Do Binaural Beats on YouTube Work the Same if Purchased?

As I have mentioned before, I have been meditating and using binaural beats for about twenty years.
I can say that quality has gone down when it come to beats.

I can blame it on the free binaural beats. They have made people not know how a good quality beat is supposed to feel.

Do binaural beats on YouTube work? YouTube Binaural Beats do not work for what it was intended to do.

I cannot argue that they are relaxing, but if you claim to be using binaural beats, there should be binaural beats in the audio. Any type of music depending on your preference can relax you.

Musical instruments are a gift from God that light up our lives and make us happy. Binaural Beats have an added purpose that sometimes regular music cannot fulfill.

So why won’t YouTube binaural beats do the job? I am not saying that binaural beats cannot help you study or relax after a long day at work.

Music has the power to put you in any kind of mood you wish to be in. If you are looking for the best binaural beats on YouTube, that can be difficult to answer and to obtain with youtube. The process it has to go through to get to YouTube is the same process that will render it useless as a binaural beat product.

How do I know when a binaural beat is really working? I can not only hear it I can feel it in my brain. I feel a sort of stimulation happening as I am in a brainwave entrainment session.

If you really want to make sure your binaural beats are not being tainted or altered in any way, you can make them yourselves. I will give you different software to use so you can do this yourself.

If you don’t want to have the time to learn how to make your own brainwave entrainment session, there are many reputable brainwave entrainment companies out there. You can also search reputable binaural beats through perhaps binaural beats testimonials.

This could be a great source to determine the best quality for your needs. If you really want the benefits of Binaural beats, you need to be aware of the free stuff. There might be good stuff out there but the likely hood of that being true in slime.

Most people say they do it for the love it, and that could be completely true, but sometimes the original product can be pure, but the compressed version may have flaws. This will make your brainwave entrainment sessions unproductive.

I had no problems with the MP3 version of binaural beats when I first started, because there was no such thing when I started.

The first time I had my first session I could feel both hemispheres of my brain being stimulated. Then again, my first experience with brainwave entrainment was with my CD player and a brainwave entrainment CD. That was a long time ago.

Making the Best Quality Binaural Beats

If you are on a budget and would like to receive the benefits of binaural beats at only the cost of your time, you can download Audacity. This software is free to use, and it allows you to edit and compose music of any kind.

You can also use Garageband, which is also free if you have a Mac. Of course, you will not have the best composition (you are not a professional or experienced sound engineer), but it is a start.

At least you will keep on growing in the quality you produce for yourself and will be able to create entrainment sessions based on the needs you currently have.

You can also produce subliminal tracks and now that the word that you want to use to reprogram your mind is actually being said in your tracks.

I will be going over a brief overview of how to make your own binaural beats with Audacity.

1.Download Audacity

2. Open Audacity

3. Click on “Generate” and then pick “Tone”

4. In “Waveform” live it in “Sine” Chose the Frequency you want in one ear

5. Keep “Amplitude” .8 and “Duration” whatever you desire

6. Click “Ok” when done

First Step to Making Binaural Beats

6. For the next ear click “tracks” then “Add New” followed by “Mono Track”

Next Step Making Your Own Binaural Beats

7. Repeat steps three to six, but this time change the frequencies so the brain can create whatever Hertz you want. Example 174hz -165hz = 9Hz (Alpha brainwave)

8. Put one track all the way the right and another all the way to the left

9. Click on “File” and chose “Export”

10. Choose the file you would like to have (wave is recommended)

If you want to ease into the brainwave you want to focus on, there is another software that lets you move from Alpha brainwave to Theta then Delta if that is the brainwave you want to focus on. This other software is Gnaural.

It seems like the new version is mostly for Window or you can install JAVA and they have a version that will run for all of the rest of the platforms.

There are many Youtube videos that can teach you how to use Gnaural to make your own binaural beats sessions. It might take some time in your part, but at least you will know how to compose your very own reprogramming sessions. You can be assured that they are safe, because you were the one that made it.

If you want to mask it with pleasant music, you can always put some ocean sounds or audio of nature. This is always soothing and relaxes most people.

Looking for the Best Binaural Beats

While I was searching for good companies with binaural beats, I also checked websites that had testimonials. One of the websites that I saw that had many testimonials was Binaural Beats Meditation.

They had a few testimonials of mostly US and UK users, but it looked like they had happy customers. Another company that an amazing about of testimonial was

The following two of the testimonials that I found had pretty much sum up my experience with binaural beats.

In my search for good binaural beats, I stumbled upon these testimonials. One of the testimonials said:

“Working now with the CD set for a while, I becoming more and more aware of the beautiful possibilities to relax and entrain my brain. I did not expect this kind of impact, in this short time, not only of my way to analyze my thinking process, also the way I change in mind pattern. From the view of my work I’m able to find new (better) solutions, in matter of fact, the approach to complex scientific problems, finding a way in bilateral thinking going through different nervous systems. After having used the sleep & rejuvenation CD before bedtime, in the morning I’m sometimes being full of creative thoughts by using unexpected approaches. Thank you for that, and please forward my regards and my expression of honor for the outstanding work to Dr. Thompson.”
Dr. ir. Bernd J. B – E-mail”

The other testimonial that made me want to get this product is:

“I am a writer and licensed massage therapist, trained in NYC and now living and practicing my intuitive healing work in the UK. My husband is a GP and a fine artist. We have both had amazingly positive results using your CDs in our creative and healing professions. Recently I began using headsets with your CDs to help clients with Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, fibromyalgia and Lupus and the results have been extraordinary. It is as though the hyper-vigilant musculature (particular in the auto-immune conditions) let go as the brain journeyed with the sound. My ability to facilitate healing in a new and profound manner has been truly remarkable. Many thanks and may you (be) blessed for the work you are developing beyond your wildest imaginings.”

I can truly say that sometimes finding the right binaural beats is hit or miss, but one thing is for sure, if you use the binaural beats from youtube you will most likely always miss.

And yes you could purchase a brainwave entrainment session that might be the same quality as a YouTube session, but I do believe you can get refunds if you do not like it.

You can do your research find companies that have happy customers. Companies that seem to have many customers that have been impacted by their work. This will allow you to start changing your life and reprograming the habits you have always wish you’d naturally had in your life.

Related Questions

Can binaural beats help you lose weight? Binaural beats do not change your physical body. It can help you to reprogram your mind choosing habits that will allow you to be the ideal weight you want to be. It has the ability to change any unwanted programs and helps rewire you mentally, emotionally and allows you to be in touch with yourself spiritually.

What are the best binaural beats for meditation?

There are many binaural beats that can be the best. There are many new techniques that are coming out every day. Depending on what you are looking for to address will determine what is right for you.

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