How Do Subliminals Work and Do They Work On YouTube?

Subliminal messages in advertisements are not legal in a few countries. Specifically, in Britain and Australia, subliminal messages and symbols in advertisements are banned.

Unfortunately, it is not banned in the United States. I have a few opinions on that, but let’s move on. There is a reason subliminal messages or are illegal in some countries and violates the first amendment in the U.S.

First, let’s answer the question of do subliminals work and do they work on YouTube. Subliminal words or symbols in any platform work. Whether it is on YouTube or someone constantly whispering the fact that you look sick.

The real question to ask is subliminal music on YouTube safe to use. The creators of subliminal music do not have an obligation to you as the listener. The title can say one thing and the subliminal words that are embedded in the music can say something else.

In this article, I will be answering a few questions about subliminal messages. I will be answering the question and going into detail to explain if subliminal messages are effective? If they are effective do subliminal messages work while you are sleeping? I will also go over how long does it take for subliminal messages to work.

Are Subliminal Messages Effective?

Let us go a little further and ask what are subliminal messages? Subliminal messages are information that an average person can not detect. It is under what they call the ATL, which is “absolute threshold level. No one would ever know if someone was being manipulated or controlled by hidden messages or symbols.

Many things can influence you. From the music that is played in a store to the repeated conversations, people may have throughout your environment. We notice these conscious influences and it manipulates our actions.

Most people can say with pure certainty that they are their own person and anything that they don’t want to do they have the will not to do it. If conscious influences can sway our decisions, imagine what subconscious influence that is hidden in some free YouTube video can do.

If the person has good intentions, they will help us with the challenges we currently are struggling. If the creators of YouTube subliminal music have bad intentions, they can interrupt and manipulate whatever is good in our lives.

Although experts claim that the only thing that allows people to become influenced is conscious or supraliminal factors. They don’t mention that subliminal are usually embedded in supraliminal or brainwave entrainment programs or products.

Subliminal Messages have been found to be effective. Even though they say they are effective due to the placebo effect, in many instances many people have not known what was said in the subliminal messages and they received the benefits of the message.

Subliminal Messages Work on Youtube?

If subliminal messages are used right alongside binaural beats or with hypnotic methods, they do the job they were intended to do.

Understanding subliminal messages are knowing that you will not be controlled by the messages that are in a song or even a commercial. The only thing subliminal messages do is influence your decision.

An example of this is you going with your friends to watch a movie, but the group has not decided what movie to watch. The more one of the friends’ talks about a movie they want to watch, the more you will consider wanting to watch that movie. If you despised horror movies, there is no one in the world that will ever convince you or influence you into watching a horror movie.

There must be an inclination or open-mindedness to a belief or action. The effectiveness of subliminal messages is correlated to what you already believe to be true or are open to experience.

Do Subliminal Messages Work While You Sleep?

Subliminal messages do work while you are sleeping. While you sleep, you naturally move into different brainwaves. These brainwaves start in Alpha brainwave and phase into Theta Brainwave and end with Delta Brainwave.

It moves into this cycle a few times during your sleeping period. These cycles last 90 to 120 minutes. Depending on how many hours you sleep without being interrupted is how many cycles you go through.

You will introduce your subliminal messages during each brainwave change, you will take in the messages during each different change in brainwave. The brainwave that allows more suggestions is Theta brainwave.

Now imagine if you not only have the suggestion of change and acceptance being transmitted while you sleep but as well during your meditative sessions. During your meditative sessions, you are allowing the message to move into the brainwaves that are needed to help with the outcome you want in your life.

There is a disclaimer I need to mention. If you have a subliminal message that is trying to allow you to make more money and be rich and you hate rich people, it won’t work.

Relaxing while listening subliminal messages

You must work with the fact that you hate rich people. Perhaps a message you can put into your subliminal messages is “I love rich people” “Rich people are good people”. This will allow you to reprogram yourself to accept the person that you want to become as good and worthy of being accepted and loved.

If you have contradicting beliefs, you will not obtain what you want in life, no matter how many times you listen to your binaural beats with subliminal messages.

Another thing that will not allow your binaural beats with subliminal messages to work is if you don’t take action on your impulses. The subliminal messages that you want to influence you, will influence you. It will influence you to take the stairs when normally you would have never thought of getting all sweaty and in turn lose weight.

It will influence you to check out a Toastmasters club because your dream is to be a motivational speaker.

All of these influences could be taking place in your life. If you refuse to take action, all of the expectations you have of subliminal messages will never be validated due to lack of action.

Actions are part of the formula. Having influences embedded in your mind like a craving for candy is helpful, but if you never move towards your cravings you will never find out how sweet your dream could be.

How Long Does It Take for Subliminal Messages to Work?

Before you can ask these questions make sure that you either made your own subliminal messages to reflect your positive change and that they are not from YouTube or a source you aren’t too sure you can trust.

There are all sorts of people putting out good content and bad content.

Do you really want to take a risk on your subconscious mind and hope to get lucky by finding a creator with heavenly intentions? Find a reputable creator of subliminal messages to help you change your habits and influence your future.

Subliminal messages work in your time frame. When you are ready to stop resisting the good in your life. Some people get results within a week some within a month or some within a year. If you go into your change with a negative outlook it will take more time.

If you are not consistent with you reprograming it will take longer than if you were dedicated to making the change.

If you feel that the ideas that come to you based on your reprogramming are dumb or will never work, you might need more time for the subliminal messages to work. Every time you resist a creative action, you weaken your new self and strengthen the “Current You” that is getting in the way of your happiness.

If you want things to work for you faster, focus on any changes or insights. Start a journal and begin to document your journey. Respond to the things that are foreign to your current self but could be something your future self would do.

If you have positive impulses to do something that will move you closer to the person you want to be, don’t hesitate. You will feel uncomfortable at first, but soon it will become second nature. If you do this, you will always be one step closer to the new you.

Related Questions

Do subliminals work for height?

Subliminals can work to influence certain behaviors and actions, which will produce the height that you are looking for. But that is subject to how much you are looking to influence in manipulating your height to be successful. Good nutrition, stretching, exercises like Yoga or spine lengthening that improves your posture and gives you some inches.

Can you listen to subliminals without headphones?

There is no need to use headphones with subliminals unless your subliminal messages are embedded in your brainwave entrainment session. If you are using binaural beats in conjunctions with your subliminal messages, you have to have stereo headsets.

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