Do Benefits Outweigh the Disadvantage of Binaural Beats

As you can tell from my previous post I am a bit bias, but I will really try to be the devil’s advocate so that we can have the truth about brainwave entrainment audios. Is using binaural beats more beneficial than starting from scratch a meditative practice? Is it more beneficial to try some other form of self-help to help manage trauma and character flaws?

There have been many people that have sworn on everything they have that using brainwave entrainment audios have changed their life dramatically. Others have had unpleasant experiences with brainwave entrainment audio and will never again try it, even if their life depended on it. So let’s get started on sharing the benefits and disadvantages of moving your mind through different brainwaves. Let see if using brainwave entrainment audios is worth the effort.

First, let’s name a few things that potentially brainwave entrainment audio can do to help individuals. We have talked about the fact that it could assist in shifting your emotional trauma so that they do not negatively impact your life. In fact, they can be a catalyst in the movement of emotional pain. Your pain and healing can be your story to help others transition and move towards personal freedom.

For some users, it becomes a paradise that they retreat to on a daily bases. I had a roommate that liked to plug into my binaural beats after she came from work. She was always transported to a literal tropical island where all of her worries vanished amid the waves.

Binaural Beats Benefits and Disadvantages

Brainwave entrainments induce serval brainwaves to be more active than they would normally be if you did not practice any type of meditative state. Depending on the brainwave, it can have a negative or a positive effect on your being. An example of this is Gamma brainwaves.

Gamma Binaural Beats Benefits

Gamma brainwaves are commonly known to be the most pronounced when brainwaves reach 40 Hertz and continue to increase.

When experts think about gamma brainwaves, they think of what it is associated with. It is commonly known that gamma brainwaves are commonly associated with extreme brain functioning, with happiness and compassion increases above the norm.

Having healthy doses of gamma brainwaves can enhance your state of comfort. Having a gamma binaural beat meditation session as soon as you wake up can be the jolt you need to get you out of bed, full of energy, hope and anxious to get the day started. 

When you tap into your gamma brainwaves you access many parts and memories that you have stored, but don’t have immediate access. Gamma brainwaves allow optimal function.

Giving you access to all of the resources and knowledge you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. You can analyze events and situations using all parts of your senses, helping make a well-educated conclusion.

The ability to unify information can help you fill in gaps that most likely you would have missed without gamma brainwaves.

Gamma brainwaves also give you an immense amount of self-awareness and the ability to self evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

The ability to move your consciousness to activate physic abilities and have out of your body experience.

This is the brainwave that some monks remain during their meditations. It has been known to allow them to develop superhuman abilities.

During some meditative states, surrounded by snow, these monks end up melting the snow around them.

Of course, these are hyper gamma states which might be obtained with entrainments tools, but still require time and dedication to naturally move into.

Gamma Binaural Beats Disadvantages

Being in a state where you are constantly in gamma brainwaves is rewarding. It seems like everything you would want in life. It’s almost like having the powers of the character in the movie “Limitless”.

I seriously would not mind being in that state the majority of my waking moments. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages associated with not using or being in other brainwaves.

Being in gamma brainwaves for too long can cause you large amounts of anxiety.

Maintaining the brainwave associated with gamma brainwaves will make it difficult to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Your brain will always be turned on trying to solve or understand issues that do not need to be addressed. It is said that many autistic individuals have a majority of their brainwaves in gamma brainwaves.

Although it would be completely advantageous to receive many genii like ideas, being in gamma for long periods can have negative consequences.

As everyone knows balance is good for a healthy state of mind. Too much of anything is never good.

Beta Brainwaves

Beta brainwaves are not as fascinating to maintain as are gamma brainwaves. Many of the content out there makes beta brainwaves the undesirable brainwave to have.

Many unhappy people walk around all day in a beta state. Being in this state taxes the mind, body, and spirit.

You end up having a sense of hopelessness when you remain in this state.

Even though it sounds like there is no hope when you maintain this brainwave. You must listen to the advantages of being in a beta brainwave. 

If beta brainwaves are not overused, it could benefit can propel your life forward. 

Beta Binaural Beats Benefits 

One of the benefits of being in a beta brainwave is the ability to respond and be a quick thinker.

