practice. All you have to do is listen with stereo headphone consistently to obtain the results.

When you listen to binaural beats, each ear is listening to a different frequency. The amazing thing about these two frequencies is that the brain does not register either, it subtracts one from the other. For example, if the left ear has 410 Hz and the right ear has 420 Hz transmitted through it, the brain will convert both hertz and only register 10 Hz.

Although it is normal for new users to have headaches when first using brain entrainment music, those factors need to be acknowledged and noted. Increase blood flow to the brain with binaural beats beginners is part of the process.
It is almost like having sore muscle from working out parts of the body that normally don’t get used as much. Having the brain convert both frequencies that are coming into the ear in one that it understands is a process that the brain normally does not do. This process can tax and fatigue the brain.

The best way to ease yourself into using binaural beats is to go slow. If the session is thirty minutes long use it every other day. If you are still feeling as though your brain is feeling discomfort, use of the brain entrainment music once or twice a week. Try to use only beats that last thirty minutes or less.

I sometimes see on binaural beats on YouTube go for hours without any warning in instruction. When you take it slow, you’re able to go through all of the brainwaves progressively. If you stop in the middle of a session, you could be stuck in a brainwave that will not allow you to be productive in a waking state.

Does it really work

Basic Binaural Beats Instruction:

Make sure that you are in an environment, which will allow the binaural beats to do its job.

If you are expecting any guest or waiting for a phone call, you might want to wait until everything is calm.

If you have racing thought and can’t get into relaxing and letting the entrainment beats do its job, take a deep breath.

Look up different breathing techniques, which allow your mind to slow down a bit. I’ve tried using binaural beats when I have thousands of thoughts flowing through my mind. I would fight the brainwave entrainment session, every minute it was playing.

Brainwave Entrainment Expectations

Brainwave entrainment or binaural beats are extremely useful to show your brain the possibilities of your potential. Imagine a very slime tight balloon. When you first blow into it, it is difficult and almost impossible. But as soon as you stretch it out, pull on it from every direction, blowing air into the balloon become almost effortless.

This analogy is what brainwave binaural beats do for you. You have all of the power within you. Sometimes, you need a little push. Binaural Beats gives you the roadmap to higher potentials within you. After you have experience traveling them, you can access those brainwaves on your own.

Think of binaural beats or brainwave entrainment system as your guide through a long difficult maze. Once you have practice completing that maze, you will end up knowing how to get there without the help of any entrainment system. Depending on the entrainment system (binaural beats), you will experience a multitude of mental states. You will experience:

Out of body experience

Ability to manage stress

Great control of emotions

Laser focus & concentration

Calmness and tranquility

Explosive creativity

Solid conviction of intuitive states.

More energy

Better sleep

These experiences mentioned above are not limited to the potential binaural beats allow, but it’s a start.

In many binaural beats’ sessions, there are stages in frequency that your brain is taken. Some entrainment system starts you ate Beta and progress only to Alpha state. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, will determine the progression of your sessions.

Ideal Brainwaves for Obtaining Success

The following chart will give you an overview and guide of what you should be looking for if you decide to buy or make your own entrainment system.

Alpha Brainwaves <7-13 Hz>
o The beginning of the meditative process
o Minimized mind chatter
o Ideal study brainwaves
o The ideal state to work on habits
o The ideal state to work on fears
o The ideal state to work on phobias
o The ideal state to work on stress
o The ideal state to work on depression
o The ideal state to work on panics
o The ideal state to work on happiness
o The ideal state to work on confidence
o Maximize brain power
o Induce a state of calmness and peace
o Access the first layer of subconscious mind
o Begin to access deeper mental stages
o Release increased serotonin and endorphins
o Ultra-focus & much more

Theta Brainwaves <4-7 Hz>
o Deeper meditative state than Alpha
o Sleep Stage
o Lucid Vivid Dreams
o Enhance emotional intelligence
o Enhance creativity, intuition, hyper problem solving
o Super-Conscious state
o Open & connectedness
o Deeper insight & inspiration
o Reverse & postpone aging
o Creative Visualization

Delta Brainwave <0-4 Hz>
o The most known deepest meditative state
o Super immune system & healing
o Hyper-awareness
o Reduce & eliminate insomnia
o Most beneficial state to be in
o The unconscious superconscious state

As you’ve witnessed, binaural beats have enough impact to help you change or improve your life. If you believe that listening to entrainment music is going to give you everything you want in life, that is not true. Binaural beats open up parts of you that were not accessible. There is something about society and our adulteration that closes our natural abilities.

But don’t worry! Your natural-born superpowers, that came with you when you were born will be unlocked. You must take action after you have unlocked your abilities by training your brainwaves. Even though you must put in the physical effort, do not let that stop you. You deserve the best in life, and you have the power to realize that.

Related Questions

Do subliminal binaural beats work? Subliminal binaural beats do work for reprograming your mind with healthy messages, which will benefit your thought and actions.

Can binaural beats help you lose weight? Binaural beats cannot physically help you lose weight, but it could instruct your programming to act and do the things someone of a certain weight would think and act. Example, if you desired to be a certain healthy weight, binaural beats can help you become more open to adopting the habits a person with that certain healthy weight.

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