Recommended HeadPhones

When I first started using binaural beats, I did not have much money. I was a Private in the Army and practically worked for free in my first few years. 

I was able to buy a pair of good headphones for about twenty-five dollars. A few years later, I tried to replace these headphones and could not find anything under $50 that compared to the quality of my original headphones. 

Enjoying Great Headphones for Binaural Beats

I will try to help you find the quality that you want with the price that you can comfortably afford. I ended up buying Beats for about $300, which were a waste of money. 

They were the worst quality headphones, and the sound was extremely disappointing.

There are many headphones for binaural beats that work very well. Some are extremely expensive, in the range of $2,000 or more. 

In contrast, there are headphones that are great for brainwave entrainment music that can be purchased for less than $50.

I searched and researched different headphone to help you continue or get started on the path to brainwave entrainment. 

I will start with the least expensive and move on towards more costly but reasonable headphones for your practice.

With the advancements of technology, many headphones and earbuds can and will do the job of playing binaural beats. 

Having a good pair of headphones or earbuds will definitely enhance the experience that brainwave entrainment has to offer. 

Being able to feel the music allows you to embody each note and receive the change that you are looking for.

Top 8 Headphones by Price:

1.CozyPhones Sleep Headphones ($14.97)

2.Lyx Pro HAS-10 ($39.99)

3.Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolated Earbuds ($99.00)

4.Sony MDR7506 Headphones ($99.99)

5.Audio-Technica ATH – M50x ($129.00)

6.Sennheiser HD 380 Pro ($150)

7.Shure SRH 840 ($200)

8.Sony WH – 1000XM2 ($348)

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

Comfortable CozyPhones for Sleep

These headphones are amazing to use during your nightly hours with your brainwave entrainment session. If you are using it to try to fall asleep and stay asleep, bulky over the ear headphones can wake you up. 

If you are a wild sleeper they might not stay on and if your ears get sensitive with any object that is not flush with your ears, these headphones can allow the comfort you need while benefiting from a night of good night sleep. 

The quality of sound is not equivalent to the quality of a closed ear pair of headphones, but they do the job.

They provide you comfort and allow you to take advantage of the benefits binaural beats have to offer. 

Not only are they comfortable to wear to sleep, but the price is extremely digestible and easy on your wallet.

Lyx Pro HAS-10

LYXPRO Headphones for Brainwave Entrainment

The average person will not be too familiar with Lyx Pro as a player in the headphone industry, but they are among the top lines.

They a great quality of headphones that will amaze you during your binaural beat sessions. The quality is durable is extremely lightweight, allow hours of use.

Of course, they do not get the name recognition as do Bose and Sony, but they have been known to produce many satisfying products.

Lyx Pro HAS-10 has many features, these features are:

-Closed back & over the ear headphones

-Quality Leather Headband

-Stainless Steel, Adjustable Headband Arms

-Telescopic Arms with Scale

-180 degree Rotatable Frame

-Leather Ear Pads with Memory Foam

-Adapter (3.5mm w/ 1/4”)

-Single Straight Cable

-Screw-On Jack

-Durable & Lightweight

Shure SE215-CL

If you are not into having something over your ears and would rather not mess up your hair with the headband most over the ear headphones come with, Shure SE215-CL is your answer. 

The price range is not over the top and the sound is suitable for your brainwave entrainment sessions. Shure SE215-CL are sound isolated earbuds that fit comfortably in your ear. 

It can be secured around the ears to allow wires to stay in place; being snagged and pulled out of the ear is not an issue. 

These earbuds can be used for your meditative sessions, and are as versatile to use in your gym sessions. 

They are more versatile but may allow the details of the music to not be as clear as a closed-back over the ear headphones. 

Shure SE215-CL details:

-Compact & Lightweight

-Kevlar-Reinforced Detachable Cable

-Easy to Maintain & Upgrade

-Sound Isolating blocking up to 37dB

-Remote & Mic

-Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity (UpGrade)

-Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life

-10 Meters (30 feet) Wireless Range

-Zippered Carrying Case w/ Different Size Sleeves

Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

Having a great pair of headphones is such a delight, especially after a long day of work. 

Feeling each note and pitch in your whole body takes you to a whole different world. Sony MDR 7506 are the type of headphones that to take you there.

 There are many headphones that emphasize the base in a piece of music being heard, but maybe not like the Sony MDR 7506. 

Sony MDR 7506 took the route of making the mid-ranges as well as the highs of the audio much clearer. 

When it comes to the base they did not focus on making it its strongest feature.

