Top 3 Recommended Audio Entrainments

Anyone can go to a binaural beats generator website, pick a frequency that they want and use it as part of their meditative practice, right? 

Well, yes and no.  

You can also go to Youtube and pick from the thousands of meditative entrainment sessions available for free, right? Well, that depends on what is your goal.  

Although you may have binaural beats at the tip of your fingers and for free, does it serve its purpose?

Can your brain be entrained with the over the counter free brainwave entrainment audio currently available?

Could it be that only binaural beats that you paid for will actually do the job? 

Once again, yes and no. 

First the company you purchased your brainwave entrainment audio has a responsibility to provide you a working product.

If you are not benefiting from your purchase, you have the right to ask for your money back, within reason. 

When you decide to use the free audio, you really do not know what you are getting. It may sound good, but will it do what it said it will do. 

You are also taking your chances on someone having bad intent and lacing negative subliminal without having to worry about being responsible for their creation. 

If you choose companies with a great reputation and have been around for a large number of years, you know that they produce nothing but quality products that produce results. 

There are many companies out there, but I have narrowed it down to the top 3 brainwave entrainment audios out there. 

I chose different audios in the different price range. I know when I first started I was so grateful I had discovered meditative binaural beats that I could afford. 

Price should never be the reason you do not start your journey to a better self.

The follow is brainwave entrainment audios that I researched as well as witnessed the benefits others were having. 

Audio entrainment has many different modes to entrain the brainwaves.

Man Listening to Entrainment Music

These modes are binaural beats as we are all aware of, monaural tones and isochronic tones, which are said to be a bit more potent.

Monaural Beats has two tones that are merged together in each ear instead of the one tone that binaural beats generate. 

The brain does not blend both tones, which is not the case when it comes to binaural beats. Monaural beats are already combined with both tones needed during the user’s session. 

Although monaural beats have not had the attention that binaural beats have had, they seem to be more effective.

Isochronic tones administer results through a pulsating effect.

In the pulsations, isochronic tones entrain your brain to a specific frequency.

Isochronic tones also allow you to combine them with monaural beats to allow more powerful entrainment. 

They also can be heard and administer its effectiveness without headphones, but it helps to enhance your experience. 

Top 3 Audio Brainwave Entrainments Products:

1. iAwake Technology – Single track ($20 or less)

2. Centerpointe – Holosync ($111)

3. The Morry Method Brainwave Technology Products ($47/mo-$397)

iAwake Technology

Meditation Brainwave Entrainment

The first company I research that has great products is iAwake Technologies.

Their mission is to help change the world through the use of Brainwave entrainment technologies. 

They have many developers with different expertise, which means the variety and creation of each audio has its own personality.

 iAwake has many different audio tracks that help you with many aspects of your life.

From going deep into the profound meditative to helping you through the day with a track to give you the most out of your power naps.

 iAwake Technology covers all frequencies of the brainwave. They have sessions that focus on Gamma, Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves. 

They offer their customers a few options to obtain their audio sessions.

You can purchase the digital download by itself or purchase both the digital download and the CD for an average of $10 more. 

Each session has its purpose and can benefit you in different ways. As I mentioned above they have a wide range of prices.

The minimal amount of an audio brainwave entrainment range from $17 to $177 for the digital bundle packs. 

They are dedicated to allowing those that really need their products. They offer a 50% discount on one of the Profound Meditation Packages for Veterans and as well as for full-time students. 

They have a variety of audio session that caters to the beginner as well as the more experienced meditator.

The best part about iAwake is that they allow you to return and refund your purchase if you weren’t completely satisfied. 

They are so committed to making sure their entrainment sessions are beneficial that they will give you the opportunity to return their products within 90 days you purchase your meditative session if you are not satisfied.

Centerpointe – Holosync

Centerpointe – Holosync Product

Holosync has been around for over a decade. Holosync was one of the first brainwave entrainment I used to help me with my trauma, confidence and bad habits. 

This program is not for the impatient. Most people want instant results. I have had great success, but it is a time commitment and there are different levels that will give you more powerful entrainment.

The brain adjusts to each delivered frequency. 

Almost like lifting weights. You need to start with light weights and progress with more heavier weights.

Many people including myself have had amazing success. 

The only problem with the session is that you have to continue to purchase the next level up. 

The best part of Holosync is it has a 365-day money back guarantee. 

You can just purchase the initial packages, use that until you are ready to move on. It is all about how comfortable you are with the program that will allow you to make future commitments with Centerpointe. 

Overall Holosync has changed many people’s lives and with the no-risk investment of $111 for digital product and $125 for the digital as well as the CD, this purchase is bound to make you happy.

The Morry Method Brainwave Technology Products

The Morry Method Brainwave Technology has a few products to choose from. The most popular product that they produce is “Quantum Confidence”.

Morry has a life-changing story on how brainwave entrainment audio completely reshaped his life.

He went from wishing he could die and having the same kind of feelings that the world needed to die as well to feeling that life is a gift and getting the things that he wants in life. 

The Morry Method Brainwave Technology has great support, always trying to exceed your expectation. Morry’s products evolve as you evolve.

You don’t have to be stuck listening to a level that your brain has mastered. 

You are able to create your own systems, based on your needs. He even has subliminal tracks that work with the brainwave entrainment audio. 

The Morry Method Brainwave Technology can range in price. You can pay $47 a month for subscription audio and one time payments of audios that range from $197-$397.

These brainwave technology products have a 90-day money back guarantee. 

If you don’t feel any improvement in energy, peace, and a sense of taking action to improve yourself,  can get your full money back no questions asked.

When I first started researching the best brainwave entrainment audio out there, I had a huge list of potential candidates. 

The more I looked into them and experimented with them, I found the brainwave entrainment audios that will stand the test of time.

Most of these recommended entrainment audios have a trial offer or as mentioned above, money back guarantees. 

I hope these brainwave entrainment audios will allow you to see the beauty and possibilities you can attain once your brain changes and focuses on the amazing gifts that are eagerly waiting to come into your life.