Can Mixing Binaural Beats with Subliminals Increase My Success?

As you have noticed working with binaural beats has been the best decision I think I have ever made. It has helped me relax and be open to better and more positive outcomes entering my life. Better yet, it has allowed me to see all of the better versions of myself that I was not able to possibly see in the past.

I have had so much success training my mind to be comfortable in the brainwaves which bring me better results for the goals I wanted to accomplish. My goals included, focus, to combat my ADHD, a sense of peace and love for others as well as for self.

I also wanted the ability to become more confident and creating new ideas or possible inventions into existence. I’m still working on the last goal, but I know it will manifest into me allowing it to become reality.

Through my many years of exercising my mind, I have learned how to customize a session to fit my needs. My favorite customizations are through the combination of brainwave entrainment audio and subliminal words.

What Happens to You When You Listen to Subliminals? 

Well, you reprogram your unwanted and expired inner software that has been running in the background your whole life. Subliminals are created to help you reprogram or “unprogram” corrupt software embedded in your mind.

If you have found the subject of subliminal message benefit fascinating, you might want to read further on different ways you can use subliminals as well as understanding how to even create your own.

You will also learn detailed information on safety as well as the procedures for allowing this method of reprograming your mind best work for you. You will learn how to pick affirmations and learn about other types of affirmations which stimulated different parts of your senses. This post might be lengthy, but you could just read the areas that interest you best.

Let’s talk a little more in-depth as to what would make a message subliminal. Subliminal messages are messages that are not easily noticed by the human eye or clearly heard with the human ear.

Must subliminal messages have had the reputation of not being used for good, but you can turn that around and use it to benefit your growth and stimulate healthy aspirations; fulfilling what your heart and mind desire.

Yes, subliminals have had success in enriching people’s lives as well as in having scenarios where people take this tool for abusive purposes?

Are Subliminals Dangerous, or Are Subliminals Safe? 

As mentioned before, subliminal messages were first used on the public to induce them to buy products and adopt behaviors that were not part of their normal habits and daily activities.

In a sense, subliminals can be dangerous if used to manipulate and do harm. Just like anything it has its good and bad aspects to it. Fire can be used to cook a delicious home-cooked soulful meal. On the other hand, that same fire can be used to burn down a house or cause injury to another person. 

So, are subliminals safe, they are just as save as a delicious home-cooked meal. They can help you change habits and old programmings that are destructive in your life.

Do Subliminals Really Work? 

Subliminal messages work for many, but do not work for everyone that uses it.

For some people, subliminals can be used alone without adding any audio or images. For others, they might need to have some type of distraction like audios or images/motion picture to allow them the benefits provided by subliminal messages. For the rest of the population, subliminal messages have no impact on what’s so ever in their lives.

For those of you that still are on the fence as to the validity of subliminals messages and want to specifically know how do audio subliminals work, they work in many ways, let me explain. They can work as your affirmations spoken in a tone or volume that is not immediately identifiable. It can also be presented in a way that is heard clearly but not understood by the conscious mind due to a word reversal process ( I suggest you compose yourself).

Subliminals can help manipulate others, I would strongly recommend you create your own session of subliminal messages that you know, without a doubt is your unadulterated message you are listening to. I will be going over the different ways on how you can create your own subliminal messages in the following paragraphs.

Are Subliminal Frequencies Safe? 

Subliminal frequencies as mention in prior paragraphs are safe to use, but you must be in charge of making sure the subliminal messages are one that will benefit you.

You must choose your words carefully and allow yourself to feel a resonance with the words and phrases that you choose. Only because someone on the internet said that they were the best affirmations to tell yourself does not mean they are the right ones for you.

When you decide what affirmations and messages you want to play a part in your development, focus inward and make sure they feel good to you. Messages like “I look like a supermodel” may make you feel uneasy once you decide to check in with yourself. “Maybe a better message would be I feel beautiful and attractive every day in every way.” Believe me, a lot of supermodels don’t feel beautiful and attractive. Self-love and acceptance is the ultimate goal in life.

