How Do Binaural Beats Affect the Brain During & After Use

When I first started using Binaural Beats, I was in the Military and I had no idea how it would effect my brain. I just took the chance that maybe one day it would improve my life.

Do Binaural Beats affect the brain? Binaural Beats do affect the brain by helping build new neurons as well as process and learn new information better. You are able to obtain the kind of mental states that only comes to experienced meditators. You can say that binaural beats give you a short cut to brain states and capabilities which were only afforded to those disciplined enough to meditated for years.

Making a daily trip to the gym to get strong and in shape takes some type of plan and knowledge. Embarking in the benefits of Binaural Beats deserves the same type of plan and knowledge. Knowing the steps and effects which will come with using Binaural Beats is important to know. I will go over what you may experience, what is perfectly natural and how it will affect you during and after the use of Binaural Beats.

The following is a list of how Binaural Beats effect the brain, whether it be during or after we will go further into that later in this article.

List of Ways Binaural Beats Affect Your Brain

  • Ability to keep your brain in the frequencies needed to manage life.
  • Assist in developing better resiliency.
  • Effects the way you reason.
  • Helps your brain remove irrational thoughts.
  • Keeps your mind focused.
  • If partnered with subliminal messages, binaural beats help change corrupt programming.

Binaural Beats Sessions

During and After Affects of Binaural Beats Sessions

During a brainwave entrainment session, an individual can have different effects that could either be positive or negative, depending on their judgment of the experience. When I first started using meditative entrainment CDs, I felt a somewhat dull pressure in my head, almost like a headache. The more consistent I got with using binaural beats the less my head hurt.

I really believe it’s like when you get sore the first time you start exercising. I also would have such beautiful vivid and sometimes lucid stages of consciousness. I still remember the first time I used binaural beats. I was transported to a beautiful island, where everything seemed so perfect.

After my consistent brainwave entrainment sessions, I began to be able to process and understand information so much better. During my school years, processing information was not my strongest quality. With binaural beats, I was able to understand instructions and new information that was given or I read. I felt more confident about myself and about where my life was headed.

My mood seemed to be happier and optimistic. Not only was I getting the most enchanting sessions during my entrainment sessions, but I was bringing my fairytale meditation into the real world.

I can honestly say binaural entrainment beats have changed my life for the better. I am so thankful for the opportunity that was given for me to become a better and happier person. My first exposure to binaural beats gave me the ability to manage my life consciously managing the brainwaves I need to achieve optimum states of being.

By building a stronger connections in the brain I was able to be more resilient. There are many stresses that come with being in the military. Allowing my brainwaves to reach states it had never reached before gave me the ability to stay calm and composed in times where ultimate anxiety and stress should have been justified.

I started listening to Binaural Beats during my younger adult years. Although I thought I was a good decision maker, my life did not reflect that. My reasoning was not the best. I got myself into situations that were logically irrational. The more I listened to my meditative music with binaural beats, the more I noticed how much better my decisions and reasoning was becoming.

Before my introduction to binaural beat, my thoughts felt contaminated. I had very irrational thoughts, which at the time could have threatened my life. For most of my life, I dealt with depression. I was able to control my mood and become more open to habits that lead me to more healthy thought.

I was never much to stay on a task too long. At the time when I was first introduced to binaural beats, social media, smartphone or even laptops were not common. Nowadays, focusing is one afforded to those individuals with immense drive and perseverance. I think that if I would have not trained my brain before social media/digital age with brainwave entrainment meditation, I would have been a lost soul.

I can honestly say, I had faulty and corrupt programming. Before finding binaural beats, I tried everything I could. I tried self-help books and courses, psychologist, I even tried hypnosis. Nothing worked for me. I was able to take my brain into the needed brainwaves and reprogram my mind to be happy, confident, loving, intelligent and other life enhance programming. Ability to keep your brain in the frequencies it needs to manage life.

Brainwaves that help affect our brains:

  • Gamma (38-42 HZ): This frequency allows the brain to processes information simultaneously using different parts of the brain.
  • Beta (12-38 HZ): This brain wave is predominate after we reach 12 years of age (give or take). There are different ranges of Beta that are used depending on that task
  • Alpha (8-12 HZ): Alpha is the state you are in when you are present. When you have reached the state of flow.
  • Theta (3-8 HZ): This state occurs during deep meditation or in the midst of waking up or drifting off to sleep. This is where we hold all of the things we don’t want to deal with. It is we can access, super learning, intuition, and better memory.
  • Delta (.5-3 HZ): This brainwave is associated with the deepest form of meditation and moves the brain into allowing your healing and regeneration.
  • Infra-Low (less than .5 HZ): These brainwave frequencies are so low that not much is known. One thing that is known about these slow brainwaves is they manipulate higher frequencies if trained properly.

Your brain performs best when it is synced to certain frequencies to help it do its job more effectively. When your brain gets used to being in these certain frequencies it’s unstoppable! It can successfully help you manage different parts of your life that may have been too difficult for you to manage before introducing your brain to binaural beats.

How Does Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Individuals Long-Term

Binaural Beats has many benefits and can affect an individual in a positive way. One of the ways it affects the user is by improving long – term memory. If you have issues with focusing and centering your mind to one activity, binaural beats have been proven to improve attention span as well.

Just as important or perhaps even more important is the elimination or at least the reduction of anxiety. Binaural beats also reduce the perception and management of pain. Not only does it help with physical as well as mental issues, binaural beats help you deal with past traumas and psychological issues. Speaking on my experiences of daily meditation with brainwave entrainment was the best thing that could have happened to me in my life.

All of the issues that were plaguing my life came from traumas experienced in my lifetime. These traumas slowly surfaced up and I was able to deal with them in the most gentle and sometimes not so gentle way. In either case, I was able to free myself from my self-destructive thoughts and actions.

Can Binaural Beats Change Your Body

When you change the way your mind processes things, and how your brain behaves, the rest is a piece of cake. There are many scientific articles which correlate the bodies health with a change in thinking. As mentioned before, binaural beats help your mind reach the brainwaves needed to cause a change in your life. You become a different person, the kind of person you want to be.

As your brainwave changes to assist you in the goals you want to obtain so does the way you view yourself.

You start to think of your self as a person with great views and healthy habits. These health habit form and change the body you want. Your self-confidence leads you to a better self-image, which will, in turn, give you permission to do the things your body needs and correct imperfection that were difficult to change.

One of the imperfections that every one of us wants to avoid is the one that comes with age. When you make it a habit to constantly allow your brain to experience Delta brain waves, signs of aging lessen and at times reverse. Actively bring your brainwaves to Delta will reduce cortisol in the body, which is knowing to stress and activate aging.

Using binaural beats to create brainwaves necessary to change the body, through alterations in body chemistry and state of mind, gives you ultimate control.

Affecting the brain to become better, rewire and make new connections in your mind are common benefits of binaural beats. Many people may use it to get a “high” or astral project but that comes through time and focus.

Although binaural beats changed my life for the better, you must know these frequencies are not a fix all pill. You must do the work, which is encouraged by your new way of thinking. You must consistently use these frequencies for them to work. You must also be openminded to the great possibilities it may have in store for you.

Related Questions

Does binaural beats affect creativity? Binaural beats affect creativity in a positive way. The more you exercise being in Theta state the more you brain can access more of your creativeness.

What are some binaural beats bad experience? Binaural Beats have a way of bringing up issues that need to be dealt with. Some of these issues manifest themselves as nightmares or emotional anxieties of wounds that were thought to have been healed or forgotten.


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