What Binaural Beats Can Teach You About the Way You Think

As I was making my title for this article asked myself, “Can binaural beats really teach me something about the way I think? Was my experience with binaural beats, one were I learned about myself?

From my experience and everyone else’s, binaural beats have never taught them anything, well in the sense we are accustomed. It has never answered questions or shown you how to get the right answers on your math assignment. Binaural beats don’t teach you how to shift into the right thinking.

The benefit of binaural beats is that it assists you in tuning to the right frequencies to make the right decisions. Your thinking can be shifted to process the correct outcome in your life. As a new meditator and someone that wanted a change in my life, I was ready to have anyone or anything tell me about myself and how I can change myself into someone I was proud of; someone that could accomplish most of the things I wanted.

I would have given away all of my savings just for the opportunity to think better. So how does all of this work? How can binaural beats teach me the right way to use my brain for more responsible, peaceful and intelligent ways of thinking? Let start with the science of binaural beats.

Binaural Beats Science 

Binaural Beats has been around for a while. Even though most people are starting to learn about it, binaural beats have been around for over a century. The history of binaural beats as we know it goes back to the early 1800s. The individual that was given the recognition of discovering binaural beats was Heinrich Wilhelm.

Even though binaural beats are made with electronic devices, binaural beats can also be produced by drums. I have gone to a few drum circles and have literally fallen into brainwaves I have only been able to achieve during my sessions. I would start dancing and would continue to dance for hours at a time not feeling the normal exhaustion that most would feel from constant movement. Time would become almost nonexistent.

If I were to calculate my brain state during those hours, it almost seemed as though my brainwave were in a Theta state. At times during my waking state of those drum circles, I would feel as though I was in a dream state, with my vision seeming a bit blurred and the events around me appearing to have an almost movie-like effect.

If you decide to read further, you will be given more information on the validity of binaural beats and brainwave entrainment audios. You will know whether binaural beats is safe and right for you. You will also realize the scientific benefits of maintaining certain frequencies. As well as understand the effects of frequencies in your brain. Which frequency is best for you and what to do if you have thoughts that run wild and are out of control. 

Are binaural beats scientifically proven? 

Binaural beats have been scientifically tested and have had some mixed opinions depending on the approach used and the participants they used to prove its effects. One of the first people to put binaural beats or brainwave entrainment audio to the test was a biophysicist named Gerald Oster.

In his studies, he found the potential to use binaural beats for many treatments to medical problems people most commonly suffered. During his initial studies, he made many discoveries with his 1973 publication in the Scientific American magazine. Although Dr. Oster was the first to see binaural beats live up to its hype, many more followed in his quest to know more.

Many studies were done on the use of binaural beat and other brainwave entrainment audio show many benefits. These benefits included increased levels of good hormone and chemical levels and a decrease in undesired healthy results.

Producing Good Chemicals

One of the functions discovered was the promotion of good hormone levels. These hormonal levels have been documented to increase with healthy brainwave activity (that binaural beat promotes). The most common producer of these hormones is dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

With increase DHEA everything from increased testosterone and estrogen to the activation of receptors promoting small increases in weight loss. With a good amount of functioning DHEA, individuals were more protected from diseases and their immune functions become reenforced. 

The suppression of Cortisol levels when becoming harmful were increased. Although most people would like to have lower levels of cortisol in their bodies, others beg to have theirs increase.

Wonderful Mornings

Cortisol serves its function at the beginning of the day, it helps us to have a good start in the morning. For those with huge levels of cortisol, insomnia or inability to have deep sleep are constant struggles. Studies have shown the substantial decrease in cortisol levels is attributed to the use of binaural beats.

Along with the health benefits, studies have also shown better brain processing. Brain processing includes better memory, better creative abilities, and the enhancement of cognitive functions, to name a few. Binaural beats were also seen to help increase participants attention span.

Do Binaural Beats Actually Do Anything?

