Strange and Unusually Things that Happen When You Meditate

Having a solid meditation practice is beneficial to your wholeness. Meditation with or without binaural beats or other brainwave entrainments can he satisfying and good for your health. Regardless, strange and usual things may happen during your sessions that you must be aware of. Meditation is an expansion of self, with that expansion you may experience things that only a free expanded spirit will encounter.

You have already heard of the benefits of meditation from the articles that I have written and through all of those that promote mediation. Discussing the strange and unusual things that happen when you meditate should not deter you from taking advantage of the immense possibilities meditation has to offer. Remember you do not have to do it all on your own. Binaural beats or other brainwave entrainment tools can help you reach a higher state of being.

What are some strange or not talked about phenomenons that happen when meditating?

There are many, which may include involuntary twitching to innately forgetting to breathe. I will be going over a few weird and strange things that you may experience if you keep up a consistent meditative practice.

Because binaural beats or other audios that entrain your brain activate the same parts of the brain that normal mediation activates but faster, these occurrences may begin sooner due to the successful effectiveness of these tools.

What does Meditation feel like? The answer to that question is very perplex, but to give you a short answer, you experience an array of physical sensations and a variety of ethereal experiences.

Genius Ideas

With meditation, you have the best ideas that materialize in your mind. You get so excited because these ideas could revolutionize your life. The story, at least for me is always the same. If you are like me, you promise yourself to write the idea or thought down so you can implement it in your life.

You end your meditation, take care of some business and all of a sudden you remember the one thing you said you were going to do after your meditation. You forgot to write down that great idea that could have changed your life.

The worst part is that you have that feeling that you have something valuable that you know, but you can’t seem to remember what was. It feels like having a winning ticket to a $500,000,000 lottery, but a gust of wind snatches your ticket and blows it into a storm drain.

The feeling extremely disenchanting, but if you have faith and patience, new ideas will become more frequent. As much as you do not want to interrupt your amazing meditation, my advice is to interrupt your meditation and write the idea or suggestion down.

If you can get back to your meditation go ahead and do so if you can’t seem to get back to the state you were in, don’t get frustrated. You will have plenty of time throughout your lifetime to try again.

Lower Body Numbness

Another strange occurrence that happens when you start a meditative practice, with or without brainwave entrainment audio is the sense of feeling from your limbs.

Depending on how you meditate and how long, when you finish your session you end needing a feel minute to get the blood circulating to your legs and sometimes butt. I meditate in a half lotus and when I go over half an hour in meditation my left leg goes numb and sometimes can’t even feel my leg at all.

It sometimes scares me because I feel this heavy stump close to me, but I can not feel that it is my own leg. When I sit in a chair sometimes my butt gets numb as well. Later one I will be going over why am not aware of my limbs getting numb until it is too late.

It has a lot to do with loose body awareness. The separation of the spirit and the body doesn’t allow you to shift your weight from one side to the other when sitting for long periods of time. Last time I checked feeling numbness in your limbs for sitting incorrectly did not pose a health risk, so you will be fine if that happens to you.

Body Twitching and Itchiness

During your meditation, you may be experiencing a relaxing and perhaps out of this world meditation. Suddenly, your arm or leg starts twitching. Your nose itches uncontrollably, you scratch it once thinking you’ve sooth that itch, but it continues to feel itchy.

This has happened to me so many times I laugh with expectancy. Its a bit annoying, but helpful to know that energy that needs to be released is being freed from my body. This may have been a feeling of abandonment that is being released from past relationships.

It could also be the release of moments when the feeling of being victimized was overwhelming. These body moments or sensations are good indications that your commitment to meditation is paying off.

Body Pain

I can not explain it, but maybe it is due to sitting too long in one position or too long without moving that at times makes my back and neck hurt. That could be a logical statement to say, but some times I feel great sitting still for long periods of time meditating.

I have also observed all body sensations, including pain, disappear whenever I reach a certain brainwave or state. Gurus and facilitators of meditation also associate the pain with the release of trauma within your body.

That could be true, but I also think that some of it have to do with the body or ego trying to distract you. When you get to a certain state all body associations disappear.

Passing Through Portals

There are moments during meditations that feel as though you are traveling through space portals. When you look, with your eyes closed to the third eye location a sort of wormhole like circles expands with every new passing of a dark hole.

The hole starts small and expands until you see nothing but darkness. As soon as your vision is saturated with darkness a new hole begins to widen until once again all you see is darkness. This continues until you ascend or descend levels. It could take minutes or practically your whole meditative session.

Hear Distant Voices and Sounds

There are times during meditating sessions that at some point you suddenly hear someone talking. As expected, the voice of another person may cause you to get startled, especially if you know you are alone and now one is nearby for you to hear so clearly.

If you are listening to meditation music or binaural beats you will most likely take your headphones off to see who is in the room or who is talking so loud to disturb your meditation. I have had many sessions when I hear a female talking or a couple of people talking.

I’ve also had sessions where I am meditating and I smell flowers or even the smell of an old man. Another thing that may not be part of this section is how you see a bright light even though you are in complete darkness, your eyes closed and something covering your eyes.

