Do Binaural Beats Work With or Without Headphones

From my experience having headphones while using binaural beats is subject to the type of headphones that you use. When I first started using binaural beats, I had some really amazing headphones that allowed me to hear a group of instruments individually.

If I was listening to classical music, I could hear each instrument and the breathing or body movements that was involved with playing that instrument.

Do Binaural Beats Work Without Headphones?

To answer your question, do binaural beats work without stereo headphones? No, you do need stereo headphones, let me explain. If you have earbuds, you can still enjoy binaural beats, but headphones that cover your whole ear is ideal.

You may read in other sites that you need headphones for binaural beats and that is the best situation, but you can use earbuds until you are able to purchase a quality pair of headphones.

The only reason it is still mentioned is that during the time when binaural beats started to get popular, earbuds were not popular, actually, I don’t think they existed.

There are many different things that come into play when listening to binaural beats. In the following article, I will be going over how to listen to binaural beats correctly. What to do while listening to binaural beats. How to listen to binaural beats while sleeping? I will also be going over the best headphones you can use for sleeping when using binaural beats while sleeping.

How to Listen to Binaural Beats Correctly

Know how long your binaural beats session is and commit to that time.

Put your cellphone on “airplane mode”.

Make sure you are comfortable, but not too comfortable to fall asleep.

Make sure people around you know you need some quiet time.

Use the restroom before starting a session.

No big meals before your brainwave entrainment sessions.

Take slow deep breaths to relax.

Focus your eyes in between your eyebrows or cross your eyes while looking up.

Make sure your right side of your headset is on your right ear and vice versa.

Don’t ignore your racing thoughts

Thank the thoughts that are being presented to you and let them go.

If thought persists, continue to thank them and release them.

Commit to your binaural beats session.

Don’t quit or give up

Listen to Brainwave Entrainment

What to do while listening to binaural beats?

If you want to make the best out of listening to your brainwave entrainment session, there are a few things to do that will help you with that. Brainwave entrainment session comes in different lengths of time. Some are fifteen minutes and some last an hour or more.

Make sure you know which one you are listening to and block out that time. This means no cellphones and if your binaural beats are on your cellphone, make sure you put your phone on “airplane mode”.

I like to sit in a lotus position, but if that is out of the question for you, pick a place that is comfortable, but not too comfortable to fall asleep and not wake when you are done with your session. Make sure your family knows you are taking some time for yourself, let them know they should not disturb you.

Also, make sure you are in an environment that is silent. I have usually done my meditations, before and or after my sons were fast asleep. That way I avoided hearing them make noise when they played with each other.

From my experience, I have had too many sessions stopped because I could not focus due to my need to use the bathroom. It really sucks when you are halfway through a binaural beat session and loses the time you spent because you just couldn’t wait any longer. Make sure you had some time before you ate a meal.

Depending on how much you have eaten, it feels a bit uncomfortable to sit in a position for the amount of time you need with a full belly. Take a few slow deep breaths to calm and relax yourself a bit.

Focus on crossing your eyes or looking at the area between your eyebrows. When you have thoughts racing through your mind, don’t ignore them. Thank your thoughts for coming up and try not to entertain them further.

If they continue to come, continue to thank them and try to let them go. If this happens throughout your sessions, don’t get frustrated, it’s all part of the processes. It is normal to have thoughts that you have ignored or abandoned try to get your attention again.

You can try running through issues during one session and trying to keep your mind clear in another session. It’s a journey that takes many many hours to achieve. Don’t give up. Every day you commit to a session is a day that you have already won.

Binaural Beats while you sleep

Listening to Binaural Beats While Sleeping

If you want to go to sleep during your brainwave entrainment sessions, it is not necessary to be uncomfortable. You want to be able to fall asleep and sitting or being in a lotus position is not ideal for a good night rest.

I have the same rules when I am listening to binaural beats as when I am listening to them during the night time.

I don’t eat a big meal right before going to bed. I make sure everyone is taken care of and I do not allow anything to disturb me. Although for some people it might be an experiment to see if brainwave entrainments work, it still should be taken seriously.

If your session is less than an hour you could just put your MP3 player or phone to the side of you until it is done. If it is going to take hours, you might want to put your devices either under your pillow or somewhere where you won’t get tangled up or your headphones end up getting crushed. I have slept with my headphones and have woken up with them under me luckily not broken.

Having bulky headphones may not allow you to feel comfortable. I get very uncomfortable when I am lying down and my bed or pillow pushes on my headphones. It ends up making my head or sometimes my ears hurt.

If I am laying down, which isn’t too often, I usually use my earbuds. They don’t make contact with anything around me and I feel extremely comfortable.

As I was looking for the best way to play your binaural beats while sleeping, I found some excellent substituted that are comfortable and can do the job. These sleep headphones are:

Acousticsheep Sleepphones: They are comfortable and if you get the right size by measuring your head, they fit snug so you won’t have to worry about them coming off. They are regularly about $40 at this time.

Tooks: They are made of microfleece and can be used during your nightly binaural beats session as well as when you work out during those cold days. These headphones are regularly at this time about $23

CozyPhones: As the name describes them, they are cozy and the headphone can be adjusted for your desired comfort, they come in multiple colors and regularly run around $17.

Firik: These headphones have the same comfortable fit and the price is even more affordable. These headsets run at around $12 each.

As I mentioned before, you can use your old earbuds, but if you are looking for comfort while you sleep, it is best to go all the way. Stereo headphones that fit over the ears are the ideal way of listening to binaural beats, but if you are looking for comfort or are on a budget check out the headphones I mentioned above.

I do not want you to start freaking out because you don’t have the ideal stereo headphones. The point is to start changing your life for the better. Your body will love you for it. Your family and your coworkers will see the well-rested, better you.

If that requires you to start without a high-tech headphone than let that be. Give yourself a chance and allow yourself to enjoy this gift that has been made by your daily entrainment sessions.

Related Questions

Can I listen to binaural beats with bone conduction headphones? When it comes to using stereo headphones or bone conduction headphone, the verdict is still not in. Some say they feel the benefits that binaural beats have to offer, and some say you may not be getting the same benefits if you don’t use stereo headphones.

What’s the difference between binaural beats and isochronic tones? Binaural beats have two different tones in each ear, which is converted into one tone by the brain. Isochronic tones are just one tone, pulsating. Isochronic tones can also be effective without the use of headphones.

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