 It may seem like binaural beats session is a con for dummies, because you are just relaxing in a quiet place, turning on your music player and following through with listening sessions. You might also think that these sessions are for those that are desperate enough to believe that frequencies and beats can heal or enhance your life favorably.

If you think this way, I don’t know what to tell you, your skepticism is valid. Many companies that sell binaural beats or brainwave entrainment audios have a money back guarantees for all those skeptics. Many individuals as well as I, took the leap and open our minds enough to try something new. We can testify to its life-transforming benefits. I believe it is good to be a skeptic, but sometimes too much skepticism robs you of the opportunity to have a better life. It robs you of the opportunity to obtain true happiness and joy.

Can binaural beats harm you?

 Binaural beats can not harm you, but it does trigger those with epilepsy and it is said to may harm pregnant women or those with brain injuries. I have been pregnant and have had many brain injuries and seen many benefits form using it. Binaural beats have helped me heal faster and lower my stress levels. From my experience, two things have happened to me. I either see no change and no impact on the new binaural beats I am trying out or I have exponential changes that transform me to the person I am aiming to be. 

Do binaural beats work scientifically?

The Science of Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural beats have been proven scientifically, which I mentioned a few paragraphs above. In my research of finding the scientific accomplishments of brainwave entrainment audios which include binaural beat, I found so many things that I did not know could be possible with the use of tones and frequencies. As a society, we are starting to move away from the advice of doctors and at times the scientific community. We have found many cures for ailments which have always been present in our lives and available to us at any time. I believe that the mission to wipe out indigenous tribes is due to their knowledge, they are living and implement the secrets of nature that we have forgotten as humanity.

Are binaural beats legitimate?

 Binaural beats are legitimate. There are two different frequencies delivered in each ear that is converted into a different frequency that was previously delivered in both ears. The brainwaves that are manipulated depending on the level of hertz that are delivered in any given session. As mentioned before, there have been many scientific findings showing the positive effects of binaural beats and other brainwave audios. The findings expand into many genres of health. If we think really hard and remember all of the times music has changed a part of us that was not present before we decided to enjoy our favorite music.

Are binaural beats a placebo? 

Binaural beats is a placebo effect as well as a well-documented method of transforming your body. Why would I say binaural beats are both placebo and an effective way of helping people? For some people, the presences of feeling good are enough to change the chemistry of the body for positive changes. For other people, chemical manipulation needs to happen in other for the body to be influenced positively. With the brainwave entrainment, binaural beats allow both influences to become possible. The brainwave manipulation forces the body to release different chemicals allowing positive change as well as helping individuals be more connected to the ether were miracle type events happen.

How each Frequency Affect the Brain? 

The brain moves through many different frequencies depending on the activity that is taking place. The frequencies range from being super alert and functioning beyond the normal waking scope to being nonresponsive in any way. The number of where it starts and ends seems to be slightly different depending on who conducted the mapping of each brainwave and the participants that were measured.

The patterns discovered range from frequencies that are found in a state of dreamless sleep and deep meditation. These states help healing and rejuvenation. This brainwave is Delta brainwave. The other extreme to that is Gamma brainwaves. These frequencies are associated with higher levels of consciousness, where individuals can perceive information that is true but not understood by the masses.

This brainwave has been linked to acts involving self-sacrifice and feelings of universal love. Theta waves are more dreamlike states, Alpha waves are associated to flow states and Beta waves allows you to be more alert, giving you a more focused reactive state of mind. 

Which Frequency is Best for Brain?

 If you are trying to figure out what frequency is best for your brain to be in, well, that all depends on what you want your outcome to be. Each frequency helps you be successful in different parts of your life. If you would like to be more alert and responsive to your daily life, you need to have a healthy amount of beta brainwaves.

Unfortunately, having beta brainwaves predominately throughout your day will cause many chemical and hormonal imbalances. Based on what you want to accomplish, will determine which type of binaural beat you want to help entrain the appropriate state. If for example, you want to start lucid dreaming, the best binaural beat to help you achieve that goal is binaural beats focused on entraining Theta wave frequencies.