Sony MDR7506 with Carrying Bag

Sony MDR 7506 includes:

-Protective Carry Pouch

-Comfortable Fit

-Closed-Back Ear Cups

-Top-quality Sound Transmission

-Gold Connectors

-Reduce Ear Fatigue

-Swiveling Mount

-Fully Adjustable Headband

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

These headphones look very stylish, depending on the style that you get and are light enough to wear for a few hours. 

Just like the headphones that I have mentioned above, they are closed back not allowing much leakage, but it is not completely leakage proof.

 If you are listening to something offensive, beware that people besides you, they might be able to hear it. 

These headphones are so much more portable than the Sony and Lyx Pro headphones. 

The cable is not as long, so you do not have to worry about ripping your cord from your headset. 

You can easily travel with these headphones. They are not just designed for studio producers or computer users.  

You can take them anywhere allowing you to not just have these headphones in one places, but anywhere, allowing free movement.

Don’t get me wrong you can use these headphones for professional use and for your binaural beats sessions. 

Both the mids and highs are well pronounced and the base is satisfactory. These headphones have been critically acclaimed by top audio engineers and well respected audio reviewers.

Listening to your brainwave entertainment can be an out of this world experience. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Enjoyment

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x includes:

-Interchangeable Cables

-Detachable Cables: 1.2m-3.0mm Coiled Cable, 3.0 Straight Cable, 1.2m Straight Cable

-Closed-Back Dynamic

-Protective Carrying Pouch

-6.3mm Screw-On Adapter

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro has been known to be priced competitively as well. There is no question, these headphones are perfectly price and will allow you to indulge in every brainwave entrainment session. 

The base could be better, which is limited to just 50Hz. You’re in luck, these headphones are a price well below its performance capabilities. 

Most users haven’t been able to find headphones of that same quality at its current price. The quality of sound Sennheiser HD 380 Pro produces is beyond what is usually delivered considering the cost.  

The lightweight frame allows you to wear these headphones for a prolonged amount of time. 

Parts are easy to replace, but you have to just use their parts. It has a carrying case, but a bit inconvenient to use.

 Just like memory foam, the pads are a bit hard in the beginning but soften up and become super comfortable within a few uses.

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro with Case

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro:

-Great Level of Isolation

-Comfortable Fit

-Able to Produce Great Mids & High

-Replaceable Parts for Multiple Year Use

-Top Rated Model in Amazon

Shure SRH 840

If you want to hear each instrument, the detailed sound of the rainwater falling, the full and enriching sound of a waterfall, you might want to try Shure SRH 840. 

Not only will the binaural beats in your brainwave entrainment come out super clear. You will hear each defined instrument or audio that is being used. 

You will definitely enjoy your daily sessions in the comfort of your home.

Shure SRH 840

 Although they are amazing headphones, they should only be used in places where you are stationary. Taking these headphones out for a stroll is not recommended. 

They are not meant to travel with you to several locations in a day. They are a bit heavy and if you make sudden movements, they will fall off your head. 

The cable that comes with these headphones has a removable twist-to-lock mechanism so they don’t get snatched out easily. 

These headphones come with a leather carrying bag a jack converter and a pair of extra ear pads. 

Shure SRH 840 includes:

-Appropriately Measured Base

-Clear Mid and High Ranges

-Close-Back – Over the Ear

-Replaceable Ear Pads

-Carrying Bag

-3m (10ft) Coiled Cable

Sony WH-1000XM2

These comfortable headphones are in a league of its own. The noise cancellation is superb, but the sound of these headphones is equally as good as the noise cancellation. 

Most of the time it is either or in performance,  but not both features being exceptional. 

If you are in a place where the outside noise interferes with your meditative sessions, you won’t have to worry about being interrupted by the noise outside of your immediate area. 

The noise cancellation is adaptive, which mean it changes based on how much and what kind of noise needs to be canceled. 

This noise cancellation feature is so intuitive that it will allow you to be aware of your environment while still providing you with rich quality audio sound. 

Although you can hear the richness of every note, you won’t have to worry about not hearing things you need to be aware.

Sony WH-1000XM2 includes:

-Noise Cancellation Automatically Adjust to Different Noise

-Noise Cancellation Based on Flight Altitude

-Superb Quality  Audio

-Supports Base, Mid & High Ranges

-Adjustable Ambient Sounds Base on Environment

-Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

-Max Battery Life 30 Hours

-Carry Case w/ Plug Adaptor

If you are just starting out and brainwave entrainment itself is taking a toll on your wallet, go for the working headphones or earbuds you already own.

But if you want to have a supernatural experience with brainwave entrainment technology, it would be to your advantage to invest in a good pair of over the ear close-back headphone. 

I can tell you that I did not regret buying my first headphone. I can tell you that I discovered a new world that I will never forget inside of my new headphones.