Brainwave Entrainment Subliminals that Hunt You

Some people suppress their feelings and emotions as though its a norm to do so. I use to be part of that group. I always thought that my feelings, emotions and even my voice. I thought they were so invaluable that if anyone accidentally was made aware of them, it would be an annoyance and a complete waste of their time.

I never felt heard or felt as if my emotions were validated. I hid my opinions and emotions because I was trained to do so, as to not “cause a burden” to those around me.

In those cases where outlets are not provided, they sometimes manifest into your dream world.

Many experiences, including trauma and abuse, are sometimes resurfaced and played out in the dream world. Most individuals are not aware of their dreams unless they wake you and wipe you back into the conscious world. 

Is It Bad to Listen to Subliminals? 

It is not bad to listen to subliminals With that said it also depends on what the subliminal is saying. I am going to give you a quick analogy. If you had a classmate that you knew was never up to any good, would you listen to his or her suggestions on how you should act or even think. I definitely would think you’d try to stay as far away from that person as you possibly could.

You need to have some idea or a good level of trust from the individual that is providing your subliminal sessions. Subliminal messages are suggestions made in an attempt to influence your behavior and way of thinking. They are good if the suggestions are good for you.

They are also bad and even destructive if the suggestion made is bad. I know that sounds like common sense, but people love to group certain things into the “all good” category or the “all bad” category. I really believe that life is not as white and black as people seem to believe. 

One other thing that will not allow you to benefit from subliminal messages as you should is the huge gap between what is and where you want to be. If you decide to make your own subliminal messages and you are, let’s say, a size 20 in pants and you want to be a size 1 or 0. Two things could possibly happen, you would either not only not accomplish your goal, and or you will start rejecting that possibility if ever losing weight and start gaining even more weight.

Your subliminal should be as basic as you can get when you are first starting. Basic phrases like, “I can enjoy eating fruits and vegetables.” These statements used are not false or impossible. They are actually very logical and practical.

You need to shift to a person where the possibilities of accomplishing a certain goal are conceivable.

For the most part, a 600-pound man can’t run a marathon, but a 200-pound man can. You have to first be someone that spends most of his or her money on fruits and vegetable at the grocery store first before becoming the person that wears a size 2 in pants.

Writing affirmations or even doing mid-day mediations with your subliminal can help you see your future self more often.

Constantly rehearsing that new person you want to be in your visualization, as well as in your actions, will help you get there faster. It will also help you not have active dreams of war between your real self and the self you want to be. When you feel you are betraying yourself or the person you want to become, your dreams play out that struggle.

On another note I like to explain briefly Why do Subliminals make us Sleepy? This might be a problem for many people that start using subliminals, especially when it is mixed with some type of brainwave entrainment.

You might also be wondering why do subliminals hurt my head and make me feel groggy. If you are feeling a bit groggy and sleepy, its because your brain has gone through brainwaves that are usually accessed during your sleeping hours, and not that often.

In the cause of having your head hurt; It can also be that your mind is getting used to being in different brainwaves.

This will cause your brain fatigue because is trying to build up tolerance.

It’s kind of like exercising, the first few weeks you are constantly fatigued because you are not used to exercising or exerting yourself.

Once you are used to going into brainwaves that are mostly accessed during your dream state, you won’t have that sleepy feeling anymore. 

Most of the subliminal messages are accompanied by either music, nature sounds, or brainwave entrainment audio, like binaural beats.

When you are learning to move into brain states with brainwave entrainments, being in a lucid state is extremely common.

This makes you feel like you are having more bad dreams or just more dreams in general than you usually get.

Give me one moment, I will get to the point soon. 

Most of the dreams that you are starting to experience with subliminal binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment audios are almost being experienced in a more than a usual wakeful state.

This will have most people bewildered and sometimes freaked out.

If you start having more nightmares than you usually have experienced, you might start making judgments that reflect those made by religious institutions. If you want to give in to those dogmatic believes, you should stop reading right now. 

If you are afraid, but still want to continue exploring the truth to your recent bad dreams, continue reading. 

While you are moving towards the unknown, I have had a word that helps me snap out of dreams that scare me. That word is LOVE. If you have been raised in a Christian environment you can also use JESUS.

They both work very well to snap you out of a situation that makes you feel trapped and afraid. If you have a word that always makes you feel instantly relaxed and full of love and hope, try that word as well.