How Can I Lower My Brain Frequency?

 Lowering your brainwave frequency can be done in many waves. One of the most popular ways of lowering your brain frequency is through meditation. Believe it or not, another way of lowering your brain frequency is daydreaming or doing something that catches your attention deeply and puts you in a state where you don’t notice the time.

Listening to music that relaxes you can lower your brainwaves. Brainwave entrainment tools also help you move into a lower brainwave as well. Alpha, Theta and Delta are brainwaves you can use to accomplish your objective of lowering your brain frequency.

How Can I Stop Thinking Too Much? 

There are so many things in our lives that make us worry. Make us replay an event or future outcome over and over again in our minds. I remember those days when I use to get ready to go to work feeling a sense of anxiety about events that played in my mind. I would play them in my mind and have a feeling of regret, feeling bad because I didn’t say something clever or I wasn’t able to stick up for myself.

I would playback areas in my mind where I should have said something. At times it would get so bad that I would not be able to get much sleep. I tried many things to stop overthinking. I talked to friends, went on a run or worked out. I even tried to go to sleep early or regretfully consumed substances that just masked my problem.

I think that my favorite way of coping and one which has benefited in the long-term is meditating. But I can be completely honest with you, sometimes binaural beats meditation would work to help me cope with my overthinking and sometimes it wouldn’t.

One thing I can tell you is that during my sessions I would have my thoughts running, but a few minutes into it I would be at peace, forgetting my thoughts. A good meditation with binaural beats can help you, but sometimes it falls short. Your best bet is to try to calm your thoughts through a brainwave entrainment audio, it can’t hurt.

How Do I Train My Brain to Stop Worrying? 

It is difficult to stop worrying about something important to you. Once you are on a role for some reason the brakes do not work and you are being beaten up by your thoughts. My advice is not brainwave entrainment, don’t get me wrong, it can work, but I have something better.

My advice from my personal experience is to forgive. From my experience, my mind races and I can not turn it off, because I can not forgive myself for allowing the given event to have happened. It could have been my fault or the fault of the other person or situation.

The one thing that has helped me train my brain to stop worrying is to forgive myself through the Hona Pona Pona. Many YouTube videos play it over and over as you go through the processes of letting go of your worries and shedding shame, guilt, fear, sadness, pain or even rage of you haunting events and situations.

Do our Thoughts Have Frequencies? 

Our thoughts are very powerful and can be frequencies to manipulate your world. The more you train your mind to have thoughts that are focused on the intention the more of an impact you have in influencing your environment and the people you are focused on. Strengthening your mind requires some time and efforts in activities like Qigong or a strong meditative practice.

Your thoughts can manipulate water with the type of frequency you give out. Beyond changing the structure of water, healing frequencies can be transmitted to the receiver who maybe thousands of miles away. Even thoughts that are negative and are intended to harm are felt even before the thought is completed. Thoughts are frequencies that can communicate with others as well as send them healing, love and unfortunately the damage to self and others.

Artist Creating

Do Thoughts Create Vibrations? 

Your thoughts do create vibrations the type of vibration that it creates depends on the frequencies that you broadcast it in. If you are looking to control your thoughts so that they can tune into the right vibrations and frequencies a strong meditative practice can put you in that position. To be able to control your reality takes time and dedication. Manipulating the perfect brainwave to get you into the state of knowing what you want to create only happens with being comfortable being in each brainwave.


Can Thoughts Be Measured? Thought within itself currently can not be measure. The closes to thought measurement are measuring brain activity. I believe that soon they will be able to map that activity to commonly experienced thoughts.

How Many Times Should You Listen to Subliminals? You can listen to subliminal tracks two to three times per day. There are subliminal that flash on your screen which can be played as much as you can tolerate it.

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