Binaural Beats for Weight Loss – How Does That Work?

Weight loss is a topic that is searched, millions or even billions of times in an entire month. Most people try insane diets and attempt to stick to a fat-burning exercising regimen. Regardless of their efforts, they tend to give up on their attempts to be healthy and fit.

That is were binaural beats for weight loss comes into place. The reason they fail to produce a better version of themselves is due to programming. Before they begin they have already determined their outcome, their state of mind is already compromised.

How Does Binaural Beats for Weight Loss Happen?

Binaural beats for weight loss works/. to provide you the same type of frequency you receive when you are enjoying meals that are not the best for your health.

So how does that work? When you eat pleasure foods, your release feel-good chemicals called serotonin, which can also be produced by the brain when you maintain a certain frequency.

There are some brainwave entrainment experts that say binaural beats for weight loss can burn fat cells with a certain given frequency.

In my experience, brainwave entrainment tools help you to manage and manipulate your brainwaves to assist in changing different aspects of your life. 

It could change you physically, but in my experience not just by laying on your bed listening to binaural beats or isochronic tones.

Although you just learned how binaural beats can help you with your desired weight loss, you will also have more information to help you decide if it is right for you.

You will also dig into the different types of brainwave entrainments that can help you lose weight. You can also receive different ideas from your subconscious mind, other ways you can use binaural beats to get the body you have always dreamt of.

I will also go over how to use binaural beats and exactly how exactly they work. You will learn how to use them if you are just starting out and how it may affect you as a newbie.

Can Binaural Beats Help You Lose Weight?

Weight Loss

Yes, there is no doubt that binaural beats can help you lose weight. Changing the way you think and being able to manage your brainwaves can bring you to an all-knowing of who you are supposed to be. This includes your correct figure weight loss and a better self-image.

This includes you knowing that you are meant to be a healthy, happy and fit individual.

Why do we eat unhealthily?

  • Never were taught how to eat healthily.
  • Lack of knowledge on how to cook healthy meals.
  • Pleasure foods help us release feel-good chemicals within our bodies.
  • Eating unhealthy is a coping mechanism.
  • Maybe infested with parasites that give us strong urges to eat large amounts of sugar.

Using binaural beats to help you lose weight can give you an advantage that others may not have.

Weight Loss Hypnosis with Brainwave Entrainment

Along with managing your brainwaves to maintain a healthy state of mind; allowing you to minimize your “hangry” episodes will help you not feel like you are being punished. During your reprograming, you will overcome self-sabotaging mindset so you can permanently maintain the weight you desire.

Believe it or not, we walk around in some type of hypnotic state produced by society and the organisms that live in our stomach. Don’t let me discuss the programing from the music we listen to and the movies we watch. At times it seems like they are consciously inputting messages into our minds to weaken our will power. 

It’s time to take control of your own mind and become a better version of yourself.

So what is hypnosis exactly and how can it play a role in helping you gain the type of body you want.

Unless you have a medical issue that does not allow you to maintain a healthy weight, most difficulties with weight are due to some underlining issue.

According to the American Psychological Association, hypnosis is when a participant response to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

When it comes to brainwave entrainments, like binaural beats, the suggestions implanted in each session is helping you change your bad habits. Suggesting the changes that need to be made will help the unconscious neglect of your body.

Most audio sessions have the suggestions available for you to read if you feel hesitant to try them or are just curious.

By allowing your mind to be in a state that is completely open to suggestion, you will adopt new healthy habits as your own.

Most of us that struggle with losing and keeping the weight off do so because we have a hidden program that is maneuvering the actions we take.

With hypnosis, you can change that programming to something that will benefit your journey to a permanent ideal weight.

Binaural Beats Weight Loss Therapy

As you have seen on commercials, television or youtube videos, there are many weight loss tools and therapies recommended to you every day.

Before you discovered brainwave entrainment tools, would you have ever imagined weight lose with tones and frequencies?

It is said that using 295.8 Hz will allow fat to slowly melt away by increasing your metabolism.

As mention, if used for about 30 minutes it will also help you train your appetite to chose the foods and habits that have been proven to work. Using the frequencies that promote a healthy you, both in the body as well as in your mind. Making your weight loss process the easiest it has ever been in the past.

Entrainment Weight Loss Treatment at Home

Unlike institutions like Weight Watcher or Nutrisystem you don’t have to answer to anyone. Reprograming your old habits and lifestyle allows you the results those expensive plans claim to give you.

Brainwave entrainment like binaural beats can be your very own way to lose weight. You will intuitively know or look up the best ways your body naturally releases fat.

Choosing your own healthy meals gives you back your power. Having some company tell you what you can and can not eat throughout the day is expensive, confining and it takes your power away.

Once you have rewritten your program to live a healthy life, you will no longer need to be confined to systems that are not worth the cost.

Binaural Beats Weight Loss Visualizer

With Binaural beats, you are able to obtain frequencies that will help you navigate towards an easier transition on your way to a healthy lifestyle. Your struggles to overpower cravings will become easier to overcome. Visualizing the new and improve self will no longer be a tug of war.

Just imagine all of the things your future self will do when you lose that unwanted or even dangerous weight you currently need to shed.

In the past, imagining your ideal body seemed naive and a fantasy. Rejecting or even cursing the thought was easier to handle. With a new self-image programing, the thought of a healthy and sexy body will no longer be hard to accept.