This state is perfect for those that have careers depend on having the ability to be quick on their feet.

With this ability, you can take advantage of situations that require the person to make a decision on the spot. Being in beta brainwave can be as important as life and death itself. 

From my observation, foreign social situations require you to be witty, good at adapting and responding to environmental situations. 

I have found that having a healthy beta brainwave while participating in a sport will help you to respond most advantageously.

Allowing you to make the best decision in microseconds. Using beta brainwaves appropriately assist in strengthening your focus to its highest level.

You will remain laser-focused to the desired outcomes, giving you the ability to push other pending issues out of the way. 

In other aspects like social settings, beta brainwaves can help you quickly respond to situations by not indulging in doubt.

With doubt your confidence diminishes and the possibility of being able to adapt to any social situations weakens.

Beta brainwaves allow you to have an easier time striking up a conversation, you can continue the flow of healthy conversational interaction. The positive attitude beta brainwaves allow you to have reduces the awkwardness that comes with meeting new people. Self-doubt, depression becomes minimized with a healthy dose of beta brainwaves. 

Thinking of great possibilities and future outcomes is done with ease. Because beta activates the left side of your brain.

Formulating thoughts if you are a writer or just need to completes this week’s essay seems to feel effortless.

We all know that maximizing good control over your left brain will allow you to benefit from a quantitative task.

This means that you could increase your IQ if you exercise the maximum use of being in a beta brainwave. 

With beta brainwaves you see many things with greater possibilities, you tend to feel excited about life allowing you to take action towards that excitement.

Goals will not be forced, because the excitement for the day and the events that need to take place will be extremely rewarding.

Beta Binaural Beats Disadvantages

With the advantages of being in a beta brainwave comes the disadvantages. A balance is required to live a healthy and rewarding life.

If you seem to be struggling with the following symptoms of the negative side of beta brainwaves, it would be appropriate to level out the excess beta brainwaves.

The following are common symptoms of too many beta brainwaves. 



-Unexplained increased in blood pressure

-MusclesTension/Stiffness (for no reason, i.e. a strenuous workout)

-Obsessive Thoughts


-Unhealthy Dependencies


One of the most common symptoms of excessive beta brainwaves is stress. I don’t believe stress is a bad thing to have, but uncontrolled stress is damaging.

I am sure all of you reading this know what unwanted stress can do to your health, your relationships and your state of mind. You become less tolerant and less able to cope with daily tasks.

If you are feeling stressed, you might want to consider an activity that lowers your brainwaves.

Having a healthy meditative practice with binaural beats or any other brainwave entrainment tool can help you move out of beta when it becomes too overwhelming.

Eliminating or minimizing unwanted stress can help you stay out of the hole you might dig yourself if you do not take active measures to tapper it.


Anxiety may follow your chronic stress if not managed properly. Due to unresolved emotional issues, some individuals experience anxiety easier. Many respond to severe anxiety with panic attacks.

Training your brain to shift to a brainwave that allows the feeling of peace can minimize anxiety levels when if it begins to flare up.

With enough practice, anxiety levels can be addressed as soon as they start revealing themselves. Experiencing life’s obstacles will no longer become a terrifying thought to have.

Those that are prone to high levels of anxiety tend to only venture their thoughts into the thing bring in high levels of hopelessness.

This eliminates all possibilities of a better future to come into reality.

High Blood Pressure, Tension

With your mind continuously being attacked by your thought, your body starts acting out those thoughts. You begin to have issues with the ease of your body. Developing muscle stiffness, twitching and tension become common occurrences.

Your blood pressure becomes abnormally high and your body starts breaking down slowly. If fact for some, it instantly manifests in the body.

They start noticing a lack of mobility in their neck and back or develop joint pain. I know that I instantly have neck stiffness when I feel anxious about an event or situation that I am not willing to forgive and let go.

Obsessive Thoughts

Maybe a good idea is to address obsessive thoughts before the decrease in body health becomes a situation. Unfortunately, some people can tune out excessive thoughts to only play in the background. They are not aware that they have pending issues playing in the background and raising their brainwaves to unhealthy beta levels.

I start getting obsessive thoughts when I feel like someone has done me wrong. Although I have been meditating for a couple of decades, I “fall off the wagon” from time to time.

