6 Impressive Ways Binaural Beats Meditation Will Work for You

My journey to an emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy being, began the first time I put on my headphones and listened to my first binaural beats. The first time I listened to a binaural beats meditation, I was transcended to paradise.

For the first time in my life, my ears finally heard the true meaning of love. I wish I could say that my descriptions of my firsts experiences are all exaggerations of the truth. Fortunately, my first meditation with binaural beats was truly heaven and a life-changing experience.

Do Binaural Beats Meditation Work?

Binaural Beats meditation does work. It can help you in many ways as a transformational tool. It has been known to help individuals make the simplest changes as well as transform their lives drastically.

DISCLAIMER: The secret is not just the meditation, it is also the consistency of your practice. Using binaural beats meditation for a short period of time may not give you the life-changing transformation I have had. Please keep in mind that this may be a life long commitment.

On another note, I can truly tell you that binaural beats meditation has changed my life for the better, drastically.

In this article, you will learn a little more about how binaural beats meditation can work for you. You will find different ways binaural beats meditation can help you achieve goals and make changes in your life. 

How Can Binaural Beats Meditation Help

When it comes to meditation without binaural beats, it sometimes takes months or even years to obtain the right frequency that will benefit you. It sometimes takes years or even decades to master moving into each frequency, but please do not get discouraged.

First, binaural beats meditation can help you to shortcut the time it takes to get the different brainwaves you need. The brainwaves that help you to improve specific parts of your life. For example, obtaining an Alpha brainwave helps reduce stress and even anxiety levels.

It allows individuals to have a better outlook and increase positive thinking. You can accelerate your learning and reach the flow state faster than if you were to stumble upon it yourself.

I am sure most of you have seen in the news or heard discussions on the great benefits of meditation. The thing they don’t tell you is that the biggest transformation comes when you can keep your mind in a state of nothingness. Binaural beats meditation, as well as other selected brainwave entrainment audios, have the capacity to do that for you.

How Fast Does Binaural Beats Meditation Work

Binaural beats meditation does not take much time to work. If you can be focused on the brain entrainment for at least 15 minutes a day you will receive some kind of result.

Like anything, the minimum amount should never be the ultimate goal. I hear many health experts say to commit to doing exercise 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes.

What you may not know is that is the minimum amount you should do. The thing about doing just the minimum, as explained in the prior sentence, is that these recommendations are just not suited for massive change. They will reduce the chances of major health complication, but at times, no major transformations.

If you want to make great changes, you must be committed to meditating. The great thing about binaural and brain entrainment meditation is that you start seeing results sooner than if you just started without any guidance. If you decide later on you want to do it on your own, you will have a reference point as to what each brainwave feels like.

You are able to reach the brainwaves needed to make the changes you want. That being said, brain entrainment helps you move towards your objected goal, it does not physically move you there.

You must take action, entraining your brain will help you feel more motivated and driven to take action. It might even help you feel unattracted and repulsed over the things that did not benefit you. But you must also remember, you must physically refrain yourself, even if you are pressured to indulge.

It will not shed 50 pounds off you or give you good grades without you actually doing the work. But, it will allow you to feel motivated and fulfilled when performing the acts which will give you success.

How are healthy and fit people so committed to being healthy and fit? They have the mindset and the expectation to be healthy and fit people.

Their mind is made up, on the type of person they want to be. That type of mindset will help you take action and achieve not only your goals but your dreams.

Does Binaural Beats Meditation Work for Everyone

Binaural Beats Meditations works, but unfortunately, it does not work for everyone. Some people start using binaural beats and have a negative response to it. Examples of these responses include feeling annoyed during and after each session. This could be due to having suppressed feelings and memories resurfacing. Some of these memories or feelings may become too much for individuals to handle (but that is where the healing begin). Others may find the time spent listening to binaural beats meditation boring or uneventful.

Now, I also need to mention that those with a history of epilepsy, seizures, head injuries, and heart problems, are warned to first consult with their doctors before using brainwave entrainment.

There are some individuals who suffer from epilepsy that mainly become triggered by the type of tones brainwave entrainments produces. Also, those individuals that have had brain injuries need to also take precaution and consult their doctor.

I have had many concussions and one main head injury that left me in the hospital for a week, not being able to write my name for a few weeks. I used binaural beats meditations after I got out of the hospital and started feeling more alert and responsive to the things I was not able to manage post-injury.

Working Through Your Anger with Binaural Beats Meditation

Anger stems from the many different experiences you have had in your lifetime. Sometimes we are angry because of things that have nothing to do with what was going on in the present moment.

For example, someone bumps you in a subway. Everyone is busy trying to get to where they need to go, but for some reason, you take the accidental bump as someone not having respect for you.

That other person may have not been aware or noticed the unintentional bump. Your anger stimulated a reason to rage war on that person in your mind, making you miserable and destroying your whole day.

