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Best Light and Sound Mind Machines

Brainwave entrainment tools have a way of simulating most of your senses. If you are simulated more by touch or visuals rather than by audio sounds, this brainwave entrainment tool will work the best for you. Saying that that does not mean brainwave entrainment audio will not benefit you. Brainwave entrainment will still give you the boost and encouragement you need to cross over to your better self. 

For those that feel stimulated by sight, in other words, you can process information much easier when you see a representation of it, Mind Machines might be the brainwave entrainment tool that will benefit you best. Regardless of the way you process information, Mind machines stimulate you in an auditory way as well as visually and in some mind machines, physically.

The following Mind machines (“light and sound mind machines”) are currently used and enjoyed by many. I will be introducing serval models within your budget and some a bit pricey, but worth the investment.

What Exactly are Mind Machines

A mind machine has a variety of functions. Some producers combine them all into one machine and most just include the audio and visual functions. This function includes a variation of lights flashing pulsating in cadence with the audio which is the second function included in the mind machine.

These stimulants bring your current brainwaves to the ideal frequencies desired. Just like binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment audios, you can use these devices to help you shift to desired outcomes in your life.

The model you choose to invest will have the required simulates you need. Just like the brainwave entrainment audios, it will help you achieve your true wholeness. If for some reason you are not able to focus during brainwave audio sessions, light and sound machines will bring you back to your center, where change begins to happen in your life.

Kasina Mind Media

The first on the list of light and sound mind machines is Kasina Mind Media. Kasina Mind Media is made by Mindplace and is one of the most recommended lights and sound machines for brainwave entrainment. Why is it so recommended? Because it over-delivers the benefits and features most light and sound machines either charge extra for or just are not capable of incorporating in their system.

With Kasina you will reach the desired brainwaves, helping you focus on the things you want to accomplish or change in your life. You will learn to break out of those undesirable emotions. Those emotions that cause you to feel paralyzed, hopeless and out of control. One state among many others will guide you to accelerate learning and shift you towards states of consciousness that may at time alter your reality.

One of the things that set Kasina apart from the rest are number sessions included in the device. Over seventy sessions preset in Kasina’s mind machine. If you find that those sessions are not giving you the focused benefits you desire, you can create your sessions to use with this device.

They update their firmware and are constantly updating the software so that it is compatible with your operating systems updates. When you receive your Mind machine from Mindplace it will come with your mind machine console, a quick start guide, one pair of multi-color glasses for the visual entrainment, earbuds to listen to your audio entrainment, USB and stereo patch cable, SD card with adapter, soft case, and access to new and already available mp3 audio.

I almost forgot Kasina Mind Machine comes with rechargeable lithium batteries. You can also upgrade your devices to the DeepVision Bundle, which includes glasses that allow you to have your eyes open. These glasses allow you to have more out of body experience. There are many positive reviews available on their website as well as in Amazon. If I were to recommend just one light and sound mind machine, it would be Kasina Mind Media by Mindplace. The price for this Mind Machine is currently $359.

Procyon Mind Machine

Procyon Mind Machine is ranked as the choice. This is not just my opinion, but a favorite among the brainwave entrainment community.

This light and sound mind machine are also made by Mindplace and revered as one of their best. Although Procyon comes from the same company as Kasina, it is an older model, therefore, lacking the features awarded to its younger brother, Kasina.

Procyon Mind Machine allows you to feel relaxed and help you advance to the brainwaves that make it easier to creative ideas and thoughts as well as vivid and at times out of this world visualizations. You do not need to look for a way to shift your mood or mindset. 

Procyon Mind Machine helps you transition smoothly to shift your mood into a more pleasant and productive mood. If you are looking to experience altered states plant medicines can provide, then it would be a good idea to have Procyon Mind Machine help you get into those altered states. Of course, it is not always possible every time you plug into this mind machine, but the chances of it happening are greater with regular use.