The difference between now and before I started meditating with binaural beats is that I can get back on faster than before.

No matter how much you meditate, if you share a world with others and are not secluded in some cave managing your brainwaves, you will move into states of consciousness that are not balanced.

Practicing being in different brainwaves through meditation can help you get out of any undesired state of mind/brainwave.


You don’t need to have obsessive thoughts to have insomnia, but you do need to have excessive beta brainwaves to prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, do not try to use binaural beats that give you energy or keep you in beta or even gamma state. You need to spend some time in lower frequency waves.

Brainwaves that help you slow down are Alpha, Theta and even Delta brainwaves.

Having a good night’s sleep is more important than having a good meal. If you go for a few days without food, it will not be as damaging as if you go without sleep for the same amount of days.

A healthy sleep pattern is directly correlated with the healthy brainwaves cycle that you produce.

If you do not have a healthy progression of evolving brainwaves while sleeping, you will tend to not feel refreshed and revitalized when you wake up.

Unhealthy Dependencies

Some people can not seem to find a way to control their thoughts, manage their stress and anxiety to relax enough to get a good night’s rest.

They start turning to other ways to help them separated from worries. This may lead to a strong dependency on substances. Some start drinking or smoking weed to help them calm their brainwaves down.

Others start their dependency and addiction to sleeping pills or alcohol.

Others take on practices that overindulge in acts that can be healthy if not abused. These acts can be overeating or being hypersexual.

Not being able to slow your brainwaves down makes many people participate in acts that are sometimes characterized as extreme.

Although I have stated many downsides of staying in beta brainwaves, being in that state can help you accomplish many things.

Like they say “don’t throw the baby with the bathwater” ( I think that is how it’s said). Without beta brainwaves, we could not get things done. It takes beta brainwaves to act on your desires.

It takes beta brainwaves to focus and engage in a conversation. It takes betta brainwaves to quickly analyze and make the best decision possible. Balance is the key to a healthy successful life. 

Alpha Brainwaves

Let’s move on to the most coveted brainwave. It seems like everyone talks highly about alpha brainwaves. Everyone from practitioners of western medicine to metaphysical and holistic practitioners.

Those that speak highly of alpha brainwaves have a really good reason to do so. The disadvantages are much less than the advantages.

Being aware of them can help you decide whether you need to cool down on binaural beats that keep you in an alpha state or continue indulging in these brainwaves.

Alpha Binaural Beats Disadvantage

Let start with the disadvantages of being in an alpha brainwave state for too long. When you stay in an alpha brainwave for long durations of time, you start to not function most optimally. One of the symptoms of only functioning in an Alpha brainwave is feeling fatigued even after you’ve slept well.

Remember that the first brainwaves that are present before transitioning to sleep are alpha brainwaves and the last brainwaves right before you completely wake up are also alpha. Both states have you feeling groggy and tired.

Due to the state you are in, you entertain lucid states more often, moving in and out of the dream realm.

Being in this drowsy state people lose interest in the excitement of life and at times develop depression.

Because the mind is not completely in control, you may be prone to allow any information into your psyche filtering suggestion or idea difficult.

Almost as though you were in a hypnotic state. If you do not train yourself to go in and out of alpha state it can get you in more trouble, especially in your awareness of the outside world.

I know what it is like not being able to filter suggestions while I was predominately in Alpha. I have had many experiences being in Alpha not able to filter suggestions I would normally not agree with.

Funny story: my sons would like to wake me up from naps and ask me if they could do something they knew I would normally not allow them to do. On most occasions, I would agree to whatever it was they wanted me to agree on.

Alpha Binaural Beats Benefits

 Now on to the good stuff! Alpha has a wide range of benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

-Melting the stress away – enhancing mental and physical relaxation

-Increases the emotional well being

-Increases creativity and problem solving

-Increases the ability to learn exponentially faster

-Allows you to move into “flow” more often & quicker

-Increases Serotonin release levels.

Minimizes Stress

When you are revved up on beta brainwaves you need to, at some point, allow your brain to unwind.

It’s like driving a car to the red line and keeping it there throughout your whole trip. Allow your brain to recoup from its overuse begins at the alpha level.

Not only will being in alpha help you mentally, but it will also provide your body a moment to recuperate.