Lose Body Awareness

It’s funny, but sometimes you are enjoying an amazing meditation and all of a sudden you remember that you have not checked in and do not know where your body is at. This may sound weird to read, but we as humans are constantly checking in on our bodies.

When you meditate and you are in it for a while, you forget to check in on your body. It’s confusing when all of a sudden you remember you have a body and forget where you last left it.

You Forget to Breath Normally

Continuing with not being aware of your body, you can sometimes forget to breathe. I sometimes would do breathing exercises before going inward. At times I would hold my breath and not be aware that I need to breathe out or in. In my opinion, my awareness of my body did not allow me to do checks and balances on my normal functions like breathing.

The reason I can tell you this is because I only found out that I was not breathing when my body would shake me out of my meditation to either breathe in or breathe out. 

Temperature Gets Really Hot

There were times where I would start meditating with jogging pants, long sleeves a hoody and a jacket. At the end of my meditations, I would practically end up with no clothes on.

Sometimes my room would be unbearably cold, but halfway through my meditation, I would be sweating as if I was in a sauna. There have been documented experiences where people have witnessed monks melting the snow beneath them while they were in a meditative state. 

Seeing White Spots

The same occurrences happen that resemble wormhole or portal looking ring that appear in your eyes or mind’s eye. This time you may see white spots. It almost looks like small fireworks that have not exploded all the way. They also look like they are coming towards you. Sometimes it is so mesmerizing that its quite an entertaining, and spectacular event.

Lose Track of Physical Location

Many people have reported losing a sense of where they are. Many times throughout the many years I’ve been meditating, I have opened my eyes assuming I was in one location but of course, being in the same location I started meditating in.

It was so funny because I have opened my eyes after a rewarding meditation and freaked out because I did not know where I was after my meditation. The illusion of not being in the right location made this one of the strange things that happen when you meditate.

Feel Body Morphing

Some feel an expansion to all corners of the room. There are others that feel themselves elongating or liquifying, but that is rare. It is just like the experience of not feeling your body when you are deep in your meditation. I can’t speak on this experience, this experience has never been one I can personally relate to.

Feel Energetic or Drowsy

During my later years of meditating with binaural beats, I felt so energetic after my meditation; allowing me to feel refreshed and full of energy after 4 hours of sleep. I also liked to get a reboot during lunch.

During the time in my life when I was trying to finish my bachelor’s, raise my son and train to be on a boxing team, having my meditation practice to provide me a resource for more energy was a lifesaver.

I really don’t know how I would have made it without meditation when I was juggling multiple commitments in my life. On the flip side, when I moved through stronger levels when listening to binaural beats, I would sometimes feel like I needed to take a nap after my meditations.

This happened when I did not use to the higher levels or when I had to cut my session short. Cutting it short stopped me from coming into beta or even alpha levels in a proper manner. 

Need to Use Bathroom

I have stopped my meditations before it was time to finish it. Being so relaxed has its drawbacks, leaving you to have empty your bowels. My advice is to use the bathroom and empty everything before you start your meditation.

Sometimes you get so relaxed it is a good idea to not have to worry about reaching enlightenment while trying to hold your waste. Ok, enough about that, let’s move one, I don’t think more needs to be said about that.

Crown or Third Eye Pressure

So why are you feeling pressure or heaviness on the forehead or top of the head? It seems as though these pressure stem from energy blockages, but I feel like that is not the complete truth. If I were to speak on my experiences, I experience these same pressures during meditation, in medicine ceremonies I’ve participated in and having a good time hanging out with friends.

In my opinion, we can sometimes experience downloads when we are in higher consciousness. These energies can sensations that are not as comfortable as we would want to feel. Making us feel pressure on the crown of our heads or pressure that may feel like a sinus headache. I do not discount the blockage of energy, but if that were the case wouldn’t that blockage build-up to the point of being unable to function.

I also believe that you are being calibrated to exist in a higher realm. These feelings are only felt for me when I am in a state of bliss. Meditation can be part of that bliss, but it does not have to be.

As for pressure close to your third eye or forehead, focusing too long or too intently as a beginner on the third eye can cause discomfort. This means that if you are crossing your eyes for long periods of time, trying to just focus on the third eye, you are overtraining a “muscle” that has perhaps never been used.

Uncontrollable Smiling or Laughing

Here is another strange or weird thing that happens during meditation. So why do you smile during meditation? Smiling or laughing without your control is a release of energy. It is almost like being underwater with a limited amount of air and suddenly you reach the surface and are able to catch you breathe. Automatically you will start sucking in as much air as you possibly can.

It’s letting go of emotions that were waiting to be released and finally being attended to. Freeing your emotions can come in all sorts of ways.

The important things are that you are letting go of all of that crap that has been weight you down. It feels so good and refreshing. If this happens to you, to get scared, enjoy the experience. There are many people that will never have that experience to release in such a joyous and freeing way.

Crying or Sobbing Uncontrollably

This is the same as smiling or laughing uncontrollably. There are many other ways you may release when meditating. You start letting go of the traumas and pain stuck in your body. As you meditate you might bring up a painful moment in your life.