How Long Should I Listen to Subliminals a Day? 

The amount of time you should listen to subliminal messages a day depends on how you are consuming them. If you only have them embedded in binaural beats, you might want to limit your sessions to accommodate the binaural beats stimuli. Assuming each session is thirty minutes (if the time permits), you could do a session in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night right before you go to sleep.

If you have them with isochronic beats you can listen to them for a few hours at a time. If you are having your subliminals play without any other audio, use it at your discretion. Give yourself a rest in-between session. You don’t want to minimize the effects that subliminal messages can play in your life by overdoing it.

Keep in mind each method you are using to consume your new programming. Use your judgment based on each method of requirement or limitations. So, that being said How often should you listen to subliminal? The frequency depends on how much time you have and if you are using it carefully. Meaning, you are not listening to brainwave entrainments while operating machinery and it does not distract you from your daily routines and commitments.

Can You Listen to Subliminals Without Headphones? 

You can listen to subliminals without headphones, depending on whether you are using them with brainwave entrainment audios or not. If you are using them alone you can use them with both headphones and just playing on any device you may have.

If you want to receive the best results, using headphones or earbuds during your subliminal message session would be the best recommendation. If you’d rather listen to them without headphones, it is not going to cancel the impact subliminals will have in your life.

What are Subliminal Boosters? 

Subliminal boosters are supposed to be used in conjunction with your regular subliminal message to program your new beliefs and habits. The boosters help to speed up the acceptance of the subliminal programming.

For the best results, having the message and the booster working together can accelerate your results. If you feel that will require too much work or preparation, just do the subliminal booster first and your intended affirmations you’ve prepared later. Using it a few times, three to five times should do it to prepare you for your new programming.

What is a Subliminal Flush? 

A subliminal flush accelerates your subliminal programing. How does subliminal flush help accelerate your reprogramming? By helping you with the resistance and blockages you have that will not allow the message to be absorbed as easily. I don’t believe using a booster or a flush for your subliminal programming is a must, but based on other’s experiences, they swear by the effectiveness of these two additions to your programing.

How Can I Train My Subconscious Mind to Be Positive and Successful?

Most of your subconscious mind is made of ideas, beliefs, expectations and unfortunately traumas that occurred in your life. Your conscious mind was the one that trained your subconscious mind to think, for the most part. So, to help your subconscious mind run on a different program, you have to involve the conscious mind. Affirmations are a great way to start that change.

Can Affirmations Change Your Life? 

Affirmations can change your life for the better as well as for the worst. When we say to ourselves, “You’re so stupid” or “You’re too ugly to love” or I’m not lovable” or “I am a loser”, you are using affirmations. You are repeating and making a habit of rehearsing these affirmations to yourself. Some of us have been saying these affirmations for years and for most of us for decades. It will take conscious and unconscious effort to help us switch our affirmations.

Why are Affirmations So Powerful? 

Affirmations are very powerful because they can make or break a person. They are words that have sometimes been handed to us by our parents and guardians. Some of us believe that the reason for our behavior or lack of positive behavior is due to some type of trauma. That may be so, but the trauma will certainly crush us, but the affirmations to ourselves, of how insignificant we feel leaves us sometimes smaller than our traumas left us.

Your parents may have neglected or abandoned you, but you have recited to yourself the affirmation of not being worthy of love. The affirmations that make you feel less than you really are, can be turned around to help you feel more positive than you have ever felt was possible for you. Affirmations are powerful and should always be taken seriously and used consciously.

How Positive Affirmations Can Change Your Life? 

From personal experience, I turned from a shy, sad, at times anger person with very low self-confidence into a person that is in love with every aspect of life, which includes myself, others. Positive affirmations replaced the negative affirmations that were constantly playing in my mind.