In the past working to visualize a new body seem more of a chore and a way to torture yourself. Believing in what could be, took to much of your energy and at times reduce your hope of it ever coming true.

The fact that you have been living with the weight for so long, makes it difficult to even remember the last time you felt comfortable in your own body.

Remember the mind does not know the difference between reality and what you visualize and imagine on consistent bases.

Getting into the brainwaves which allow those thoughts of a perfect body, will empower you to let go of all of the mental barriers. The barriers that don’t permit you to be at peace with the weight you want to be.

Visualization is important in creating a life that has not yet been experienced before. What better way to bring your reality into your life beautiful calming binaural beats. Gently guiding you to feeling at peace with your desires.

The difference between a person that has the ideal weight and the one that doesn’t is their perception of themselves, their expectation of what is and will be. They don’t see themselves as overweight. On the contrary, they are unable to see themselves other than fit and healthy. There is no doubt, you can achieve that same attitude.


Yes, Binaural beats can be used for working out. It can be a source of calmness when you are struggling with feeling motivated to start your workout regimen. It can keep you feeling good about taking the time to be present with your body.

Are Binaural Beats for Working Out? In the past binaural beats or any brainwave entrainment was designed to be used in an inactive state.

Most of the brainwave entrainment tools direct you to be in a place where you have nothing going on and where you won’t be disturbed. It also advises you not to operate any type of machinery while in your sessions. That being said, there have been many studies involving different brainwave states that can be induced to meet your needs.

Depending on the brainwave most anything can be enhanced allowing your workouts to run more smoothly. Depending on what your goal may be, using binaural beats can help you hit two targets at once. You can get motivated and prepared for the workout with a steady Alpha state.

Switch your brainwave to have a more awake and active brain vibration becoming pumped and ready to start your regimen. If you want to reach a flow state, you can transition into an Alpha or even Gamma brainwave. Depending on what level you chose to perform.

Binaural Beats for Working Out

If you are interested in doing something different that does not include taking pre-workout powders and drinks. Or you want to save your kidneys and liver from toxic energy drinks, using binaural beats might be your answer.

You can have that natural high (directly from the source) without using products that speed up your heart rate and make you feel itchy and uncomfortable.

Purchasing a set of binaural beats to help you with your exercise, will make your wallet super happy. You can skip going to the vitamin store where you would usually buy your pre-workout powders and drinks. You will save money and enhance your total health.

Binaural Beats Before Working Out

Most people feel a sense of anxiety just thinking about waking up and starting their workout. Are you one of those people? I know I dread working out up to the fifteen minute mark of my workout. My body feels it doesn’t want to move. I feel so stiff, making me wonder if I am at all in control of my own body.

When you are at peace with the processes and the journey, it won’t be so difficult to enjoy where you are in your feels and the potentials that will come from your efforts.

If you are prone to anxiety or feel utter fear to the point you feel sick, easing your mind prior to engaging in strenuous activity, will help you loosen up.

Binaural Beats While Working Out

Having your workout music is important to get you and keep you motivated. It can even help you push yourself further than you would normally during your normal workouts.

Most people use music that makes them feel like going wild and dancing on tables. To combat that feeling they just work harder.

With binaural beats can use your workout sessions to not only train your brain but reprogram it to have healthy messages of success, love, and happiness in the background.

You will have the good feelings and thoughts of your ultimate body goal running through motivating music. You can purchase these audios or make them yourself.

I would recommend you make them yourself with the type of music (no words) that gets you moving. Mixing it with the corresponding Beta and or Gamma waves to allow your mind to be open to the suggests you want to cemented in your mind.

If you don’t have time to make them yourself or if you feel it is too much work. There is nothing wrong with purchasing these audios for yourself as well. You will receive the same benefits and keep your sanity while saving some time.

How Long Should I Listen to Binaural Beats?

The time needed to receive the best benefit from binaural beats is at first between 15 and 30 minutes. Sometimes you might get a numbing pain in your head because your brain is not used to interpreting and configuring these frequencies.

Once you get yourself used to the frequency, you can have an hour workout session and feel the good feelings of contentment when you accomplish your workout goals. It is best not to listen to any type of audio, especially through headphones for too long, regardless of the type of music.

I would sometimes listen to binaural beat three times a day for around thirty minutes to an hour each session. I did not do all the three hours or an hour and a half in one sitting, I gave my brain the opportunity to process and rest.

Benefits of a Meditation Lifestyle

So what exactly can you achieve if you commit to allowing binaural beats to work for you? Well, if you allow the benefits to guide you to a better life, you will be able to move faster towards the things you want in life.

Meaning, there are two stages of gestation when manifesting something. You must first create (manifest) it in your mind and then act on it for it to become a physical manifestation, allowing you to fully enjoy the journey. If you are serious about making changes, use binaural beats to help you manifest that body you have always dreamt off.


Does Brainwave Entrainment Help Manage Cortisol?

Cortisol is produced from the stresses of life. Brainwave entrainment tools like binaural beats help manage and decrease stresses and anxiety produce in daily life. Brainwave entrainment tools can help reduce the cortisol that has already accumulated in the body, helping you counteract aging.

How Does Binaural Beats Work for Immune System?

Your immune system weakens when you are in a lower vibration. If you continue to stay in a vibration that is destructive, like anger, sadness, desperation or guilt, your body begins to weaken its defenses.

Using binaural beats to release emotional baggage by getting you in the appropriate brainwave, will give your body the energy it needs to focus on its immune system again.

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