Every time you sit down after a long day’s work to surf the Youtube or just watch some television, you are shifting to alpha brainwaves.

Some individuals quickly move to a lower brainwave (theta) if they stay in a hypnotic state of relaxation for too long. 

Increase Emotional Well Being

When you can relax and reflect on your day without worries, your emotional health improves. Obsessively thinking about past events related to that week or even that day keeps locked in beta brainwaves.

This increases your chances of developing emotional stress and may hinder your livelihood.

Increase Creativity – Improve Problem Solving

Even if you have a profession that is left brain dominant, having the ability to solve problems creatively will give you the advantage among your peers.

If you are in an industry that requires you to think creatively, having a surplus of creativity will enhance your survival.

Maintaining a healthy amount of alpha brainwaves helps strengthen your creativity, giving you an edge if part of your job is solving problems.

Increases Learning

Currently, we are in the age of continual learning. You can no longer have a functioning career with just a college education.

What you learned yesterday is no longer applicable. Most college graduates will change careers several times throughout their lifetime.

Being able to learn faster and with ease will help you be more competitive or perhaps just keep up with what is required of you.

Quickly “Flow”

Being in an alpha brainwave for a healthy amount of time can be extremely beneficial. In many cases, this is where “flow” is achieved.

“Flow” is where most professionals prefer to dwell.

For those individuals (like race car drivers) that need to make decisions before they are presented, being in a flow state can either win them a race or take them straight to the hospital.

Increases Serotonin

Being in alpha states releases feel-good chemicals called serotonin. Many high performers love being in “flow” not just because they perform better, but because it makes them feel amazing. Being in this state almost has an almost feeling “high” effect.

Theta Binaural Beats Benefits

Allowing yourself to experience theta brainwaves is extremely blissful. Many people prefer to stay in a theta brainwave state. Why do they prefer to be in that state? Because that state feels extremely magical. For some time, I thought that constantly accessing the theta state was were my happiness resided.

Unfortunately, I soon found out that accessing this state too often can get you thinking that happiness can not be realized in any other state. I would look forward to my meditations, not because it was helping me become a better person, (which it did) but because life was unbearable and I needed to escape.

It took me years to find out that every state of awareness should be blissful. Having amazing theta experiences gave me a good reference as to the possibilities of how I could feel in every state.

For the most part, I wake up excited for a new day in my waking world and go to sleep excited for another blissful experience into the dream world. The following are benefits of theta brainwaves:

-Connection to the spiritual realm

-Easily reprogram your outdated or faulty programing

-Access a higher level of intuition

-Emotionally connect with everything and everyone

-Open and recall memories that are not easily accessible in other states

-Higher levels of “Flow”, hyper concentration and focus

-Rejuvenation and healing, recovering quickly.

-Improves better sleep

Connection with Spirits

If you are looking to connect and experience the spiritual realm, theta brainwaves help you tap into that experience.

Connecting with the spiritual realm can be such a beautiful experience that you will never forget. From my experience, I have had so many beautiful moments tapping into the realm full of love and beauty.

To this day, I really treasure those moments of pure bliss from my experiences with beings of love. Although it does not happen all of the time or many times, having those experiences gives you hope of what could be.

As I mentioned in my previous articles about binaural beats, reprograming outdated or corrupt programming is possible with constant mediation.

If it’s your intent to become a new person, a person that loves life, programming or integrating that new person to become the new you is possible. You must go into your meditations knowing the kind of person you want to be. 

HINT: Start with programming yourself to feel happy and at peace in all areas of your life. Things will come into your life that will assist in transforming you into a person that lives a life full of peace, love, and happiness.

I have had many conversations with my higher self or intuitive self. In these levels, you can ask questions and receive answers not available at other frequency levels. Sometimes your logical mind or ego talks louder than your higher self. In a theta brainwave, your ego disappears and only your true self is present. 

Emotionally Connect

In a theta state, seeing and feeling the love coming from the birds that sing to you, the sun that shines bright for you and the people that share a life with you is easily experienced. At times, you come out of your meditation feeling immense gratitude for life itself.

Acknowledge and Heal Suppressed Memories

Accessing memories that were suppressed through the lack of that information being used or trauma is easier to do. If you are serious about healing, you must heal those parts of you that you could not deal with. This means allowing yourself to remember that which you tried to hide and tuck away.