I constantly saw my negative affirmations play out in my daily life. This happened because I had trained my mind to look for confirmation that my negative affirmations were true. I could not see anything positive in my life, because my negative affirmations needed to be fulfilled, and therefore manifested.

Why Do Affirmations Fail? 

The reason affirmations do not work for some people is because they have affirmed the end result of their goal instead of the process to get to their goal. Let me explain, an affirmation of “I am a multimillionaire” might be a life-changer for one person and for most of us, it might be a crushing reality that we are not even close to the possibility of even paying our rent on time.

A better affirmation for someone that struggles to even find enough money to cover rent is, “I always have money left over to save at the end of the month”. Even if it is just a penny left over, that gives the person (if they verbally acknowledge it) some small proof that their circumstances have changed. A snowball effect will come into place where the next month they will have one dollar or maybe ten dollars available to save.

Most times, the journey to becoming a millionaire happens in increments. You must be understanding and patient to obtain your desired transformation in your life.

How Do You Create an Affirmation? 

Before I go into explaining how to create an affirmation you must know that affirmations are not just meaningless words that you recite over and over in your mind. They are not just words that you saw on a website or video and said: “Yeah, those are good words to say to me”! It has to come from the heart. It should not come from the ego.

You should be able to feel your heart skip when you read, hear, and recite your affirmation. The affirmations that are suggested to you in books and websites, can be a baseline for you to create your own personalized affirmation so you could add it to your subliminal sessions.

How to Create Subliminal Messages 

Many companies have subliminal messages already prepared for you, so you can listen everyday. I know I have been promoting making your own subliminal messages that really fit you and induce emotional feelings.

The problem with that recommendation is the ability to know what direction is the right direction. When I first started listening to binaural beats, they were embedded with subliminal messages. These subliminal messages started me on the path towards my healing and the reprogramming of destructive thoughts and actions.

When I first started I would have not known what direction to go in creating my own subliminal messages. If you are new to brainwave entrainment tools and working with subliminal messages, work with a company you trust to provide you with your sessions.

Do your own due diligence. For those that have been working with brainwave entrainment audio as well as sessions with sublimininals, read a little further so that you can create your own sessions that impact you on a personal level. If you are new to subliminals and brainwave entrainment audio and you don’t mind experimenting and getting into unknown territory, please stay tuned to the next information on steps to create your own personalized subliminal binaural beats or just music sessions. 

How to Create Subliminal Music 

When you are creating your subliminal music, you have to first find music that helps you relax. Not everyone is the same in their selection of music, but whatever music you decide to incorporate with your subliminals, it needs to not contradict the energy and message you are trying to program.

It would be to your best advantage if you chose music that has no lyrics in it. You want to be as far away as possible from any type of influence you do not consciously want to encourage. You can have sounds of nature, like waterfalls, birds chirping or waves rolling in and out of the beach.

When you decide on the type of music that relaxes you and you have written down the affirmations that make you feel emotional when you are saying them and thinking about your affirmations coming true, you will next need to record yourself saying these affirmations.

When you record your voice with a microphone or with your phone, remember that each affirmation statement that you make must be filled with the emotion you would feel if it were already manifested into your life. If you recite the affirmations in a normal reading tone, you will not benefit as much or even at all, the power of subliminal messages. It is almost as if you are recording the feeling rather than the words.

Vibrating the frequencies associated with the feelings of your goals being accomplished is where the magic lies. Once you have recorded your voice saying with feeling your affirmation, you must put both the music and the affirmation together.

Many softwares can be purchased or can be downloaded for free to help you do the job. My favorite software that has allowed me to make many different sessions is Audacity. This does not have to be the software you choose, but in the following paragraphs, I will guide you through the processes of making your own subliminals, with music or with your favorite sounds as well as a relaxing mixture of binaural beats, isochronic tones and or monaural beats.