I have noticed that many people are having nightmares when they listen to subliminal music from YouTube before going to bed. I have tried some of those free meditations. I even tried the meditation which I bought 20 years ago on YouTube.

I can honestly tell you that it was not the same thing. There were many things I noticed that were not right. I couldn’t even enjoy and benefit from the binaural beat session I fondly recommend and talk about to those that want to start meditating.

Giving you the context of how unproductive my favorite meditation of 20 years was on YouTube, it’s no wonder people ask Does subliminal music give you nightmares or bad dreams? That really depends on what the messages are saying and what you are trying to work on. If you are trying to work on a horrific trauma, it must resurface into your consciousness to address the trauma with love and forgiveness.

Even though it is easier to ignore it and allow it to fade into the background, doing that is the equivalent of having a virus in your computer that is slowly corrupting everything that makes contact with your computer.

Every information you process, the way you perceive your environment and the world, will be corrupted by the virus of your traumas. I am not saying that binaural beats or any type of brainwave entrainment will be the complete cure to your trauma, it can help you be more conscious of what is buried deep.

From my experience, it is best to start journaling your experiences. Start documenting how you felt, what you did to help you cope with the dream or the reminder of your trauma. If it is possible, try meditating on your feelings and forgiving the inability to “get over” your pain or feelings of helplessness.

Reducing and Even Eliminating Nightmares

It’s been known in the medical community that certain substances and practices make it easier to have unwanted dreams. When you practice or consume nightmare inducers, you will have a difficult time getting a peaceful night’s sleep. Any type of stimulant like energy drinks, beverages with too much sugar or with alcohol will keep you up and will not allow your body to complete check out. It has also been known that going to sleep right after your scheduled workouts, gives you more energy, not less.

It’s is a disaster when you are trying to fall asleep and complete checkout. This means that any noise or movement in and around your house can become part of your dreams. Sometimes noise and movements can take you into a whole new realm that you are desperately looking to escape. Try to avoid anything that does not promote a good night’s sleep.

Be proactive in looking for sleep aids, if you have difficulty falling to sleep. If for some reason you are not able to fall to sleep because you fear your dreams, invest in night lights or those old school hand-clapping devices that turn on the light when you clap your hands. It really helps when you know that at any moment you can see that you are safe in your room. As I mentioned earlier, you are processing those issues that you do not have the tools to process and deal with in your waking moments.

Be kind to yourself and start either allowing others to help you cope or begin to write your feelings done.

This allows the mind more free space to find ways to help you maneuver through your pain and trauma. In other situations, but not always, some people are gifted with the ability to sense other realms. Unfortunately, this gift is not as supported in the western world as it is in areas that praise and nurture individuals blessed with the supernatural gift. If you can find people or a community that supports your type of abilities, they can guide you to be at peace with your gifts. 

One warning, please use your intuition in choosing mentors to guide you. There are too many people nowadays that call themselves shamans and usually are up to no good. Do not give your power to anyone.

Although you may not know it yet, you already have everything you need inside of you. You just have to center yourself through your meditations.

Even if you start a binaural beats practice, and that is where your nightmares are coming from, just start with five to ten minutes in the beginning. It is still too much, concentrate on following your breath and forgive yourself if your thoughts wander off. Just continue where you left off and follow in the inhale and exhale of your breath.

Follow your meditation with a few words of your experience in your journal. This will help you track what comes up during your meditations, which can lead you to the reasons for your nightmares. Knowing this will allow you to focus on healing the most impactful part of your traumas and pain.

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis is common to a lot of people that start having nightmares. Most of these people have experienced sleep paralysis when they were younger. Most either grew out of it or were too exhausted to notice. I use to have them when I was younger and stopped having them when I became an adult. I think it was because when I went to sleep it was because of sheer exhaustion.

Regardless of my experiences, some individuals begin to experience sleep paralysis if they unintentionally wake up during a dream. When you listen to binaural beats, you tend to be in more Theta states, sometimes before you have completely fallen asleep.

Night Terrors

I have not experienced these types of nightmares during my use of binaural beats or any other brainwave entrainment audios. Even though I never experienced night terrors, I witnessed someone have something similar to night terror when I allowed him to use my binaural beats for a few minutes. He never finished the session, he ended up ripping the headphone off his ears. He had a really traumatizing life and wasn’t the nicest person either. Maybe his “demons” surfaced front and center allowing him to witness them. I sincerely do not feel that is bad or good. Sometimes we must walk back and confront where we came from to reach the heavenly life that belongs to all of us. 

