Binaural Beats Powerful Manifestation Secrets

Since as long as I can remember or maybe since the first year “The Secret” came out, manifestation has been a hot topic. Many achieve the end result of manifestation, but most of us had too many baggages and limiting beliefs. In the end, a huge amount of believers of manifesting turned bitter and felt deceived about the hope of receiving what they yearned to have.

Fast forward almost twenty years and people are still trying to fulfill that promise that was made to them. They are still trying to fulfill the things they visualize in their mind. Could their hearts wishes really be manifested in other ways? You came to this post for one thing and one thing only. You came to see if binaural beats can help you manifest.

So, can you use binaural beats for manifestation? Yes, you can use binaural beats for manifesting the things you want. If you have read the many articles that have been written about binaural beats, you have noticed from the messages that the purpose of binaural beats is to bypass the conscious mind so we can receive through the unconscious mind the things we want or want to change.

Even though you got the answer you were looking for, regarding tools to help you manifest easily and faster, you might want to stay for more information. You might want to read further so you understand specific steps to help you manifest better with binaural best. How you can use the tips presented later in this article to enhance your manifestation.

As you have guessed in prior articles, the act of listening to brainwave entrainment will not magically have a genie bring you the things you need and want. You must put forth some action. The following article will provide you with ideas and methods to manifest money, love, abundance, good health, wealth, and anything else you may be desiring.

Can Binaural Beats Help Me Manifest Money

When it comes to manifesting money your state of mind can help you get results. Allow your brainwaves and state of mind to bring in ideas, vivid visualizations and flashes of insight can help accelerate manifesting something into physical form. If you are in a state of worry and desperation your wishes to manifest something will become harder to achieve.

Even if someone stretches out their hands to give you a hundred dollar bill, you will probably not even notice or take advantage of the act. You will be so consumed in your thoughts of having nothing that every good thing that is associated with money will not be seen by you.

I remember when I was taking the train to school. I was so consumed in my thoughts that I about something that was bothering me that I forgot to look to see if the train was about to pass by my way. Thank goodness there where many people yelling and trying to catch my attention, or else I would not be here writing to you about binaural beats and how they can assist you in the manifestation process.

I can relate to desperately wanting to manifest money into existence. I understand how difficult it is to not feel plagued by the thoughts of lack. Whether you plan on buying your brainwave entrainment audios or make them yourself, you must listen to them as much as possible.

You must lower the levels of negative thinking as much as you possibly can. Negative energy chases any possibility of money coming your way. I remember a few years ago I had money problems and needed so desperately to manifest some money.

Although I was feeling the stress, I made it a priority to bring myself to Alpha and Theta brainwaves two to three times a day using binaural beats. Although I was getting flashes of insights on how to get the money that was literally waiting for me through my practice of binaural beats meditation, I ignored it.

Money Hanging Out for You

Finally, I was running one morning and in the darkest part of dawn, I looked down and there on the sidewalk nearest to the grass was a hundred dollar bill. Many other situations like that have occurred in my life, that I will go over, but for you to benefit from binaural beats, you much take action as well. 

I decided to finally listen to those suggestions that were always advising me; the ones that were telling me where I could find the money I had been visualizing and trying to bring into my life. 

As soon as I acted on my insights and hunches, other hunches and insights started coming in. I started to receive the money that was waiting for me. All I had to do is pick up the phone and ask to have the money be directed into my bank account.

Binaural beats and other brainwave entrainments make it much easier to get in the state you need to manifest money. I want to warn you though, the money will not fall into your lap if you get into a meditative state, well who knows, maybe it will. No, but in all seriousness, you must act on the hunches that are given to you. The money is yours to have, you just have to go and get it. 

It’s like asking someone to send you money through a Western Union. They go through the process of sending it to you, but you get pissed off at them because you don’t see it in your wallet or in your hand. That seems funny and silly to think of, but when you don’t act on the ideas you get, you are acting like that person that asked to have money sent to them, but never went to pick it up and is bitter and mad at the world that they don’t have the money that was gifted to them. 

You must act in some physical form, that is how it works. Have the intention to improve your financial situation through meditation with binaural beats, but do not let the thoughts of all of the negative things presented in your life consume you. Those thoughts will make the things you want in lifeless assessable. 

 It’s almost like being extremely consumed with a love interest. That person can not see you as an equal part of them, you diminish your value. It is the same with anything in life. If you treat what you want in a “stalkerish” type of manner, you are saying that you are beneath that which you want. If you put anything above you in value, even people, you will see that it slowly or at times in a rapid way move away from you.

How Can Binaural Beats Manifest Love for Me

Sometimes we have programs running in our mind which define our situations and experiences. Our experiences of love can sometimes be one sided or may not even be the correct definition of what love truly is for us. Binaural beats can help you get into the brainwaves which allow you to be open to new belief and definitions that better define love.

Releasing your core beliefs of what loving and being loved is to you can be almost impossible. When you mix being in a state of openness with affirmations or subliminal, you can transform yourself into the beautiful butterfly you were always meant to be.

Love is so simple that it is inconceivably hard to fit into the constructs of our reality. I can totally relate to that statement because I really wanted to be loved. And being loved is not being able to have opportunities to engage with the sex you prefer. If you desire that, then you really are not looking to be loved, you are looking to feel attracted to those you have an interest in.