How To Create Subliminals With Audacity 

Now that you have the requirement to start the processes in your creation of custom tailored subliminal messages, I will show you how I create my subliminals using Audacity. I have a more in detail article going through the process of composing the different types of brainwave entrainment audios, which this link will take you to that article.

So, let’s get started! There are many different ways you can present your subliminals. You can just record them and loop them for how many minutes you want your session to go. You can also, have them so that you can not hear what is being said, perhaps a whisper from time to time.

You can also present your subliminal messages by reversing the words recorded so even if you manage to catch a whisper of your subliminals, only your unconscious mind can decipher the words that are being said. You can do either or. Combining the whisper with the reversing of the subliminal message or your subliminals being heard, but the words being heard backward.

How to Make Silent Subliminal Audacity 

Lets, start with making your subliminals as quiet as they possibly can go, but still be heard by the unconscious mind. It’s almost like when you start humming or singing something for no reason and you have no idea why you started doing that. Not realizing that your roommate or sibling was singing or humming that same tune a few minutes ago, in the shower a few rooms away

To begin using Audacity for your subliminal messages, you either go to “File” and “Open” the recording you have already saved, with the heartfelt affirmations I “spoke” about in the prior paragraphs of this article. Or if you haven’t recorded your affirmations go ahead and do so right now.

You will want to save them as a separate file, so you won’t have to redo your affirmations if you decide you want different music or perhaps add some binaural beats with your recorded affirmation.

Once you have the recording of your affirmation completed, go to “File” and “Import” the music you want to use for your subliminal track. Listen to both together and adjust the volume of the affirmation you have selected to add to the music you will be listening to.

Once you have adjusted the volume that is comfortably low enough, but you feel that it bothers you to hear yourself during the silent parts of the music, you can also reverse your affirmations. Doing this can to help you ignore the reversed words you don’t understand. 

Reversing Your Affirmation

The first step to reversing your affirmation is to select your affirmation. Once you have selected your affirmation, go to “Effect” and a list of options will be presented to you. Within that list select “Reverse” the audio that was selected will be reversed which will make your affirmations undetectable whether they are louder than your music or heard only at a whisper.

If you want to add brainwave entrainment audio and want to know how to create subliminal with binaural beats to your session, click on how to create your own binaural beats session.

This will guide you into making your own brainwave entrainment session for free. Once you are happy with what you have created you can save and export your subliminal message or you can mix your session together. All of the details are described in the article on how to make brainwave entrainment audios. I would go over each detail, but it will make this article so much longer than it already is. Don’t worry, I have added detailed pictures and instructions that will allow you to make your sessions super easy. 

In a nutshell, that is pretty much the complete information about subliminals, the effects they have on you, how to compose them, being mindful of all of the steps and conscious behavior you still need to practice to reprogram your mind for success.

Remember that “being successful” is not what your parents, friends, teachers or even society defines it to be. “Success” is what makes you be the happiest, truly and genuinely happy. If success to you is being a rodeo clown and everyone thinks that is a total fail, remember you need to fulfill your role in this world. That will only happen if you live a life, uniquely to you.

When you do that and you do not give any value to your friends, family or your peer groups, you will be successful, happy and full of joy contentment and peace. I dare you to take that step towards being whole and free with what makes you happy and whole.


How to Create Subliminal Videos. There are no specific ways I can show you how to make your own subliminal videos, but there are a few software out there that are designed to flash the affirmations you want to the screen of your computer.

They are flashed onto the screen so quickly that the only thing you see is small blimps of color (depending on the color you chose) on your screen. If you are a visual learner, rather than an auditory learner, you might benefit better from this type of subliminal process.

How to Create Subliminal Messages in Pictures There have been many clips and banners for movies and albums that have depicted subliminal messages. In these pictures, they have used many hidden messages to influence you to watch or purchase their music.

While you are viewing the picture you perceive one image with your conscious mind, but your unconscious mind sees the hidden images they really want you to notice. If you are good at designing or drawing images you could be able to construct a subliminal message within your finished product.

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