Just like its little brother this machine helps with accelerating your learning capabilities and makes the benefits of meditation seem effortless. With this entrainment tool, you can finally quiet those voices stubbornly manipulating your mind. 

The Procyon Mind Machine has pre-programmed sessions in its internal memory. All you have to do is choose the session and it will give you the benefit of its intended goal. You also can create your sessions, with the software editor they provide, but you are limited to the memory storage available in the device. It comes with glasses, which give you the visual effects needed to synchronize your brainwaves to your intended goal.

Unlike the Kasina Mind Media, which has a rechargeable battery, you have to buy your own AA batteries. You can always buy rechargeable batteries, which will solve that problem. The manual provided, allows you to see what you want to achieve from this mind machine and set the machine to your desired outcome.

What I like the most about Procyon Mind Machine is the price. Compared to Kasina Mind Machine it is about $100 less and still does the same job. It has fewer features included and a bit limited in its abilities, but it will still give you the same benefit. Overall this is the best mind machine you can buy on a budget. The price for Procyon Mind Machine is currently $249 USD.


Laxman is made by the Neurotronics company. Besides the two light and sound mind machines I just mentioned made by Mindplace. Laxman has a much larger internal memory and has an external memory slot that can be used. There are many session options for you to use and one that can be uploaded into the device.

The storage device for this mind machine is very impressive. The goggles included are a bit snug, but they do not allow any external light to contaminate the combination of lights used to give you a great experience. It allows you the luxury of altering your brainwaves like both Mindplace devices, and it seems as though it is the third most-liked light and sound mind machine available in the market.

To be honest the device is a bit more pricey with just about the same functions as those available in the Mindplace machines. This mind machine is $100 USD more than the Kasina Mind Media device. It will run you without shipping around $499 USD

Runner Ups

The following were the runner ups in the mind machine community, regrettably not the top three mentioned above. The following Mindplace product was in the running for third place, unfortunately, they have discontinued it.

If you find Proteus by Mindplace on eBay or another source, you might want to snatch that one up. When it was available, it was $159 USD, so I bet it might cost less considering it is either used or not available for updates. Regardless, if you are tech-savvy, you might be able to fix it if it stops working or you might be able to reprogram it to accept Procyn’s software.

David Smart By MindAlive

Moving on to the mind machine that was next on the list of top light and sound machines is MindAlive’s David Delight Pro. It not only has light and sound capabilities, up it has an addition of stimulants that target your physical senses.

The addition which is not available with the top 3 picks is its Crania-Electro Stimulation (CES). You clip it to your ear loop and is known to increase blood flow to your brain. With CES pulses you can receive a greater stimulus to your neurotransmitters. In doing so you can release more norepinephrine, serotonin, and endorphins. This device runs within the range of about $525 and $599, depending on your provider. I have seen it for $525 on the Mindalive website and $599 on Amazon.

Deepak Chopra’s Dream Weaver 2.0

The next runner up-on of Mind machines is Deepak Chopra’s Dream Weaver 2.0. There are four versions of these light and sound mind machines that start with 1.0 all of the way to 3.0 and a Mastermind machine.

The 2.0 mind machine seems to be the preferred on out of the three. On his website which is the Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver 3.0 and the Deep Chopra Dream Master are the only ones available, but you can buy the Deepak Chopra’s Dream Weaver 2.0 mind machine on Amazon for about $349 at this time. If you are looking to buy a less expensive device from Deepak Chopra, the 3.0 version is currently $249 and the Dream Master is $349 on his website.

 David Alert Pro By MindAlive

The last light and sound machine are also produced by MindAlive. This machine provides almost the same benefits as the Delight Pro. The significant difference of this mind machine is its prices, it is a bit more than its brother David Delight Pro, costing $575. 

So that is my top picks and runner-ups for brainwave entertainment tools. If you are looking to enhance your brainwave entrainment, you might want to consider light and sound mind machines. You will be surprised about how much more beneficial changes you will receive from these amazing mind machine devices. 

Hope this helps you make the right investment based on your preference and budget.