Holding space for those experiences and releasing them with love and compassion will help you move towards the better version of who you are intended to become. I had to go through these processes myself. Having these experiences of letting go liberated me toward a better path in my life.

Hyper Flow & Awareness

Many books have been written about the state of hyper-awareness, focus, and concentration. The “flow” state is one of the most coveted states among high performers. This state is not only available to elite athletes and CEOs. You can also access this state for yourself with some practice and commitment.

Rejuvenation and Healing

I can honestly say that meditation has helped me age slowly recover from my workout with grace. I’ve noticed that if I meditate right before I go to sleep, I end up sleeping less, but feel as though I have a full eight hours of rest.

I have also found that most practitioners of meditation seem years younger than what they really are. Even their character is childlike and not burdened with the expectation of acting like an adult. Life is an adventure that needs to be experienced. 

Theta Binaural Beats Disadvantages

As mentioned before, there is a flip side to everything. Being in a theta brainwave for too long has its downside. Some issues arise from not being balanced in any aspect of your life. The drawbacks of staying in theta for large amounts of time are:

-Excessive daydream, inability to focus

-Easily suggestible 

-Developing ADD and ADHD

-Groggy or sluggish

-Depression for individuals with high levels of Alpha or Theta

Unable to Focus on Life

The downside of having too much theta brainwave is similar to the symptoms associated with alpha.

If you want to be a productive member of society and fulfill your purpose in life, you have to come back to earth. Being in a constant state of bewilderment or not being present will cause more problems in your life than it will solve.

Being constantly in a dream world has its obvious consequences. The inability to not focus on tasks at hand will start a snowball effect that might destroy your life. Part of having a fulfilling life the ability to accomplish and move towards your desires.

If you can’t focus long enough to do what is required to reach your destination, you will feel empty and unfulfilled in life. Leaving you feeling unaccomplished and depressed.

Managing your brainwaves to enhance your life is the ultimate goal. Your goal is to become the master of the given states you want to be in. You must not allow one state to dominate the others.

Delta Binaural Beats Benefits

Finally, but not least important is Delta brainwave. Delta brainwaves have been known to help people heal. This stage of the brain’s frequency can be compared to death. The brainwaves are almost nonexistent.

Although scientists are finding lower levels of frequencies, this level of frequency occurs naturally during sleep. It is the lowest frequency that the brain cycles through. The following experiences occur when you reach the Delta brainwave level:

-Release of hormones that rejuvenate, heal and promote growth.

-Improve health and immunity to diseases

-Increased levels of empathy

-Deepest connection with the subconscious

-Deepest connection with the universe, higher power, God

Releases Healthy Chemicals

Spending time in delta promotes better health and release of rejuvenating hormones. One of the hormones that are released which allows aging to stop or even reversed is DHEA and melatonin.

These two hormones combat cortisol and decrease the levels that are released into the body. Delta brainwaves also encourage exponential healing of the body and allow Human Growth Hormones to be released a bit more freely, but not to the point that it will allow you to grow unnaturally. 

Higher Overall Levels of Connection 

The level of sensitivity that you develop through great empathic moments or deeper connections to your higher self increases.

If you are looking to be more connected to the universe, allow your spirit to travel the Astro planes (through out of body experiences) Delta brainwaves are the perfect brainwave to help you experience those phenomena.

Your connection with self, other and higher beings is increased through increased delta brainwave levels.

Delta Binaural Beats Disadvantages

The documentation of Delta’s disadvantages is small. Disadvantages are significant in individuals who have had brain injuries. They also affect those that suffer from severe ADD and ADHD.

Many that still unconsciously “wet the bed” usually remain in Delta longer than is normal. Those that have had near-death experiences have had high Delta brainwaves.

In conclusion, having balanced brainwaves cycles is ideal. If you struggle with meditation to experience healthy amounts of brainwaves more often, you might want to start using binaural beats to help you get started.

I am currently able to experience these brainwaves on my own, but it took some time and a lot of help, which binaural beats provided.

Remember too much of everything is unhealthy. Be patient with yourself and know that soon you will be able to take advantage of each brainwave willingly in due time. Just stay consistent and don’t give up on your future self.

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