In other words, if you truly want to work on your anger you have to know why it flairs up to begin with. Most people still have the feelings being small and helpless or the feelings of being abused and taken advantage. Most of these feeling stems from childhood. 

Although we may not remember them, they are still there. Making us hypersensitive, angry and fearful. With binaural beats meditation, those issues that need to be dealt with are brought up to the surface, so you are able to remember, cry, forgive and heal.

Working to manage your anger can be a deeply ingrained habit that perhaps has been present for many generations. That never means that the excess of anger is justified in your life. Emotions are good for you, but the excess of anything can cause you unhappiness.

Meditation Helps at Work

A company is only as good as its employees. Having a good attitude at work helps everyone see more than just a person that completes a task. Meditation not only helps you as an individual it can help a whole company sore to its highest potential.

When you are in a good mindset you are more inspired to create a better work environment. You feel inspired to reach beyond your normal capacity and perform in ways that you never thought was possible. The following blocks your maximum potential and keeps you at your lowest level:


-Bad relationships with co-workers

-Bad relationships outside of work

-Mental health issues

-Lack of sleep

-Mental, Creative and Emotional Baggage

Meditation will allow you to deal with the stresses of those blocks in your life. You won’t constantly feel like you are being attacked and picked on. 

What do I mean by being attacked? 

At times, We see all of our work obligations and ultimatums as attacks. What happens when we as humans feel attacked? We resort to doing two things.

We either fight back


We retreat and run

Every day from 9 to 5 we are constantly having to deal with the decision to fight or coward down and do what we are told.

We wither our potential to be the greatest self we could be, due to being in a constant war with our need to survive. We can change our perspective on the things that happen to us with binaural beats meditation.

You will come to work with a mind that is clear of the prior days’ pollution. You will treat every day as a new start, a new opportunity to be in your greatness.

You will become sick less often. Be happy to come to work more because your mind will only notice joy. You will learn to forgive, accept and be free from your judgments as well as the judgments of others.

Imagine what you can do, with all of that empty space in your mind. Space where negative thoughts invaded every inch of your potential, your creativity, your inspiration, and your loving self?

A daily binaural beats meditation session will help you be on your way to being that employee or boss you knew you were meant to be. 

Benefits of Binaural Beats Meditation to Help Fight Addiction

What can meditation do for a person fighting addictions? It could perhaps give them the satisfaction their substance gave them. Any substance of choice stimulates one important part of the brain. That part is the prefrontal cortex.

What if I told you binaural beats meditation also stimulates the prefrontal cortex. Meditation allows the meditator to invoke his or her own happiness center without any outside physical stimulus. Meditation helps the nagging feeling to use or consume.

Those feelings are the worst, they make you feel like you are dying if you do not satisfy that urge. With meditation you can allow the feeling of using to just be feelings, giving those feeling a voice, but not the control to dictate your life.

Both dopamine and serotonin are extremely activated when addicts get their fixes. Binaural beats help users get into the brainwaves that induce both dopamine and serotonin. 

If meditation becomes a staple part of the addict’s life, they can invoke both Alpha and Theta brainwave on a regular basis. This will give them a greater opportunity to overcome their addiction. 

Becoming Smarter with Binaural Meditation

With binaural beats as your tool to quickly benefit from meditation, getting smarter can essentially become effortless. Mastering the brainwaves that will raise your IQ, improve your memory and make you a well-rounded thinker can sound like a fantasy, but in a way it is and in a way it isn’t. 

There are some good news and some bad news related to the previous statement. The good news is that meditation through binaural beats can enhance your capacity to think better and be able to use both hemispheres simultaneously.

Whole-brain thinking allows you to combine your left and right brain to solve complicated problems or conjure up unimaginable creations. So, how does this happen? How can you become smarter with binaural beats meditation?

Well, to be honest, you already have those abilities, meditation through binaural beats will assist in harnessing your true potentials. As recently discovered, our brains are neuroplastic.

That means we have the capacity to make it to whatever we need. If you want to be more artistic, more analytical, or have more emotional intelligence, you can mold your brain to become those things.

The fastest way to do that is to be in the brainwaves that will allow you to achieve these new ways of thinking through the analysis and consumption of information. You can train your brain to maintain a Gamma brain wave through binaural beats and improve memory and concentration.

You can exercise whole-brain thinking through meditation. The sky is the limit when it comes to training your brain to work best in the manner you intend to use it.

Changing or upgrading your brain is not some kind of science fiction movie anymore. It is possible to rewire and recreate the neurons that are needed to achieve your life goals.

You could become more creative, have a powerful memory or invent new ways of seeing and doing things. Your only limit is your need to stick to the status quo or to not believe in your true potential.

