Is it True Binaural Beats Get You or Make You High?

I have had many experiences with binaural beats and some of those experiences felt as though I had taken a drug or was under the influence of some kind of substance. I don’t think I have experienced any substance that has been better than what binaural beats has allowed me to experience.

Many people are curious to see if binaural beats make you high? Binaural beats can make you or give you the feeling of being high. Binaural beats can make you “high” depending on you’re experience or tolerance. There are many tracks that available for purchase that give you the feelings you would receive if you were on a substance.

There are many uses for binaural beats, which can include feeling as though you are under a substance. I wouldn’t recommend using binaural beats just for the purpose of getting high. There are so many more benefits you could receive that will last you a lifetime.

I will also tell you how to look for those types of binaural beats. I will be going over the types of binaural beats that get you high and how you can use them to better yourself instead of becoming dependent on them.

How Do I Find Binaural Beats that Make Me High?

Find the binaural beats that get you high is ease if you know the name used for these types of binaural beats. If you are looking to feel good without the side effects of real drugs. You can search one of the companies that make digital drug by the name of “idoser”.

Depending on what you want you can type in the name of the substance that you want the binaural beats to mimic in your brain. There are many options you can pick from and they are sometimes as low as .99.

Binaural Beats Simulating Bufo Toad

One of the sessions is the Bufo Toad that is mimicking the feeling of having this type of DMT in your system. I personally have not tried these types of digital drugs, but I have read of many individual stories of the experiences some people had.

One of the experiences one individual had was starting the music and feeling drowsy at first with the inability to keep his head up (expected) while he sat in his coach. He started to open his eyes and saw everything extremely bright and fluorescent.

He thought he was hallucinated because everything seemed so unreal. He decided to close his eyes lay, back and experience the bufo toad binaural beats. Once again, he felt himself sinking into the coach a little more.

He felt a bit scared of the unknown new senses he was experiencing but he still proceeded to finish the Bufo Toad session. Depending on your environment, your diet and what you have been exposed to i.e. social media movies or stress will determine the effectiveness of a session.

Beside the digital drug DMT stimulus, they also have a stimulus that mimic, cocaine, marijuana, acid, different types of LSD and other stimuli that help produce serotonin and dopamine.

Even though digital drugs sound dangerous, it really is not remotely dangerous. Many therapists have help addicts or people with ADHD move past their struggles.

Digital drugs are not just limited to recreational drugs. Some of these digital can help people with stress and anxiety. They can help people with addicts and learning disabilities as I mentioned before.

Brainwaves to getting You High

Depending on your tolerance and how easy it is for you to connect to certain brainwaves will determine what is best for you. Depending on the person you can start anywhere from Alpha brainwaves to Theta and all the way to Delta.

The binaural session that you choose will basically tell you what it will do for you.

Alpha Brainwaves
Have all of the components to help you focus. You can almost call it a limitless drug. This brainwave helps you go into Flow more easily and stay there without feeling as though you are torturing yourself.

Going into an alpha state helps you save your liver and other organs involved in processing smart drugs. If you practice enough going into an alpha level, you could use the feeling or actions developed right before going into that state.

You can train yourself to go into alpha without using binaural beats. I can testify that once you are in the alpha state consistently; you will find the triggers and actions that get you there on command.

When you enter into Alpha state, your release the anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, and depression you are holding. Imagine if we were in an alpha state most of our lives.

We would have more courage to do the things we were scared of doing and jump at the opportunities that would have brought us anxiety or free. So, if you are looking to purchase a smart drug, first start with binaural beats, it will save you money and will give you better health.

Theta Brainwaves

Theta brainwaves can mimic different types of LCDs. If you are looking to have a trip to other worlds and galaxies or see things you would never see with your regular eyes, being in theta brainwaves is where most of those experiences are. There are studies proving that time traveling and moving to a different dimension is done within the body.

Out of body experience is one thing you can participate in with that theta brainwave. Many people talk about it, but few are able to realize it. Out of body experience is when you leave your physical body and roam around in your astral body. You can go anywhere you want with just you visualizing it or “thinking” about your destination.

Remote viewing is another ability you can master in theta brainwaves. Remote viewing is when you can see different parts of the world as though you were a video camera.

You can zoom in and out of the destination you are view while sitting on your couch. You just set certain coordinates to the location you want to view and like a camera you are able to know what is located in those coordinates. In the past, the US government contracted remote viewers to find the location of missiles.

In maintaining theta brainwaves, you can see your past lives. You can see why you have a certain mark in your body or why you are terrified of water or dogs. What impact you had in your past life that brought you to the life you currently have.

Delta Brainwaves

Can be associated with MDMA or Ecstasy it gives you enhanced empathy levels. It is also the state where you repair your tissues. That is why good sleep is important for the body.

By sleeping longer, you will have more episodes in Delta states and much more healing, than if you just sleep a minimum amount.

If you are looking to get high, but do not want the risk of getting fined, going to jail or worse, risking your life by being at the wrong place at the wrong time, think about using binaural beats to get that high you have been craving.

Some of them go as low as .99 cents and you can somewhat feel exactly as if you had consumed a mind-altering substance.

Related Question

What are the Brainwave types? Starting from the highest brainwaves is Gamma – 38 to 42 Hertz then we have Beta brainwave which is 12 to 38 Hertz. Moving on to the more lucid or focused brainwave, which starts with Alpha – 8 to 12 Hertz. Followed by Theta brainwave which is mostly associated with deep meditation or sleep and is 3 to 8 Hertz. The last well studied brainwave is Delta brainwave, which is .5 to 3 Hertz.

How to increase Gamma brainwaves? One of the ways you can increase gamma brainwaves is to start learning a new language. If that is too stressful for you, you can take up a daily practice of meditation. But my favorite method is to use binaural beats or brain entrainment sounds to practice increasing gamma brainwaves.

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