Without any warning, tears may start pouring down, allowing you to sob uncontrollably what was needed and what was being held in your body. Find this moment as a beautiful transition to the future self that you one day want to be. A person that is full of love, peace, joy, happiness, and forgiveness needs to shed what is weight them down. Give yourself the opportunity to wash away your pain.

See Images Visualized In Minds Eye

I only speak for myself, but my visualizations sometimes play out in my mind’s eye as though it were a movie. You too can play out and view your visualizations as you meditate.

This does take some time to master, but it is exciting and extremely impressive when you see images of what you want your life to look like, as though you created a custom made movie to view your future self.

Your Eyes RollBack

There is really nothing much to be said about this. At some point in your meditation, you will have a natural tendency to roll your eyes back. This is usually when you start moving past Alpha brainwave levels.

The more you meditate the more you will be conscious of the time when this happens, otherwise, it usually happens without your knowledge. Some people don’t understand what is going on with them and start thinking there is something wrong with them.

Fortunately, the more you meditate the more you become aware of your transition to different brainwaves. You can even allow the natural transition or play with where you want your brainwaves to move.

Seeing Spirit or Entities

I don’t think this is for everyone. If you have had experiences in seeing entities or spirits, it will be easier for you to tap into that realm. People have different abilities that will allow them to experience easily paranormal events.

When I was younger, it was a common occurrence for me to see entities that were not part of my realm. As I grew older, I was able to sense them less. As soon as I developed a meditative practice, that ability was reignited.

This time I have the ability to chose whether I wanted to engage with them. I really do not entertain any other entities that do not serve my higher purpose and are not there to guide me in my journey.

Lose Perception of Time

You start your meditation and next thing you, if you have set a timer, your timer is going off. You swear that you just sat down to enjoy your meditation. So why is your timer for 30 minutes ringing?

When you first go and turn it off, you think you made a mistake. Maybe you put 3 minutes instead of 30 minutes. You check and your suspicious are incorrect.

From my experience, there have been thirty minutes or even an hour session that have felt like ten or fifteen minutes.

I believe this the reason why most dedicated meditators age more slowly.

Even though your body is on earth you are experiencing timelessness.

Sure, you lower your cortisol levels, maintain a good level of blood pressure, but if you really think about don’t other things in life do that as well. Anyways, that is my opinion, although I have heard others express this concept as well.

Your Horrors Play Out

I have made it a point to not watch anything that impacts me emotionally before I meditate. I have watch movies that have some type of human or animal suffering right before my meditations.

We all think that these movies do not affect our lives negatively, but they do. It is just that the effect on our mind becomes more and more desensitized.

If you started to watch movies with violence when you were a child, you feel that it does not bother you, “it’s just a movie”. Once you quiet your mind, you find out how much of an impact the movie has made on you.

If you watch a horror movie before your meditation, be prepared to get spooked.

Even, though they try to help the inmates in prison how to meditate, some inmates just end up reliving the horrors of the things they have done.

That it is important to release and start working on the things you feel are unforgivable. Before letting your mind shove it in your face because you are trying to ignore it and not address it.

It Doesn’t Work Anymore

After you have many of these incredible experiences, they stop.

You feel like you are doing something wrong. In a way you are, but it is as simple as not expecting.

You don’t know this so you start looking for different modalities to try because the one that you have been experiencing these amazing experiences is not “working” anymore.

Mentally documenting events that happen during meditation is one of the reasons meditation is not working as well as it used to.

When you meditate you must let go of expectation.

Those that play a sport or an instrument relating to this analogy will help you understand what I mean.

If you make yourself aware of every moment your make to hit the right note or make the right play, you end up making amateur mistakes. To reach a higher level you must transition into a flow state. Trying to take note of phenomenons prevents you from having any miraculous events happen during your mediation.

Seeing Premonitions  

There are times when a scene you have seen in your meditations ends up becoming a real-life occurrence. It sometimes makes you feel excited to meditate, not for the overall well-being benefits that it gives you, but for a possible glimpse of the future.

It is funny how many wonderful things you can allow in your life if you just take a moment and become still.

Seeing the future

Many health magazines, media, and health specialists recommend meditation for better health. Although good health is everyone’s wish, meditation brings in to your life more than you expect. Whatever method you use to start your practice, choose to commit to it.

I personally went the easy, but rewarding route. I did not use a meditative practice that did not give me the ability to feel the result immediately. I started my journey of becoming a meditative practitioner with binaural beats.

Starting my journey this way allowed me to know that I was on the right path.

Later on, I dove into different types of meditative practice with some baseline of what is expected reaching higher levels of state of mind. 

So that is it. The following are the strange and unusual things that happen during meditation. Although I mentioned a long list, I know there are so many more experiences out there that may even top any of the experiences I have had through my journey a devoted partitioner of meditation.

Do you have any stories about your experiences with meditation? I would really love to hear them. And if I deterred you from wanting to meditate, don’t let my stories discourage you from meditating.

These experiences have usually occurred from my almost religious practice of meditation. If you are using it to relax, you might not get this experience, if you are looking for them.

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