Meditation Works on Depression

This topic is near and dear to me. I have suffered from depression since I was a young child. Even as a little girl, I wished I could leave this earth. I never knew why I felt this way, but now looking back, I can probably guess the series of events that did not allow me to be at peace with myself.

I can honestly say to you that my depression is gone, completely. In the past, I not only felt crappy most days, but I had to also take prescribed medication and was admitted into a hospital for my depression.

It was not something I wanted to do, I was made to be institutionalized. To this day, I hated the fact that I was forced to be in a place I did not want to be. But, maybe it was for the best at that time. The reason I am telling you this is because there are better ways to help you heal from your depression.

I would recommend to first distance yourself from people or things that naturally make you sad, angry and induce desperation and anxiety. If it is not possible try to minimize the time you are around those influences. Any mentally healthy or sick person can become depressed having negative influence attacking them.

Meditation with binaural beats will help you heal. In contrast, if you are constantly around the things that hurt you, you will never fully heal. It’s like going to the doctor to get stitches on a deep wound and as soon as you got home, you allow someone to remove the stitches, reopen and expose the wound to bacteria, infection and more damage.

I have tried medications, counseling and writing my problems down. All of these methods have helped somewhat, but meditation with binaural beats has given me a more permeant fix on rewiring and allowing my wounds to heal.

With meditation, you will discover what you were hiding from yourself. You will allow the old wounds that did not heal properly to resurface. Doing this will allow you to acknowledge them and honor them in a compassionate way, forgiving and erasing the associated trauma.

It’s funny how people love to consider others in a loving, empathetic and compassionate manner, but they do not consider the fact that they need to do the same for themselves.

It is now your turn to treat yourself with all of the love, empathy, and compassion you give to others.

Love, empathy, and compassion are deserving of you. You should be the first one to benefit from these acts. Meditation helps you focus on the neglected self, which allows you to dissolve self-hate and work on administering every mode of healing you can provide to yourself.

With meditation, you can naturally induce the chemicals in your body that makes you happy. Meditation will allow your neurotransmitters to release the appropriate amounts of norepinephrine and serotonin.

Although, love, empathy and compassion help to fight depression, acknowledging that our bodies need to work properly is important. Without these chemicals working properly. Binaural beats meditation helps you get into the brainwaves you need to allow these chemical, serotonin, and norepinephrine to flow properly throughout your body.

Binaural Meditation Works to Physically and Mentally Slow Aging

What ages people the most?

You are probably saying bad diet and overindulging in drugs and alcohols. Yes, that is correct, but the thing that ages people the most is a stressful life.

Don’t get me wrong, stress is good for you, but not the kind where you feel as though you have no control over your life. There is such thing as healthy stress, that stress that makes you feel as though you are rotting from the inside out is not it.

You feel as though you have no control over your life and there is a sense of helplessness. Many things can activate that type of stress and what is stressful for me can be tolerable or even enjoyable to another person, everyone has different limits.

The secret is being able to manage stress in a manner that will not produce abnormal amounts of cortisol, which causes the body to age. I am not saying that taking care of your body won’t help you with the aging process.

 Eating the right foods, having meaningful relationships, as well as a healthy exercise regimen, can be the ticket to living longer and looking ten to twenty years longer.  

Getting started with meditation or enhancing the time you stay in the brainwave that is beneficial to your longevity is effortless with brainwave entrainment tools. You just have to commit to spending 30 minutes or sometimes even less each day.

Your commitment will help produce telomerase, which maintains the length of your telomeres. The longer your telomeres maintain their length, the longer you live a life of longevity.

It is proven to not only lengthen the mental and physical capacity of a human, but it also makes the meditator look far less older than their given age. At the time of this article, I am 40 years old and I am constantly being mistaken for my sons’ sister who is 19 and 13 years old.

Binaural beats meditation gives you the short cut you need to obtain all of the benefits meditation has to offer in your life. It seems as though it is too good to be true and perhaps it is.

You can not turn on a session of binaural beats meditation today and tomorrow all of your problems will go away and all your wishes come true. You must be consistent and committed to making meditation with brainwave entrainment audios part of your life.

Just like you can’t go to the gym and workout two hours and call it a day for your ideal body, so it is impractical to expect great result with just a few meditation session. To a life filled with peace, happiness, and joy.


Does Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Work for Weight Loss? Meditation has many advantages in helping you lose weight. Brainwave entrainment or binaural beats meditation can help with the emotional and mental cause of binging and stress eating. You will naturally become more mindful of sensations related to your body and will respond positively to your physical and emotional needs. Some frequencies are said to help burn fat by helping your metabolism work faster, but I have not witnessed that benefit of binaural beats.

Does Binaural Beats Meditation Work for ADHD? Using meditation, or even better, brainwave entrainment meditation, allows the brain to focus better. Meditation rewards the brain with dopamine and reinforces the prefrontal cortex’s ability to function at its optimal capacity.

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