Is It True Binaural Beats Give You Nightmare

In my experience, I have had many wonderful experiences with binaural beats. But I can tell you that I did experience seeing someone freak out after using binaural beats. I believe our dreams or dreamlike experience unlock and reveal to us issues we need to address.

Do binaural beats give you nightmares? They may cause you nightmare, but most likely not. Also, that depends on what is needed to be cleared. Sometimes nightmares are just messages that are being communicated in a different way to you. In this case an unpleasant way of being communicated.

For example, when you suppress a feeling of pain, fear or sadness, it is revealed to you in other ways. One thing that not too many people speak of is the way binaural beats allows you or even sometimes forces you to deal with problems in life that you keep on ignoring.

If you are dealing with nightmares or are hesitant to try brainwave entrainment frequencies, I can show you how to help release these fears.

I will go over how you can release your traumas or buried emotions, which are being resurfaced by using brainwave entrainment sessions. If you want to try brainwave entrainment but are hesitant to do so I will show you how to ease into having pleasant experiences.

Let go of Brainwave Entrainment Nightmares

If you are scared of having nightmares or have used binaural beats and are currently having nightmares, it might not be exactly your binaural beats sessions. Let me explain, during your entrainment session you shift through the most common brainwaves in less time than you would in a regular sleep session.

That is one of the reasons why you don’t need to sleep as much if you start using binaural beats. All of the dreams that you would have normally forgotten, you now remember. That being said, sometimes we have repeated nightmare during our sleep cycle that we do not remember.

When you use binaural beats, you are moving through brainwaves in your waking state which allows you to be more aware of your dreams and nightmares. It’s being a kid and sneaking to watch a movie you really were not supposed to watch if that makes any sense.

If you have the courage to treat these nightmares as messages that need to be decoded, perhaps you will be able to see them as something other than a curse. The following could also be the reason for your nightmares:

-Going to sleep right after a big meal

-Certain medication

-Withdrawal of certain substances or medication

-Being sleep deprived

-Triggers from psychological disorders

-Certain Sleep disorders i.e sleep apnea

If you suffer from any of these issues, binaural beats may not be the best thing for you. If you still feel you will benefit from binaural beats maybe these suggestions might help.

Techniques to Help with Nightmares

If you have reoccurring nightmares, start writing down what you remember. There could be a pattern to your nightmares that you could solve in your waking hours.
If possible:

 Have a journal and a flashlight in arms reach
 As soon as you wake up write down as much as you can remember
 Draw if it helps describes the nightmare better
 Details are important, so don’t leave anything out
 Review your journal and link recurring dreams
 During the day, in a comfortable safe environment read your entries.
 Reflect and look for symbolic or hidden meanings
 See if any of those symbols or message are linked to any traumas
 Practice out loud saying “this is just a dream” in the horrifying parts of the dream.
 If possible, allow your daytime practices to interrupt and control your nightmares.

Having constant nightmares can be disruptive to your waking hours. If you want to eliminate the ghost that is hunting you, comforting them may is the answer.

Binaural beats can help you resurface wounds that were not healed properly. When you process your traumas by writing or talking them out of your existence you will find that you will stop attracting unwanted behavior and people.

Can Binaural Beats Really Help

Binaural Beats can help you in many ways. Some people have to ease into these beats. They may be sensitive to the frequencies and not do well with a whole session.

If you are new to brainwave entrainment start with sessions that last a few minutes. There are sessions that last about fifteen minutes, which will allow you to try out an entrainment session without going to deep.

Start with a session that only goes to Alpha brainwave Examine how those sessions resonate with you. Not all brands of binaural beats have the quality that you need, so look for reputable companies that have consistently been providing quality binaural beats.

Not only can you work to eliminate your trauma and suppressed feelings with brainwave entrainment session, but you can also work on changing your habits. In most of the brainwaves you can program your mind to be more confident, charismatic, driven, or any other character you wish to have.

There are many different ways to deal with your traumas and suppressed feelings. I think I have tried them all. I have tried sitting for two hours every day; running through my whole life in detail until I did not get stuck on one event in my life.

I have tried hours upon hours of therapy, which helped as did the meditating two hours a day. But I think working on myself in a way which allowed me to not question my thoughts was the easiest. The way I am talking about is through brainwave entrainment with subliminal messages.

Since the mind is very open to suggestions, taking out old programs that sabotage you can happen in less time than if you tried to remove them consciously.

You may have to relive a few events that were stuck within you, and you were unconsciously holding on to them. Once you acknowledge them, they do not have the power they once had. This gives you more freedom to be the person you really want to be.

It gives you the ability to rewrite your character and be who you want to be, not what your traumas and suppressed feelings have manipulated you to be. I think having nightmares for a while is worth me moving passed all of the things that are hunting me in my current life.

If you proactively deal with them as they come up, you will no longer be hunted in your sleep or in your waking hours.

After you are comfortable being in alpha with no problems and are able to do at least thirty-minute sessions, you can graduate to theta and then delta brainwaves. These levels might be where you get your revelations and start clearing away all that does not serve you.

In clearing stuff that has been stuck from the past, you will see the difference in your life. People will start seeing a change in you. It might not be to their benefit, depending on the bad influences you need to get rid of. Once you are in your true self, everyone, including yourself will see the best part of you.

So do binaural beats give you nightmares, well that depends on what you are needing to express. What is hidden inside of you that you may not even know or remember? What will work to get your attention and deal with feelings that have been hidden away for a long time?

Sometimes we get messages and signs that at times are subtle and passive. For some reason, they do not register as issues that need to be addressed. But when they are flamboyant and horrifying, our attention is focused on solving that problem.

If you are suffering from a nightmare because of binaural beats or for other reasons. Try to go deep and investigate the things that you weren’t willing to deal with. Maybe right now is the time for you to release your burdens.

Related Questions

Can binaural beats damage your brain? Binaural Beats will not damage your brain. If you put the volume up really high it might damage your hearing, but that will happens if you are around anything that is too loud for your ears to handle.

Can binaural beats be harmful? They may be harmful to those individuals with pacemakers and those with an epileptic history and prone to seizures.


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