Many people are looking for love in the constructs of what will make their ego happy. There are many people out there in your life that want to love you, but you don’t even consider them people they are not the person that will fit into your little box. With binaural beats, you will reprogram those definitions of love in your mind so that you can have the opportunity to experience what you have been looking for.

It’s funny how we are longing for certain things in life, but since we do not know what it looks like or others have given you a false perception of what it will look like in your life, you bypass the opportunity every single time it presents itself. Manifesting love is also allowing a new picture of what love is, and replacing it with one that will help you realize your desires.

Finally, I want to warn you about understanding what love really means. When you realize and understand the true definition of love, you will no longer desire it. You will find out that love is in everything, everywhere, and in every experience. I can stand in the corner of the street and feel all of the love the tree near me is allowing me to experience.

I can wake up in the morning and be present with the birds that sing to me and love me for no reason what so ever. I am loved in every interaction with the people I meet. I also can experience loving anyone I come in contact with whatever interaction I may have with them. Love is as free-flowing as air is to the world. I guarantee you can find love once you realize and change your definition of love.

Most people will see you as a potential to love and be loved by them, but you must reshape the idea of what love is to yourself and then to other people and things. You don’t have to do it alone. Find a good provider of binaural beats to get you started on the journey to understand the path to manifesting love.

My final words on manifesting the love you want in your life is very attainable. The process of making Binaural beats part of your life could help you manifest your desired mate. But, it could only help you manifest what is in the construct of your reality.

If your reality is toxic and chaotic, the desire to have a healthy, loving and supportive relationship will not be manifested. You must change the type of world you live in. This includes the environment and space if your mind and heart that will welcome a person that is used to living a naturally healthy, loving and supportive life. You need to build an environment that is familiar to them. Fortunately or unfortunately that is changing who you are and how you think. Luckily, brainwave entrainment audios can help with that process of your transformation.

Binaural Beats to Manifest Abundance in Your Life

Before you invest your time and perhaps your money into binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment tools, you must understand your definition of abundance. Sometimes our definition of the abundance we want in our lives will be more problematic than we might think. For example, if you want an abundance of women to choose from and have sexual relationships with, it might derail you from the other parts of your life that are important to you.

Your higher self or the aware part of you might be protecting you from destroying the things that you value the most. Binaural beats combined with affirmations and subliminal that focus on the area of your life you want an abundance of will help you be consumed with that goal.

As I mentioned before binaural beats and other brainwave entrainment audios can help you zone into your desired outcome. Binaural beats can manifest anything you practically want in your life. They are not the end all be all in achieving your goals, but they are available to help you through the parts of your life that need more than taking action can provide.

Manifesting abundance is, in my opinion, such a vague definition of what you want in your life. If you make an inventory of your life, you could probably label a few if best a couple of things in your life which you are truly abundant in. I suggest that before you hand over the responsibility to binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment audios, you do your part in well defining what it is you want to be abundant in your life. 

What do you want more of in your life? It’s not enough to just say I want to have abundance in my life. That is just a recipe for disaster. You can have an abundance in your life of anything, including the things you are running away from. That include psychologically programmed or embedded destructive experiences.

I am getting a bit personal here, but I was extremely abundant in attracting many men that wanted to “love” me. The problem with this abundance is that the love they demonstrated was extremely toxic to me. You must carefully dissect all of the things you want in life so that you can manifest them in abundance and be happy with the way that played out in your life.

Manifesting Good Health with Binaural Beats

Let me explain to you how I see the value of brainwave entrainment audios. I feel like brainwave entrainment audios are like someone giving you the answers to a test. These are the conditions; you can only study the answers to the test at their place for a few minutes to a couple of hours out of the day. The test is many pages long ( depending on how much corrupt software you may have) and the questions on your test are the same as the ones you’ve been studying but with some of the sentence slightly change. Hopefully, that made sense. Anyways, what does that have to do with good health and binaural beats? Well, nothing really, I just wanted to add that explanation, if it even made sense at all, in the mix of my thoughts.

As I am writing this, I am not aware of binaural beats or any entrainment tool curing a terminal illness. I may be wrong and I would appreciate learning of instances where that has happened. From my experience, the binaural beat gets you into a state of being whole in your thinking. This state allows you to be synchronized with everything that is you, which includes helping you be aware of habits in your life that do not promote a healthy body or a healthy environment. 

As mention before, you slowly start receiving the correct programming to allow you to become a whole human being. It might not take weeks or month or even couple of years, but you will see the gradual and for some people the instant changes that will allow you to manifest the things in your life that you were born to have; born to bring you peace, joy, contentment, happiness and the ultimate love we all are searching for. It takes commitment and persistence, but you will be starting the journey of self-fulfillment that will reward you with every single step you consciously take towards your true self.


Can binaural beats help with sleep? Binaural beats help individuals reach the Alpha state in their brain. This will help them transition to other brainwaves associated with sleep, promoting all of the benefits experienced with good night sleep.

Can Binaural Beats Manifest Miracles?  Binaural beats is a tool that can help you maneuver through the abilities you already have. You and only you have the power to manifest miracles, binaural beats just remind you of your immense worth and divinity.

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