Do Binaural Beats Open Your Third Eye

There are many things that can help you open your third eye. For me, binaural beats were the start of my meditative practice and the opening of my third eye. The magic word that I mentioned was practice.

Binaural beats can help with anything, but the practice to attain those things that you want is what will help you move past your “wanting” stage onward to “your having” stage.

Binaural beats do help you open your third eye, but there are a few more things that you must do to complete the processes of opening the third eye. Some of these extra steps to open your third eye can be a bit unnatural or just odd. We live in a world were the things that we think are good for us are harming our true self, our higher self. 

There are a few reasons you need to go through the process of opening your third eye. These reasons could be due to the calcification of the pineal gland. Having programmings that are damaging to your mind, body, and spirit. Also negative energies or blockages and believes that limits your soul’s freedom. The following is a list of things you should do in conjunction with listening to your favorite third eye binaural beats.

Avoid fluoride

Do a body cleanse

-Consume healthy foods and supplements

Sun Gaze

Work with Crystals

Minimize or avoid processed SUGARS

Minimize or avoid processed FOODS

Chant Ohm & direct the vibration towards your third eye

Using essential oils

Avoid entertaining negative emotions

Open your 3rd eye

Ways of Opening the Third Eye

Although I gave you brief methods, besides binaural beats to incorporate your third eye opening, I will be giving you more details to help you through the process.

The source to your third eye opening is in the pineal gland. Due to all of the bad habits and the substances that we allow in our body, the pineal gland has suffered a huge amount of damage. This is due to the over-consumption of processed foods or the liberal use of fluoride in our water as well as our toothpaste.

Healthy Eating

Eating packaged foods that are not fresh can weaken your pineal gland. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help you get the health back to your body and your pineal gland. When I say fruits and vegetables, I don’t mean chocolate covered strawberries or fried zucchini. I know many people including myself, that will eat a whole basket full of fried zucchini. 

I know the process is slow in changing your diet to a fresher plant-based diet, but it is worth it. 

Meat does not positively affect the pineal gland. Minimizing or eliminating your consumption of meat can help revitalize your pineal gland. Although I don’t eat meat, I really do not think this lifestyle is for everyone. There are many people that can survive all of their lives with just fruits, vegetable, grains, and nuts. 

There are many individuals that develop health problems if they do not consume animal products. And I am also aware of people that can only consume animal products in order to be healthy. When it comes to consuming or not consuming animal products, use your intuition and listen to how your body’s (not your taste buds) reacts to your diet.

Cleanse your Body

Besides listening to binaural beats, changing your diet and eliminating fluorides; doing a cleanse of your body can help you speed up the process of opening up your pineal gland. So, why do you need to cleanse your body? 

Well, just like it is difficult to lose weight when you are holding toxins in your body, so it is as hard for your body to start working on decalcifying and replenishing your pineal gland. If you can get a full body cleansing, that would be the ideal situation. If that is not possible, you can start by cleansing your stomach and your intestines. 

There are many products that specialize in helping you cleanse your stomach and intestines, which will make your journey towards a revitalized pineal gland, go even faster

Sun Reflecting on Water at Sunset

Sun Gazing

The sun is a great source of vitamin D, but it is also the source to your third eye opening up. There are many people that use sunglasses to protect them from the sun, but in reality, those sunglasses are weakening their eyes. I know sunglasses make you look cool and mysteries, but they do not do you any good in the long run. 

Although gazing at the sun when it is at its highest point can render you blind, gazing at the sun until about 15 minutes after sunrise and 15 minutes before sunset will help your pineal gland and assist you in opening your third eye.

My suggestion is to listen to binaural beats that are catered towards helping you open your third eye and right after you are done, go and see the sunrise or the sunset. 

Not only will you be speeding up the processes, but you will feel this overwhelming feeling of joy and contentment.

Negative Emotions

There are a few other ways to open your third eye, besides using binaural beats not related to taking care of your body. Not allowing negative emotions to rule your life is essential to helping you see through the third eye. Everyone has negative emotions. 

If you deny your negative emotions, you will suffer in the long run. Acknowledging your emotions is important. That being said, you must also be prepared to allow them to go as well.

If you hold on to pain and suffering you will cause yourself equally as much or even more pain than if you were to acknowledge your negative feelings and allow them to be released. You can do this through: 


*Talking to someone you trust



*Working out

*Hitting a pouching bag

The more of those being suggested that you do the better you will be able to transition to your true self and allow pain and suffering to go its own way.

Magic crystals

Crystals and Gems

Another external source that will assist in opening your third eye is working with crystals. I have experience in working with crystal, but it is so minimal that I would not be the best person to advise you on how best to use crystals. 

Each crystal has its purpose in helping you get what you want in life. For example, third eye crystals and gems that would most commonly assist your process into opening your third eye are:

Amethyst (purple)


Sapphire (purple)


Fluorite (purple)


Tourmaline (purple)

If you get the chance to obtain any of these crystals/gems work with them by placing them between your eyebrows, almost in the area where your third eye would be. While you are holding them in between your eyebrows you can meditate or start chanting. 

My favorite, simplest and easiest chant you can repeat is Ohm. You can search how to say it correctly, but you can chant this word feeling the vibration of the word on your third eye as well as the stone you are holding.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have a way of assisting in opening the third eye. I believe that everyone has their own way of ascending to higher realms. Some people may be able to do it through smelling others through sound and others may find it easier to ascend and heal through sight or hearing. 

With essential oil, there are a few oils that will allow you easier access to your third eye in combination with your brainwave entrainment sessions. Use them with a diffuser in combinations with other oils like coconut oil or used in your bathwater. These essential oils include but are not limited to:



Clary Sage

Bay Laurel







By using all of these recommendations you can expedite your way to an open, clear and powerful third eye. 

benefits of opening third eye

Benefits of Opening the Third Eye

As you well know, there are many benefits to opening your third eye. When it comes to the enhancements of your physical body and the improvement of your mind there are many. These benefits include:

Better clarity

Enhanced intuition

Improved emotional stability

Increased focus & concentration

Better insights

Improve emotional stability

Enhanced learning capabilities

Increased creativity and imagination

Improved memory

More confidence in self

Greater motivation and drive

See objects blindfolded

-Improve the quality of sleep

While opening your third eye has physical and mental benefits, it also has benefits that can not be measured in the physical realm. These benefits include:

Astral projection

Psychic abilities

Lucid dreams

Communication with other realms



Ability to see auras

Opening your third eye can be hard work as well as a process that may take weeks, months or even years.

The benefits are worth your effort because you will have enhanced abilities that an average person will lack. If you want to enhance your life as well as your spiritual connection giving yourself the gift of your third eye being opened is one of the best things you could do for yourself.

Related Questions:

What are the risks of opening your third eye?

When your eyes are open to the truth, to your greatest potential you might struggle to participate with your peer in the things that you see are damaging to your being. You will also start seeing more of the spiritual self and realm, which you may or may not be able to cope with. You must clear or clean the rest of your chakras.

Is my third eye now open?

The first sign you will notice when your third eye is being opened is a dull pressure in between your eyebrows. You also have unusual or above average intuitive messages. You might have unexplainable headaches. You may also have a sensitivity to light. And most of all you will have a need to act on different aspects of your life. You will want to release all the things that do not serve you anymore. 

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