Signs Subliminals are Working

So far it seems like subliminals do not work and they provide terrifying results. For some, you can experience nightmares, night terrors, sleep paralysis and unresolved trauma resurfacing your mind. How in the world could subliminals work with all of these experiences people have? How do you know if they will work and help you move past your hangups and traumas?

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the subliminal meditations started working when you started feeling mood shifts for no reason. The bad news is that from the time you started getting agitated or you started having your mood changes, the beginning of the life-transforming changes you are looking for will occur. 

I’m going to give you another analogy to explain what I mean. It is almost like breaking a bone and not being able to get it fixed by a specialist. Months or even years go by and it heals improperly, but you learn to live with your bone healing improperly.

At some point in your life, you are allowed to fix your broken bone and have it fixed and move back to the way it was before you broke it. There is one problem. The specialist has to take you back to the beginning, which will involve breaking your bone once again. You have to make a decision, heal properly and completely or continue to tolerate and learn to live with the improper way your bones healed.

Remember, if one thing in your body is misaligned, it will also cause problems in other parts of your body. I know most people would think that is a tough decision to make. Healing your trauma is almost the same as healing from a broken bone that did not heal properly.

If you do not heal properly, you not only live with that pain, but you also start seeing afflictions in other areas of your life.

If you go through committing to healing, in whichever way is best for you you will see other notice. They will notice the changes you are exhibiting in your life. The change you will feel will not be all bad. You will have more clarity of mind.

You will be able to let go of toxic relationships and habits. You will start seeing the beauty that is inside and another side of you. Things you never noticed will fill you with joy or will help you get out of sabotaging habits.

Another obvious sign that your subliminal meditative sessions or hypnotic sessions are working is when people start commenting on your personality change. This can sometimes be a bit confusing, because you may perceive the comments as someone being sarcastic or condescending.

You will no longer have the same energy as the people that were the closest to you.

This might leave you as well as others feeling confused and misunderstood. Do not let this deter you from committing to your healing. The fact that they are saying you are changing should not discourage you. Some people can’t see or say nice things to others.

Do not take it personally, as bad as these people may be at communicating their feelings, they are helping see that your efforts are working. You are transforming and growing into the person you have envisioned to be.

The first steps to change are difficult and at times almost impossible. As I write this to you, I am shifting into the new person that I want to become. There is one thing that at times confuses me about life.

If you are not growing or moving forward in life you are actually falling behind or moving backward. For the past few years, I have been living a very comfortable life that did not require me to commit to any type of effort. At this point in my life, I want to be or more towards being someone else. This might frustrate or upset some people that I once resonated with.

Not only do I write about using binaural beats to help you shift into the person you want to become, but I also practice what I write.

I have written down what I want in life and have made those wishes to be incorporated into my binaural beats. I speak my affirmations and intentions into a recording and blend them together to make my daily meditation and visualization sessions. This helps me play out my future outcome every day for about thirty minutes a day and allows me to feel excited and motivated all day with my future intentions in mind.

Doing this allows me to see my intentions realized before they come into physical existence. With this feeling, nothing or no one can stop me from physically taking the steps to making my goals and intentions tangible in this world.

What is the Best Way to Listen to Subliminal Messages?

The best way to listen to subliminal messages depends on what you are mixing your subliminal messages with. Subliminal messages are just affirmations that are subtly spoken to you so that your mind does not fight the messages.

You may have a message that says “you are beautiful”, but your mind laughs or gets upset every time you write that affirmation or hear it out loud in a recording. When you use subliminals, the words spoken can not be heard, all you hear is whispers and once in a while you may hear parts of the affirmation.

In getting to the point, subliminals can be heard anywhere and everywhere. They will not have any negative impact on your motor skills and you will be able to focus on other things while listening to your session. 

The warning comes when you are listening or viewing them with brainwave entrainment tools. It is advised not to use brainwave entrainment audios and other tools while you are operating a vehicle or if you need to focus on more than one thing. Some brainwave entrainments audios like binaural beat can and will cause drowsiness the first few months you use it. 


Can Subliminal Hypnotize You? For the most part, subliminal messages do not have a hypnotic component to do that. They are pretty much affirmations in a volume low enough that the loudest thing you could hear is unclear whispers.

Are there any subliminal messages success stories? There have been many success stories of subliminals having success. Whether they will be a success for you, can only be determined by you trying them out and measuring your results.

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